How to Clean Salt Stains Off Your Boots! Easy Shoe & Footwear Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)

Is the sodium content on your shoes just a
little too high? Stick around and I’ll give you the salt free solution. Hello salt bunnies! I’m Melissa Maker from
Clean My Space and I’ve got a question here today from Terry. Dear Melissa, how do I clean
the salt stains off my shoes? It’s really frustrating. Terry, I hear ya. I go through the same thing,
I live in Ontario and we get pummeled with snow all the time. And my beautiful shoes
are often coated in disgusting salt stains. I feel your pain Terry. This is a really easy problem
to solve. But a lot of people don’t know how to do it and they end up leaving the salt
on their shoes and that ruins the leather. I’ll show you what you need to solve the problem,
I’ll show you how to solve it and then we’ll wrap it up. First thing that you need is a really dirty
boot. The next thing you’ll need is a clean microfiber cloth. Microfiber! The best damn
cloth you can possibly own. So, you need one of those. And the third thing you need is
vinegar. Same stuff you’d use on your fish and chips. So what I’m going to do is put a little bit
of vinegar on this microfiber cloth and clean that disgusting boot. First things first,
I need about a tablespoon. Easy there! I’ve got the boot, I’ve got the cloth, let’s get
started. Check that out bad boys, it’s pretty good. *sniff*
Smells pretty bad! Vinegar will not damage the leather, and it will actually lift that salt
off so your shoe will be nicely conditioned and also salt free. And this is something you
can do fairly regularly, it won’t ruin the leather. Just remember to follow the manufacturer’s
directions on how to regularly condition your shoe cause you should do that as well. But
this is just specifically for salt stains on leather shoes. I hope you’ve enjoyed this tip. Thank you
so much Terry for your great question! I’m sure many of us Canadians or cold weather
dwell- I’m sure many of- I’m sure many of us Canadians and other cold weath-er. Alright, that’s not happening. If you have any questions, I love answering
them. I’m going to do videos for you. You’re going to get some great and easy responses. See that
was pretty painless, right? Anyway, you can send us a tweet
You can write us a comment below. I really encourage you to this. I read your comments and
I pick my next video. You can also like this video if it worked for you or you found my
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from Clean My Space. Thanks for watching and stay cool. But not too cool!


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  • Thank you I've tried that! It took off most of the black paint stain but there are faint marks left still, I am still happy though. And I put suede protector on top which made the lightened area a bit darker making restoring the shoe to its former glory( kind of) haha 🙂

  • I have to say that I was pretty panicky about them considering the stain was black and not just mud but it went away mostly. So I am a very happy with your suggestion! Thank you! I will recommend you to my friends! 🙂

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