How To Clean Dirty Sneakers – Quick & Easy | White, Woven, Knit, Midsole, Upper, Laces

– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. So, you may or may not
have seen my recent video about my top four sneakers
that you should own. Now, if you haven’t, I’ll link it in the video description below, but if you own sneakers, you will inevitably have to clean them. So, today’s video is about
how to clean your sneakers and this will cover your leather, canvas, and woven sneakers. But first, let’s get into the tools that you’re going to need. Now, you may not use all of these tools. It’s just gonna be dependent on what exactly you’re
cleaning on your sneaker, but I’ll definitely be sure to mention what tooL is specifically needed for certain sections on your shoe. So, first up, you’re gonna
definitely need a bowl of water. It doesn’t matter what temperature it is. Next, you’re gonna need your brushes. So, I’ve got this magic eraser sponge, which is really great
to clean your midsole. Now, if your midsole has
any kind of texture to it, you may actually need a toothbrush to really get in there
and lift off that dirt. Next, you’re gonna need a
standard synthetic shoe brush, like I’ve got here by Jason Markk. This is going to clean
the upper of your sneaker, but if you are working
with premium leathers or woven materials, you
actually want to go with a boar bristle brush,
which will be a lot softer. So, I’ll definitely link all
of my favorite products to use when cleaning your shoes in my article, which I’ll link below. For the cleaning solution,
you can either go with an eco-friendly, all natural dish soap. You just put a little bit in some water. Make sure though, the most important thing is that it should say on the bottle that it is fragrance free,
dye free, and non-toxic. This is going to ensure that
it doesn’t cause any yellowing on your shoes. So, I personally like using
Jason Markk’s cleaning solution. I just find it to be more
effective than the dish soap. And the last thing that you need is going to be a microfiber towel. This is just to wipe down
your shoe at the very end. That’s it. So now, let’s get into how exactly you should clean your sneakers. So first, if it’s just the
midsoles of your sneakers that need to be cleaned, then all you need is just a magic eraser. Dip the sponge in a bowl of water. Squeeze to remove any excess water. And then, you’re going
to just rub the sponge on the midsole to remove all of that dirt. As you can see, it’s really working. There is this part in the back where the dirt is just not lifting off, and it’s because I have
a textured midsole. So, in order to really lift the dirt out, I’m gonna just use a toothbrush and take my Jason Markk solution and just put it on the
toothbrush, shake it out, and then I’m gonna start scrubbing to really get that dirt out of there. It’s going to lather up, like very nicely, which you want, and you just
kind of vigorously scrub. Okay, so I scrubbed it
pretty thoroughly all around, and now, I’m just gonna
take my microfiber towel and just wipe my midsole. And look at that, it is so much whiter. It really lifted that dirt off. If your sneaker needs a deeper clean, then we gotta go a little
bit further than that, so let’s get into how to completely clean the entire sneaker. First off, what you want to do is take your microfiber towel and just wipe the surface of your sneaker. This is going to remove
any kind of loose dirt that is sitting on the top of the fabric. Now what you want to do is if your shoelaces need to be cleaned, if they seem really dirty and
your tongue is really dirty, you just want to unlace your shoe and throw the laces into the washer with a load of whites on the hot cycle. You want hot water to wash your laces, and that’s gonna get them nice and clean. So, let’s get started by
getting your brush ready. Dip it in some water.
Shake off the excess. Then, you’re going to take
your Jason Markk solution and pretty much douse the brush. Be really generous with the
amount of liquid you put on, and then dip the brush back in and just shake off the excess and now we’re ready to
completely scrub the shoe. I always like to put
my hand inside the shoe just to be able to hold it, and then, I’m really just
going to scrub the shoe. You want a nice lather like this. See my tongue is very dirty. So, as I’m brushing the upper, I’m also still just
gonna scrub the midsole, get the entire area of the sneaker. So, sometimes you have hard-to-reach areas like this piece in the tongue, so I’ll use this toothbrush
to really get in there, just scrub it. Same over on this side. So now, what we want to do
is wipe it completely down. So, we’ll take our microfiber towel, and I’m just going to wipe away all of that foam to see
if there’s any areas that still need to be brushed. And just a quick note,
if you’re dealing with a woven upper like these Flyknits, then after you’ve scrubbed the upper, what you want to do is
take a microfiber towel and just dab and twist
so that it will remove any excess moisture on the woven upper and then you’ll let it air dry. But you don’t want to wipe it down because that can potentially
cause fraying and nappiness to your woven material. So, I’ve wiped these down. I’m gonna just inspect the
entire sneaker to make sure that there are no dirt spots
that I still wanna scrub out. But I am very happy with this. I love how this turned out. Next, we’re gonna let them air dry, and then, once they’re dry, I’m gonna lace them back
up with my clean laces. So, these are fresh out of the washer. They’re so much whiter than the dirty ones that we started off with. Alright, so this is how
your sneakers should look after you spend about five,
10 minutes cleaning them. They look now pretty much brand new and really fresh and great. Do this about every one to two weeks, depending on how dirty your sneakers get, and that will ensure your
sneakers looking brand new every single time. Be sure to check out my article for all my favorite
product recommendations. I’ll have everything that I used today and that I love using to clean my sneakers linked in that article. Be sure to check it out. It’ll be in my video description below. If you like this video,
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