How to Clean NEW Nike Epic React!

What’s going on YouTube it’s your boy Fresh D back at it coming off the bench like Iguodala As you can see today. No Johnny, no Pops. Vick’s over there somewhere working on a video Today what we’re gonna be doing is cleaning these Nike Epic Reacts as you guys know, or may not know Nike just put these out introduce them. I think it was late last year earlier this year In my opinion, it’s their response to the ultra boost Pretty dopes. You still don’t own a pair though, but we’re gonna try to clean these up Johnny was wearing these as you can see trashed them looks like some spilled soda and some other stuff on there But nothing Reshoevn8r can’t handle so let’s get into it guys So to clean these bad boys today what we’re going to be doing is using Reshoevn8r 3 Brush Laundry Kits So in the kit as you already know you may not know I don’t know why I keep saying that today in the kit You’re gonna get your four ounce solution your laundry bag 2 sets of Shoe Trees I know I only got one out here, but we’re only cleaning one shoe. So that’s all we need You’re gonna get your all-purpose brush your soft bristle brush and your stiff bristle brush So let’s get into this cleaning guys. First thing you’re gonna want to do adjust your shoe trees to size People always ask about this. How do we know what size or what hole to go on? We kind of cheat measure it beforehand just so it’s perfect every take but for this one, it’s a size 11 I think I’m gonna clean the left shoe today So hop this in as you can see put the shoe tree in there so you can do extra pressure on this toe box especially with the fly knit material We’re gonna set this guy to the side next thing. We’re gonna do unlace these bad boys. I know that’s a Johnny and pops his favorite step because they always seem to forget to do it Finally got these laces out. Like I said, I don’t own a pair of these but the lacing system nike put on these things is Difficult as hell just put these laces out So now that we got the laces out next step put them to the side what we’re gonna do Take our solution our bowl of water So take our solution couple of squirts into the bowl, so we got the solution squirted into the bowl We’re going to start with our soft bristle brush because this is a flyknit material You want to dip your brush into your solution just start attacking all these stains up here as you can see I’m not sure what it was that Johnny spilled in this it looks like there’s some dirt oil something Definitely some soda on the midsole and outsole because it’s pretty sticky Although we put the shoe tree in another thing I like to do and I think most people that I find when they’re cleaning Will stick their hand in there and the other thing that that does is for areas like this When I’m putting pressure your hand is there With the firm the firmness of your hand that I should say will allow you to put more pressure on some of these upper areas So now that we’ve finished up with our soft bristle brush Shake off any liquid off of that. I’m gonna switch to our all-purpose This is the new all-purpose that comes in our laundry kits. The bristles are softer on this one than our old all-purpose So with this I’m gonna clean up the midsoles a little bit but not too much That’s what I’m gonna save this stiff bristle brush for but I’m gonna hit up though the uppers again because there’s a few small areas Especially with this counter right here the hill counter that’s on here’s a little extra dirty small hit it up with the all-purpose So let’s just get into that So with the all-purpose The bristles are still a little bit stiffer than the than the soft bristle brush So you do want to be careful as you can see, I’m not doing a lot of pressure when I’m brushing I’m just lightly going over it You just want to be careful not to snag your material not saying that it will but it could potentially do that You just want to use some caution when brushing with the all-purpose on any knitted material So now that I finished up attacking those tougher stains, we’re gonna wrap it up with the all-purpose You could clean the midsole with this. But since I’m going to clean the outsole also, we’re gonna move on to the stiff bristle brush So now that we got our stiff bristle brush, let’s attack these missiles and outsoles This is a foam entire foam midsole I know it’s supposed to be softer than lunar but It doesn’t seem to be too bad You do want to be careful when using stiff bristle brushes if it has any paint or it’s a painted midsole, you want to exercise caution or not even do it at all just For sake of not damaging the paint job. We have had some instances Of the paint messing up. So that’s just a cautionary tale. Be careful with the stiff bristle when doing this So now that we attack these missiles I’m gonna give them a quick pat-down just to kind of see our progress see if we need To hit it up again Shouldn’t take one of our microfiber towels These things do have some interesting grooves in them because of the pattern of that