How To Clean Canvas Shoes

Fill a bowl with warm water and add around 30ml of laundry detergent or one scoop of washing powder. Take a scrubbing brush and dip it into the bowl. Use this to scrub the shoes in small circular motions. Repeat this process, until you have covered the entire shoe. The detergent will foam up so remove this with a clean, damp cloth and then leave them to dry naturally. To clean any tough stains or hard to reach spots, scrub hard using a toothbrush and a generous helping of toothpaste. Remove any foam with a clean damp cloth, and rinse the shoes with clean water before leaving to air dry. yeah


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  • I've bought black canvas shoes, and am currently drawing on them with white canvas pens, they say they're water proof. is there any other way I should clean them to avoid the pen coming off?

  • The way he moves.. it feels like he's doing something evil in his basement and is trying to be quiet as much as possible. 😂😂

  • can we use borax since that a detergent lifter

  • This better work

  • Will it turn yellow ???

  • Will it leave yellow stains after ???

  • Can you use regular detergent instead of powdered detergent

  • Whenever i put water on it I get brown stains

  • Hopefully this works my shoes are dirty

  • Why do the shoes look brand new in the end like they were never worn

  • Fuck yoy

  • When you let it dry, it forms yellow stains though. That’s the problem.

  • question….what would happened if i dumped them in bleach?

  • whatever you do, don’t put them in the washer. you’ll get yellow stains😂

  • where was this before my vans turned yellow….

  • Borax and water with some wet paper towels will remove the yellow stains if you just apply them to the shoes for 10 or 12 hours to dry

  • what brush are you using for scrubbing with soap and water?

  • Not yellow its yellow lamp light folks

  • Thank you very much.I will sub for the pay.

  • I need help I clean my white canvas shoes and after they completely naturally dry they arent white they turn gray (someone help me) so they can be white again

  • those are new and we all know it.

  • If they have paint on them (i painted sakura tree branches on my shoes with acrylics) can i still do dis

  • ok the end has obvi new shoes but i tried the first part so far and i think its working pretty well

  • Do Not use any laundry pre-wash that has bleach in it or your shoes will turn yellow. I used oxyclean instead of pre-wash bcz thats what i had at home. Dissolved that in very hot water to make a paste, then spread that paste all over the shoe. Let that mess sit on the vans for about an hour then rinse/scrub off with a little scrub brush. If still some stubborn spots, go over them with some whitening toothpaste and a toothbrush, let sit for 10 minutes, rinse and let them dry in the shade on a warm day. ✌❤

  • god I barely remember I have art class wtf

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