How to Clean Adidas Prophere + Special Appearances

YouTube was going on? It’s fresh D, back
at it. Sorry to disappoint you like Cavs fans we’re in the finals, but no Vick. I
don’t know where Vick’s at. Working on some video somewhere.
Bubbles is out too, he’s busy in the back. So you’re stuck with me again. So today
we’re gonna be cleaning these Propheres. Our marketing director completely
trashed these things, looks like he was doing some yard work or something, but
these things are disgusting. But anyways where going to get to this cleaning here, so let’s get started. Alright guys so like I said these are our marketing director’s shoe and I’m not sure if you can see just how bad these things are. These things are pretty disgusting, so we’re gonna clean these up for him today cuz he’s still a
little inexperienced in the cleaning department, so he needed our help up here.
So today we’re gonna be cleaning this right shoe. So we’re just gonna place our
left shoe over here to the side. You can see all this dirt on the towel. Like I’m
saying these things are nasty. First thing we’re gonna do get our Shoe Tree
and adjust it. I know people are asking about it, you guys might think it’s a
little silly but still we show you. Just to adjust it you just want to take the
metal prongs out by squeezing it together and find the right size hole. I
think Quinn is like a nine or nine and a half so it is a lot of trial and error.
So let me just see, I’m used to cleaning like size 11 to 10 and a half shoes so I’m
gonna try the 5th hole and see if that one works. Put it in, insert it, it’s not
quite there as you can see there’s not enough tension. So you just want to
adjust it to the next hole down. So it’s just like I said, squeeze these just move
to the next hole pop it back in you should be good. Yeah that’s good with
tension, so that’s that’s the main key when putting in the Shoe Tree and you just
want to make sure there’s adequate tension.
You shouldn’t have to completely force it down, but you do you should have some
tension when snapping the Shoe Tree down. The next thing too, is our Bowl our handy
little Collapsible Bowl. You guys never see us do this because it usually has
water in it, but this bowl is probably one of my favorite things that we sell.
So just pop out the bowl get some water fill it up. I know it’s another question
we get, we’re only cleaning one shoe – the bowl does have grooves so I just usually
go to about the first groove that’s in there. Save some for later. Take our solution,
pour a couple of squirts. So let’s get started with this cleaning. As you guys
can see just to give you a little 360 action. There’s like hair in here too. It
looks like there’s some plant debris or something in here also, so we’re just
gonna start with our Soft Bristle Brush as always. So you want to take your brush –
one more step always forget just like quite some of the other fellas in the
office, take the laces out. This dude double ties his laces like a
five-year-old. So you have to pop this out really quick. So here we go, got the
laces removed. yYou just put these to the side also we’ll get to that later. These
things are actually kind of heavy too. So yeah this is a shoe I wasn’t really
the biggest fan of at first, had kind of mixed feelings. It doesn’t look too bad
on the feet though so. But that’s besides the points, back to cleaning. So got our
brush, dip it in our magical solution and just start attacking some of this upper – or
actually you know what before I do that now that I think about it, this does have
a lot of dirt and stuff on it. So I’m gonna dry brush some of that off before
I use anything wet. So I’ll just take our All-Purpose and dry brush a lot of this
dirt off, because you don’t want to just mix this in with the water and rub it
into the shoe. So we’ll just dry brush some of that off. As you can see it is
doing quite a bit. So it looks like a lot of what you’re doing like I said I think
he’s doing yard work or something so there’s a lot of dried dirt and mud and
stuff in there so dry brushing it and that’s a technique I always recommend to
people when cleaning stuff just try to, you want to try as many dry
techniques before you do anything wet. Especially if you’re unsure what
materials like suede or something. So like this actually is doing a pretty
good job. Just dry brushing some of the wet dirt and stuff that’s now dry off. As
you guys can see it’s bunch of stuff all over to the table so this would be step
one, I would say dry brush or any kind of debris and stuff off. Even though I think I said like
five-step ones already, who’s counting? So dry brush all this stuff, like I said
definitely a good technique guys, you can see a lot of debris came off. Now if you
didn’t do that you would have been rubbing that mushing that back in the
material, especially with this mesh. So now that we got that out of the way.
It’s still dirty, filthy. You still going to want to clean the inside
of it. There’s still dust and stuff stuck on this tongue area. So actually get to
the wet method now. So you dip this brush, your Soft Bristle Brush in our solution,
gets to scrub in this mesh. I’m not sure Adidas technically considers this primeknit, it is some kind of knitted material but I’m not sure if it’s primeknit or if
they have some other kind of name for what they use for this? Vick just walk by
a second ago? Yeah, but I said no Vick you got Vick.
