How To Clean Your Running Shoes | Make Your Run Shoes Last Longer

(energetic, bouncy music) (moves to melancholy orchestral music) – Shoes are shoes, right? Well, not quite. When it comes to running shoes, we need to take a little
more care if you want them to last longer, and to
get the most out of them. So here is a little guide on how to maintain your running shoes. (lighthearted music) So, what should you do about the mud? Well, if you’re running off-road
or in the mud regularly, then you may want to
invest in an extra pair of running shoes, or some that are suited
to off-road running. Now off-road running shoes do then to be a little more hard wearing. They have better grip, so you
won’t be quite so precious about them getting muddy. Personally, I wouldn’t worry about getting the little specks
of mud off the shoes. That’s just part and parcel of running, but for those big chunks of mud, you may be tempted to throw
them in the washing machine, just don’t do it. The heat involved, along
with the repeated spinning, can distort the soles,
affect the cushioning, and reduce the life span of the trainer. Simply put, the trainer you
put in the washing machine, certainly won’t be the
trainer that you pull out. Instead, wash the modest
way straight after the run, you should spray them down
with a hose, or under the tap. To remove the final
surface dirt, you can use an old tooth brush, or an old nail brush. Now, be careful not to be too vigorous, just enough to remove the
dirt, and then if you need to, you can use a little bit of warm water, and a tiny bit of soap to help. There’s no avoiding
getting your trainers wet from time to time, especially
if you just clean them, but how you dry them is really important. So there’s a few things
that you should avoid doing, whacking them in the tumble
dryer, that’s a big no. As soon as it’s in the washing machine, the heat involved can
really distort the trainers, especially the soles. The heat can really expand the soles. Then there’s the radiator. I’ll be honest, I thought about this. It can seem so convenient
just chuck the trainers on the top of a scorching radiator, but be careful it’s not too hot, because it will damage the trainers. It can really effect the upper material if it dries out and then it crisps up. I’ve had it tear when I’ve
next used the trainers. So here’s what I would suggest. Firstly, you want to try and
dry your shoes out naturally. I understand that’s easier said than done, especially if you’re in
the middle of the winter when nothing seems to dry out. So, here’s what I do
to give a helping hand. You’ll need some newspaper,
or something similar, like this, if it’s gonna
soak up any moisture. Now most shoes will allow
you to take the insole out, and providing there’s nothing
special about the insoles, I’ve never had an issue of
drying these in the radiator. Alternatively, you can
wrap these in newspaper, and actually by taking them
out and drying the fully, it will help keep your trainers smelling a little more fresh. Then using the remaining paper,
your scrunch up into balls, and stuff them inside your trainers. You can leave them in the
sunlight to dry in a warm place, or under the radiator. Now it can be very tempting
to just kick your shoes off at the end of a run
without untying the laces. – [Woman] Mark Therelfall,
untie your laces. – Sorry mam. But without untying the
laces, you’re actually risking weakening the heal and the heal collar. Now, essentially the heal
collar holds your foot in the shoe, and stops
it from slipping out. I’ve actually learned
the hard way on this, and trust me, it gets really
annoying when your foot does actually start
slipping out of the shoe, and it actually left me
with a rather juicy blister on one of my heals. Needless to say, I ended
up having to buy a new pair of running shoes a lot
sooner than I should have, a costly mistake. Now it may have sounded
like a daft subject on how to maintain your running shoes, but hopefully a few of
those tips will help you get a little more life and enjoyment
out of your running shoes. Now if you haven’t done so already, you can subscribe to GTN for free to see more videos from us, and if you want to see how to
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