How to Clean Dress Shoes

Now you’re going to see the leather start to get darker that’s because it is soaking in the cleaner. I’m going to share with you how to clean your dress shoes right now! This is how to clean leather dress shoes not suede so for those of you who don’t know I’m Andres Perez and this is Be a Man TV where I teach you everything should know not not only to be a competent man but a confident man let’s start with what you’re going to need What you’re going to need to clean your shoes is a horse hair brush a cloth preferably textured so a hand towel or even the old sock would work leather cleaner and leather conditioner Don’t skip out on that step so the first thing you want to do is take off your shoe laces that way you have easier access to the shoe tongue then take your horse hairbrush and take off any loose dirt that might be on the shoe Oh and before I continue any further to protect your work area put something down like a towel Now take your leather cleaner I’m using Griffin when you’re cleaning your shoe do it in an inconspicuous area first to make sure that cleaner is not going to take off the color of your shoe Take the cleaner and put some on the cloth Start rubbing it in in a circular motion now you’re going to see the leather start to get darker that’s because it is soaking in the cleaner but here as you can see, it is cleaning Once you’re done let it dry Once it’s dry just inspect it if you don’t like how it came out just clean it again now if you like the results let’s go to the next step we’re going to condition our shoe or treat it because leather is like skin and it does get dry so we want it to keep moisturised otherwise it’s going to crack as with the cleaner just put some conditioner on your rag and start applying all over let Let your shoe dry. What I like to do after it dries from conditioning is just give it a quick little buff with a very soft cloth take off any excess conditioner that didn’t dry that way doesn’t cake on. definitely looks a lot better got rid of that stain on the side You should see a noticeable difference though especially with browns the Browns gonna be a lot darker now and it really brings the shoe back to life just by doing this simply cleaning it and conditioning it now only clean it when necessary but as far as the conditioning and the treating of the shoe it depends on how much you wear it if you’re using it weekly you know more than once a week then definitely you want to try treating it once a week doesn’t take long for that just put some conditioner on it let it dry you’re good to go Now here we see the two shoes side by side I did one at a time for the video Those of you who are interested in learning skills to save yourself some money by not having to pay someone else make sure you hit that subscribe button because that’s what a lot of my videos focus on. Well guys I’ll catch you next week


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