How To Clean, Condition & Polish Leather | Conditioners, Oils, Lotions, Weatherproofers And Polishes

Gentlemen, Antonio here. All right. Today, I’m going to talk about
leather care and I can tell you this is a big overview video. I’m going to go into
a lot of detail. I’m going to support it with an article. Boom! Right over here at
Real Men Real Style, I’m going to go into a lot more detail in the article. In addition,
if you’ve got questions please let me know in the comments here on YouTube.
What I’m going to do is if you want me to go further down, you want me to talk specifically
about conditioning, cleaning, and polishing shoes, I can do that because we’re going
to talk about leather luggage, we’re going to talk about shoes and I’m going to give
you three general rules about taking care of leather. Then, in this video I’m going
to really go over the various products out there because there’s a lot of products
out there. You guys are going to go out there you’re
going to purchase really nice shoes, leather luggage, perhaps it’s something like what
I’ve got here, a really nice football that my son thought would be cool to go out and
play with his friends and then he lost it, we found out a year later, it went through
Wisconsin winter and this leather is now really beat up, it is not as attractive as I would
like it to be. Really, this leather needs care and so, leather furniture, leather car
seats, once you start looking around, leather is use everywhere. So, how do you take care
of it? Guys, that’s what this video is all about.
So, three things that you need to know about leather. One, think of leather as similar
to your skin, it – and that’s really what it was or it was skin on a live animal. Now,
it’s no longer has the ability to replenish itself, to replenish the moisture, and to
build new cells, new fibers. Now, if you take care of leather, it can literally last hundreds
of years. You can go into some of museums, they’ve literally got leather armor from
hundreds or years ago that has been preserved, taken care of, and that’s the beautiful
thing about it. But, if you don’t take care of it, it literally can get hard, it can get
crack, and once leather cracks pretty much nothing you can do to salvage that leather.
So, you take care of it. Number two is understand not all leather is
created equal. Now, I’ve got a whole chart which we’ll talk about the various types
of leather out there, but understand some leather is going to take some of these conditioners
better than other types. You know so you’re going to need to know what you’re dealing
with. In addition, there are and I’ll talk about that here in a second, but there are
some fake leathers out there, so everything I’m talking here does not apply to fake
leather. Point number three, different colors of leather
lighter-colored leather shoes. You’re going to have to be careful because anytime you
apply any of these, it can change the color. My advice is to find a section that no one
is going to see, usually on the tongue of the shoe, perhaps on a piece of luggage on
the inside, you want to apply some of this, let it sit, and check – check it out in
twelve hours in twenty four hours. And then, if it doesn’t change or if it changes to
a slight amount that you’re okay with, then apply a little bit. Some of these can darken
leather, you hear stories about that all the time. Personally, you know, I’m going to
give you guys some options so that you could minimize that, but understand any type of
conditioner that’s introducing moisture or a little bit of pigment can adjust the
color which isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes people like this stuff.
Okay. So, let’s go ahead and get into the different categories of leather conditioners,
protectants, weather proofers, oils, waxes, all of that stuff. So, three main categories:
Category number one, cleaners. Category number two, conditioners. Category number there,
protectants. Again, the article at Real Men Real Style, I’m going to go into a lot more
detail as to exactly each category. So, here really quick, I’m going to talk
about various products, my favorite and that’s probably what you guys are really curious
about is Leather Honey. I’ve been a big fan of Shawn and Arielle, it’s a family
run business out of Virginia. I think that they have a great product here. It pours like,
yeah, it’s clear, so things like that. Let me go – I’m going to take that football
I’m going to put a little bit on it. It takes a while so when I use leather honey
and I usually have a brush, but right now I just have some tissue so I’m just going
to rub this tissue on it. As you can see this stuff is thick and it’s going to go deep
into it. You can see how it starting to already color the leather. Now, it’s going to lighten
over time and it would be something that if I apply this across the football, I think
it would – this would fix the football. One thing it wouldn’t do is it wouldn’t
actually have a protective layer. So, Leather Honey is a leather conditioner.
It fits in that middle category. It’s not a protectant and it’s not necessarily a
cleaner. They do have their Leather Honey cleaner which if you’ll before going on
to something like this, you could apply the cleaner. And the great thing about a cleaner
is they are made to go in there and attach to dirt and particles like that that want
to be removed, so – and it does actually have some of the properties of the conditioner,
so sometimes you may find you don’t even need to use the conditioner.
[0:05:02] But, ideally what this is going to do is to
bond with dirt, that’s the big thing about all the cleaners out there is very similar
