How To Clean Leather Shoes

Fill a bowl with warm water and add around 30ml of laundry detergent or one scoop of washing powder. Remove the laces and place them in the bowl to soak. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt from the surface of the shoes. Take a scrubbing brush and dip it into the bowl. Use this to scrub the shoes in small circular motions. Until you have covered the entire shoe. The detergent will foam up so remove this with a clean, damp cloth and leave them to dry naturally. To clean any tough stains or hard to reach spots, scrub hard using a toothbrush and a generous helping of toothpaste. Remove any foam with a clean damp cloth and rinse the shoes with clean water before leaving to air dry. Remove the laces from the bowl and leave these to dry too. Once dry, lace up the shoes and apply crep spray to keep them looking clean and fresh. Hold the spray approximately 20cm from the shoe and spray all over. Repeat this process with both shoes.


  • Do you have to use white toothpaste? Or is any color fine?

  • I love the editing and your accent!

  • What kind of spray you use?

  • What kind of shoes are those? I wanna buy some They look fresh.

  • this video was so eloquent, I felt like I was watching a recipe on how to prepare a fancy dish

  • what model shoe are they you kiiinnnnttttt?

  • What shoes are those

  • another idiot that doesnt know how leather works.

  • You should never wet leather. Idiot. Should just apply leather shoe cleaner and conditioner. And for rubber sole baby wipe should be that enough

  • Good vid. No bullshit. How I like it.

  • This is a mr.porter rip off

  • Can I do the same for synthetic leather?

  • Hey! What's your Wristwatch?

  • This was so informative and relaxing at the same time 😄 thanks!

  • Interior?

  • Your shoes not even dirty though

  • Those shoes were already white. Like to see that with my white leather converse.

  • Thanks for this video, they made my pink leather sneakers look brand new

  • I have the same exact sneakers..

  • Why would you try to waterproof leather shoes?

  • Best tutorial I've seen, straight to the point, easy to understand, easy materials to get, humble yet super fancy, loved it.

  • Thread stich on my shoe isnt coming to white colour it's making shoe look bad…how to clean it

  • Do NOT use Crep spray on leather

  • So how do you clean the inside of the shoes

  • Can I use this method to clean my white Air Force 1s?

  • Great tutorial. Straight to the point and easily understood.

  • But how do you clean them inside?

  • I have some Jordan 1s and they have like water stains on them and I need help.

  • Subbed!

  • What spray?

  • Toothpaste ruins leather shoes. I've tried before

  • Will I ruin the shoe if I use the crep protect formula instead of the one that you mentioned in the video

  • You need to clean the leather with leather products!! Al the soap stays inside!!
    That's how you make it dry!
    Plus the sole is still yellow.
    Better do more fancy videos about something you really know.

  • I’m 11 and I have a cheerdance Competition at Monday And I’m SHOOK

  • What's a crep spray?

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