foam So you may have to go at it a second time just because those grooves might trap some dirt in there So as you can see the midsoles did clean up pretty nice But like I said because of these grooves in the foam I am gonna want to hit it again Plus I got to continue cleaning these outsole Like I said, the foam is unique in it that has these grooves and that’s something that gives it its little characteristics But yeah Let’s finish up with these outsoles and wrap up this cleaning throw them into the laundry after that And then we should be good to go So finishing up with these outsoles I’d be lying If I said this wasn’t a pain to clean because of all these grooves, but we do it for you guys So now that we got this also cleaned up what I like to do is lather up since we are throwing this in the laundry is Lather up this upper again. Hit it. Hit it hit it once over Just because I like the shoe all suds dub when I throw it in the bag So I’m gonna do that really quick. Then we’re gonna throw these in the laundry and finish up these cleaning It’s not that my trusty cameraman Ronald over there reminded me We’ve gotta clean these laces don’t want to forget that you just want to dip them in your bowl of solution Just like scrub off some of that excess Rub your hands together with them in there Get these cleaned up really quickly throw them in your bag, and then let’s head to the laundry So now before we throw our shoes in there you want to make sure you secure the bag Cool so you want to turn on your washer We got this little trusty bad boy in here in our restroom So turn it on grab some of your Sneaker laundry detergent this bottle seen better days, but we’re almost towards the end of it So we’re not going to worry about that loosen your cap squeeze in about an ounce You can see it fills up there Boom, so you take your solution Or your detergent. Sorry pour it on your shoe there Close the washer up and since we are only doing one shoe you want to just make sure it is a small load normal cycle Cold water. No hot water guys always use coal So we got everything set up just hit up our Go button and let’s get out of here. Let the washer do its thing Alright guys, we’re back after putting the shoes into the wash as you can see they came out pretty good The only thing I will say is in some of these deep grooves on the outsole. Sure You guys can get a look at that I’m sure and get some good b-roll just because of like I said when I was cleaning it All these grooves that are actually in this foam. I knew it was going to be a pain So there is so a little bit of dirt in these finer grooves right here But nothing really to worry about unless you were like trying to resell them or something It’s not that big of a deal but everything else did get really as you can see the flying it turned out really good So we’re gonna lace these up wrap this up and let you guys get it on your way Alright guys, so we went ahead and laced these up just like with unlacing them This thing was a pain to lace up. It took a lot longer than it should have We finally got it done So as you guys can see that came out really nice what we did on these today We use our three brush sneaker laundry kit Clean the uppers with the soft brush went back over it again with the medium bristle brush or the all-purpose brush. I should say Tackle the outsoles and the mid soles with that stiff bristle brush As you can see used it to get in those grooves one thing I did do That we didn’t show on camera because I really was trying to get that outsole really clean But was to use our brass bristle brush. This is really good for getting into some of those grooves You can actually really see it pretty good in this translucent area of the midsole our of the outsole I should say if you look on the Dirty Pair. You can’t even tell that that part was translucent So it did a really good job with that we threw them in our Laundry with our laundry kit the laundry bag our sneaker laundry detergent went ahead and wrapped everything up. So that’s gonna be it guys So all the good stuff make sure you guys subscribe if you guys aren’t already subscribed We are doing our easy giveaway all year long every month With that being said that contest resets every month really do that on purpose Missing my whole flow. Uh, I Don’t even know what I said you missed. Yeah I Didn’t know he was gonna do that guys. Sorry completely. Threw me off. Anyways easy giveaway Make sure you guys go to the website link will be down below link I’m sure we’ll be up in the card somewhere right left one of these directions Make sure you guys enter for a chance to win. We do got some big things coming up for that giveaway So make sure you guys stay tuned. Also, we’re doing some things with sneaker Inc. Their YouTube channel Make sure you guys stay posted for that. That’ll be coming week or two end soon to be coming soon Make sure you guys stay tuned for that. So it’s gonna be fresh you guys signing off till next time. I’m out


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