to laundry detergent any type of soap it’s going to bond with the dirt with those particles
that we want to get removed and then you can just go ahead and knock them right off. Okay.
As you guys can see both of them darkened the leather, even though they were clear,
even though they were transparent, even though they’re my favorite products, they will
darken, let this so just be aware of that. All right. So, Leather Honey one of them of
the out there so I did talk about the cleaner conditioner. Now, there are other ones that
you’re going to see. You’re going to see Lexol leather conditioner and cleaner. It
is a fine product. You’re not going to go wrong. And here’s, you know, I started to
talk about this at the beginning, whatever you choose just, I mean that’s better than
nothing even if you’ll find some that just don’t work and you think you can probably
get a better deal. Oh, there it goes. So, as you can see right there, I personally
think the more liquidy it is, the less effect it on average has. All right. We’ll pour
just a tad under there. And, again, it’s darkening up, it will do a fine job. Again,
we’ve got a cleaner, we’ve got a conditioner, neither of these are polishes. We get into
polish it here in a second. Now, there’s another great company out there,
Chamberlain’s and he makes what’s called Leather Milk and he’s got – this is the
number 3 which is the water proofer and then he’s got the number 2 which is the straight
cleaner. They also got a few other ones out there specifically designed for furniture.
Again, a great product, it goes on pretty as you can see here it is on the football.
Again, when in there, penetrated dark, so that’s a great thing when it does darken
like that, I can tell it’s penetrating. And, I would then use the water protectant
over that and it would actually help form a layer to protect a lot of the – and I
haven’t gotten too much into the coats or the protectors, but a lot of those are going
to use oils, they’re going to use waxes, and what they’re doing is they’re literally
filling up a barrier to protect it from water penetrating.
So, these conditioners are cool because they penetrate and they are made with ingredients
they aren’t going to cause the cells and the fibers to expand. The danger with water
is when it penetrates leather it does cause that to expand and it doesn’t go back to
its original shape. So what do you get? You get warps. It also can change the structure
and all of the sudden it’s more likely to crack, so that’s why water damage can really
mess up your leather. Now, some of you guys are probably wondering
how does it pour, what does it look like, there you go. So, you can see Chamberlain’s
leather milk is a little bit more liquid, depends on what you like. Again, this will
work really good on furniture as well. And, again, what I really like about Chamberlain’s
from all the other brands is that they are really good at breaking it out in categories.
So, perhaps you don’t want to apply what you’re going to put on your shoes onto your
leather furniture, well, Chamberlain’s has got you covered.
So, Neatsfoot Oil. This is going to be probably the oiliest, the watery – the most watery
of all of them right here. And, here you can see, yeah, it will to a degree penetrate the
leather. This is something though, it’s going to – the goal here is to condition,
but also to make the leather more pliable. Why is that good? Well, there are certain
products that you’re going to receive and, this bag here, [Katie] it’s a good company,
but this a value prized leather briefcase. And, the issue here is the leather is really
tough. So, applying a leather conditioner especially something like Neatsfoot Oil which
is where it came from, very similar to a baseball glove, you’re going to work it and let it
soak in and then you’re going to work the leather and overtime this will become much
softer. Meltonian, and they make also these creams.
There are entire brands that are specifically designed for shoes. Why I like this? Is they
are very careful and they realized shoes are one of those things that because they come
in such a wide range of colors that people are very sensitive to them being colored.
Now, if you’ve got a pair of black shoes, you’re really not going to get anything
darker than this, so you’re pretty safe here with using all types of conditioners
and cleaners and polishes. However, once you start going into, you know, we’ve got oxblood
here, dark brown, you can darken this even more. Espresso, this is going to be on the
safer, but – and this actually a good example of – so notice the brouging here, all of
these like – well, this is where it actually a more liquid type of conditioner is going
to be easier than using something like Leather Honey.
So, in this case on this particular shoe, I would probably skip Leather Honey and I
would use like Chamberlain’s Leather Milk because it’s going to be a bit more liquid
or maybe the Lexol simply because of what we have here. So, as you can see, even though
I’ve got a favorite, there’s a time and place for each of these various conditioners.
[0:10:01] So, again, this leather lotion, I’ve used
this before, it’s relatively a good product. As you can see it’s the milkiest looking
of all of them. I’ll put it over here on the football, it doesn’t – it doesn’t
penetrate as deep, it probably takes a little bit more time, but it gets in there and that’s
probably because it’s a little bit thicker, it didn’t color as much like I talked about
a lot of these ones designed for shoes. And that they don’t really want to – they’re
