How to Corset Lace your shoes – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace”. Today’s video is about Corset Lacing, which is a low-friction lacing method with tightening loops that allow you to pull it extra tight. Now it’s normally meant for corsets but when it’s used on boots and shoes you can get that extra tightening plus – – a kind of interesting look. So let’s take a look at it now. I’ve got us set up on a sneaker here and you’ll notice I’ve got fairly long shoelaces. That’s give us the length for those extra tightening loops. Now we’ve started straight across and out through the top eyelets. Take one end, run it diagonally, and in through the next lower eyelet. Same on the other side. Now this creates an ‘outer’ crossover, and we follow that by running diagonally on the inside and out through the next lower eyelet to create an ‘inner’ crossover. And the reason for those outer and inner crossovers is that it reduces friction. Now at the middle of the shoe – – which we’ve already reached here – – we need to create loops going out and back in through the next lower eyelets. So I’ll do that on one side. And on the other side. Now we once again create an ‘inner’ crossover. Followed by an ‘outer’ crossover. And at the bottom of the shoe we take the loose ends and tie a ‘Reef Knot’, which is a left-over-right knot followed by a right-over-left knot. You can tuck those ends in. Pull the slack back up to the middle so we’ve got all the lacing length we can get there in these loops. Now you can grip those, pull them extra tight, and then, to tie your knot, pretend that each side is just a single shoelace. You leave that knot tied permanently and it’s these loops that you actually tighten and tie the shoe with. So, pretend that that’s one shoelace end. Tie a knot with it like you normally would, and then here – again – you create a loop, wrap around like you normally would, and you’ve tied a shoelace knot, except instead of single bows you’ve got double bows and instead of loose ends you’ve got these single loops. And at the end of the day, it’s those single loops that you attack – to – pull your lacing undone. Now one final point is the difference between the number of eyelets. On six pairs of eyelets and on ten pairs of eyelets, you would use – – you would see the lace starting across the inside and finishing across the inside. With four pairs of eyelets or eight pairs of eyelets like this, the lacing starts and finishes on the outside. And with an odd number of eyelet pairs, you can start on the top and finish on the bottom or vice versa – start on – – start on the inside and finish on the outside. Anyway, that’s Corset Lacing. Hope you like it! And if you want more information, diagrams, instructions, animations, you name it, you can go to Ian’s Shoelace Site:



  • You have the voice to make asmr videos

  • Wow, this shoe lacing method is cool!

  • Can you teach us the parachuter lacing techniques.

  • hi there can you upload a video on how to lace the shoes for running in the proper way to avoid injurys. sometimes when i lace my shoes i feel the shoe really tight and uncomfortable. thanks.

  • looks like ukrainien knot

  • Is it eatìsy to loosen up to take your shoes off/put them on when you do this on boots (for example, Vans Hi-Tops). I've done this but every time to make my feet fit, I have to loosen them and it takes forever. I think I did something wrong.

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