How to Clean Adidas Falcon Shoe

What’s up YouTube? Katie here with
Reshoevn8r. Today I brought to my Falcons to do a cleaning, we’re gonna
clean these shoes with the 4 oz 3 Brush Quick Cleaning Kit. I am
gonna use some extra items such as the Shoe Trees and possibly the Brass Brush.
So to start this cleaning, I’m going to start off by inserting the Shoe Trees
into the shoe. So the first step in cleaning this
Falcon is going to be using our Soft Brush. You’re going to want to put a
little bit of water in a bowl, in this case I’m using our Collapsible Bowl. I
put about a quarter cup of water, I’m going to put one to two squirts of the
solution. Alright now that we’ve got generally
most of the uppers clean, I’m going to go ahead and grab the All-Purpose or Medium
Brush and hit some of the areas that didn’t come out, which is mostly just the
midsole and a little bit of the leather pink on the back. Alright so now I’ve
got the whole upper of the shoe clean, the midsole cleaned up really nicely. I
didn’t actually hit some of the black leather on the top. It wasn’t really that
dirty and I wanted to kind of prevent any of that from fading on to the light
gray and so I didn’t actually clean this. Depending on how it looks when we’re
done I may hit it with an eraser but we’ll just have to see when we finish. I
am gonna continue on by using the Sole Brush and just clean up the soles a
little bit. Alright so the shoe looks pretty good. I hit it with all three brushes. It looks like most of the staining, the dirt and a little bit of
black from the street came out. What we’re gonna want to do is let this shoe
dry overnight or for at least a few hours in front of a fan and then we’ll
determine whether we need to use the brass brush to kind of smooth out all of
the suede on the front the sides and a little bit on the back of the shoe. Alright we’re back with this shoe. As
you can see it did turn out really great. I wasn’t quite sure if the quick clean was
gonna work, if we’re gonna if we needed the Laundry System or not. It actually
did really great, it cleaned it up really nicely as you can see. Like all of the
stains came off, there was a dirt stain on the toe box of both of them and that
came off, it had a little bit of grease on it. So they did turn out really really
well. I was going to dry brush it out with the Brass Brush although the suede
on this shoe is a little bit of a softer suede it’s not it’s not just it’s not
super soft. So instead of using the Brass Brush I’m actually just gonna use our
All-Purpose Brush. So what I’m gonna do is I’m just going to lightly brush out
all of the light gray which is the light the suede area on the entire shoe just
to kind of get it soft and reset the nap on it. While I dry brush the entire shoe
I also want to mention it is really important that when you are dry brushing
it to make sure you’re going one direction that way you’re not fraying
any of the suede or ruining it. Alright, so I did go ahead and finish brushing
the entire shoe so it does look much softer. You can see you can just tell the
difference, this way it looks really great, all the colors off, sole looks
perfect. They almost look like they’re not used – some cracking on the sole
just from over wear. I’m going to go ahead and finish off the cleaning by
lacing the shoe back up, Alright that wraps up our Adidas Falcon cleaning video using our 3 Brush 4 oz Kit. You can purchase the kit
online for $24.98 on our website. Don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube
channel and thanks for watching!


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