Can’t complain in the comment section now. So the other interesting thing with this
shoe or something to point out, just be meticulous when you’re cleaning like
these flaps. A lot of people probably wouldn’t pull it back, but if you’re
truly trying to get the shoe clean, you can see – I don’t know from this angle how
close it is – but there’s definitely like dirt and stuff trapped in there. So you
want just kind of pull the flaps down and make sure you guys getting all the
nooks and crannies. So truly want to clean and got to get in there attention
to detail is definitely key guys. Is that part of the shoe? Yeah man flaps,
flaps Jordan 4s have them, 3s had the tabs on the back, pull the tab up
getting the flaps. You know what I’m saying. So now that we finished with our Soft
Bristle Brush, I’m gonna move on to our All-Purpose. I’m just going to go over a
few spots in the mesh I mean it’s not too bad, but there’s definitely some other spots. Like on this material – I’m not sure what
this material is – some kind of synthetic, but down here was a little dirty so I’ll
go over that and then go over the midsole with the all-purpose and then
I’ll leave the stiff bristle for the outsole. Because as you can see there’s a
lot of dirt and stuff in there, So moving on to our All-Purpose, so I know I said I
was going to save the Stiff Bristle for the outsole,
but seeing just because of these grooves I am gonna go back over the midsole with
a Stiff Bristle Brush just because again mid soles with all these grooves man you
got to get inside there and get all that stuff clean. Because it just looks like
this stuff stuck in here so instead of picking out it with my finger on me this
different brush. Is our YouTube video interrupting your conversation? So we finished up with our All-Purpose. Like I said gonna go over the mid soles again
and the out soles. I’m gonna pat it dry a little bit, just
kind of see where we’re at. Like I said there’s a bunch of grooves in this
midsole and there was some stuff stuck in it so let’s see if I was able to get
it out or if I gotta go. That’s the other thing too, the shadows
make it look like from the lighting that there’s a stuff in the groove so it’s
kind of messing with my head for a little bit. So yeah there’s some stuff
stuck in it so I’m gonna go back over it with Stiff Bristle. But it’s good just to
pat it down to kind of see what kind of progress you made. So let’s move on to
the Stiff get these midsoles again, outsoles and then we’ll throw them in
the laundry. So one thing with a Stiff Bristle Brush, even though this foam does
have like these spikes in it – I guess you want to call it, these little pyramids –
doesn’t mean that it’s not still a foam. So with the Stiff Bristle Brush you
don’t really have to put a lot of pressure on it. So just like Steve likes
to say, “Let the brush do the work.” So whenever you’re moving the Stiff Bristle
Brush you don’t really have to put a lot of pressure. All right guys you got these
midsoles cleaned up as you can see. But this towel is filthy, so I’m gonna
start cleaning the outsoles here. Usually what I do is like rub hold the shoe down
but I don’t want to hold the clean midsole on this dirty towel so I’m gonna
switch it out for another towel. As you can see look at all this dirt all over
the place that show was filthy. So finished up with the outsole.
Surprisingly it came out cleaner than I thought. I thought for sure we’re gonna
have to throw it in the laundry but I don’t think we’re gonna. Think we’re just
gonna let it air-dry, assess the results. After that I think we should be good.
Just because it was mesh I thought it was gonna have to throw it in the wash for
sure, but since it is olive I don’t think the dirt really affected it too much. so
we’re gonna let them dry and then after – they you got Bubbles over here – after
they dry we’ll do a final assessment but I’m pretty sure we’re not gonna throw
them in the wash. So I guess we don’t need this anymore,
or this. So it will be good um so yeah we let these dry see what they look like
afterwards. Jonny Bubbles. So we will be back shortly. Guys so we’re back, we went ahead and let these dry. One thing I forgot to do
before we left though, my esteemed colleague Mr. Ronald over here reminded
me. Forgot to clean the laces, so I went ahead and clean them off camera but they
are clean now so we’re just gonna lace these bad boys up and wrap up this
cleaning guys. Just like that guys, lace them up. So like I said before, we went to
the drying the little cut phase, we didn’t end up using the Laundry Kit. We
thought we were going to have to because it is a knit material, usually with knits
you want to use the Laundry Kit to get to full advantage and get that mesh
really clean, or knit. But we didn’t need it in this instance. I thought it was as
you can see look how dirty the other shoe was, I definitely thought we’re gonna
have to throw it in the laundry but we didn’t have to after all.
So we would just went ahead and used our brushes.
With that being said you can still get the Laundry Kits and make sure you’re
covered with all bases if you are gonna clean another mesh, or you can just buy
the 4 oz 3 Brush Kit which does include all three buses and the
cleaning solution. So yeah that about wraps it up guys. We cleaned the upper
with the Soft Bristle Brush, went back over some areas with All-Purpose, use the
All-Purpose to also clean the midsole, and then we use the Stiff Bristle Brush
to clean up the outsole and touch up some areas on the midsole as well. So
that’s gonna about wrap it up guys. It’s a game and all the good stuff you guys
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us to clean? That’s gonna be fresh D and Amaya maybe you guys can hear Amaya
signing off fresh D signing off. Until next time guys.


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