very sensitive to that. Creams, a lot of you guys taking care of your
shoes, you’ve seen creams out there. Creams are a mix between protectants and conditioners.
They’re kind of the best of both worlds. I love neutral creams. Why? Because they don’t
have any pigment and they will in most cases not color. I use this neutral cream on my
light colored shoes all the time. Now, you can and, again, I like a good company,
Meltonia. If you get this to match the shoes, then that’s great. This particular one is
black, therefore you can only use it on black shoes, but I think this come in like twenty
five, thirty different colors, so you can actually find one that matches your shoes
exactly. The great thing about that is it actually if you get a nice little scratch
in there, the neutral isn’t going to cover that scratch. This will actually color in
the scratch a bit and make it less visible. All right. So, you’re also going to see
some of these actually are made, this is a cream that’s made to also be a polish. It
comes from a company, Tarrago. I believe they’re out of Spain. Something like this is pretty
good against — very similar to a cream, but going to be a bit more liquidy and is going
to penetrate the leather a bit more. You’ve got to be careful though with the colors.
Other ones, you’re going to see some companies they focus on being all natural and, that’s
cool, but I, you know, when it comes to my shoes I haven’t seen that there’s really
and unless you’re really susceptible to smells, and be careful, I’ve heard some
people complain about this Neatsfoot Oil that it’s got – I didn’t really notice any
type of smell coming from it, but there are some especially some of the companies that
are really low priced, they’re going to try to make up for certain things by perhaps
using petroleum products. So, if you want to make sure that you have
something that’s all natural, the company Armstrong’s is all natural, pretty good
company that does this. What’s interesting, again, they’ve got this Universal Solve
which you can actually use on the shoes as a conditioner or you can use it on your hands.
So, this one is actually been tested for both, so they’re kind of cool and they’ve got
a neural polish. So, I haven’t yet talked about the polishes
too much and I’m starting now to get into Saddle Soap. You guys, many of you guys have
been waiting for me to talk about this. Saddle Soap is a conditioner, it’s one that’s
been around for a long time. It will and in some cases color. It’s going to have – and
these aren’t going to be able to pour, these are going to be pasty. What I like about this
is you probably get a little bit more for your money with products like this simply
because they’re more concentrated. Mink Oil. This is something that looks light colored,
it will do a good job penetrating especially when you heat it up sort of to polish it in
and mink’s oil has been known to color. Again, so I’m starting now to talk about
protectants, oils, water proofers, snow seals. These are the ones that they – their job
is not to penetrate into the leather. They will to some extent, but their job is to sit
on top of the leather and then they actually form a layer that protects it from the snow,
from the water, from the ice, from anything going in there. Remember, I explained water
is the enemy, but another enemy is actually the loss of moisture. So, if you live in a
desert, understand that your leather – your leather bags need to be conditioned probably
once a year or more if they’re out quite a bit in the sun because that will actually
pull the moisture from them. If you remember your bag and I’ve got, again,
this bag right here, fake leather, don’t use any leather products on it, but a bag
like this, it’s already got a little bit of a seal and a protectant made by my friends
over at Maxwell Scott. It’s a good company. I’ve got a number of their bags. I love
what they’re doing. And then, we’ve got Blue Claw.
Now, this one is in cedar, it is their – his Bronson bag, my friend, Adam. As you can tell
a very pliable a very soft leather. This one I would test and I would make sure when I’m
putting on it, but this one because of how soft the leather is, it’s also probably
going to lose the moisture when you have leathers like that whether it’d be on a type of bag
or a type of shoe or perhaps on your western boots. You know those of you guys down the
southwest, you’ve got boots and understand that you’re going to still want to condition
the upper part of the boot even though really it’s not getting, you know, exposed to too
much, it is going to have moisture rob from it in dry areas.
So, guys we’ve covered a lot here. I didn’t even have time to get into brushes and all
those other stuff. Please let me know what you would like to see in the comments down
below, I want to make – I want to make great video for you guys and give – there’s
a lot of misinformation out there, so I go into more detail here at the article at Real
Men Real Style. Let me know what you think and I’d love
to hear from you in the comments what more you would like to see. Take care. Bye.
[0:15:11] End of Audio


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    8:57 – "Meltonian Creams/Lotion"
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  • Excellent video and article.

  • Please go back on this man. Your content is soo useful

  • this is advertisement more than educational. stick with Saphir products and you'll be fine.

  • Maybe someone can help me here. Can I apply conditioner on leather without removing the existing coat of wax? Will the leather penetrate through the wax?

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