How To Clean a Shoe Polish Brush

Hi, I’m Kirby Allison founder of The
Hanger Project and we love helping the
well-dressed take care of their wardrobes. In todays video I’m going to show
you how to clean your shoe shine brush. Now a frequently asked question that
we received often here at The Hanger Project is what do I need to do to keep my shoe
shine brushes clean? The short answer is that shoeshine
brushes don’t require much maintenance but as you use them residual polish will accumulate on the
bristle. So I have a shoe shine brush that I use to brush a navy pair of shoes and as you can see this is a perfect illustration of the amount of polish it’ll accumulate on a brush just after one polishing. This is another great example on why
we generally recommend having two different shoe shine brushes; one with dark bristle and one with light bristle. The reason being is that you want to
use your dark bristle brush on just your darker polishes and keep that separate from the
brush you use on your light browns and browns. The reason is is that the residual dark polishes that accumulate on the bristle can actually streak a lighter pair of shoes so it’s good
to keep those brushes separately. With that said as that residual
polish develops it’s good every once in a
while to try to clean that residual polish off the brush and the way that we recommend doing
that here at The Hanger Project is simply taking your
horse hair brush and just buffing the bristle across a clean chamois or a towel. And as you can see that residual polish will wipe off. Now rotate your brush and do the same thing brushing in
the other direction and that just assures that you’re
getting as much of that residual polish off the
brush as possible. If you can do this at the end of each time you use your shoe shine brush, it’s just going to help to keep your
brushes extra clean and to prevent the risk of any
residual polish streaking any pairs of shoes the next time you use it. You don’t really need to do much
more than that. I wouldn’t wash your brushes under water or shampoo them any way, because you want to really keep the
natural texture of that horse hair intact. If you want to learn more about our
entire collection of shoe shine brushes and what makes them different, we have a shoe shine brush overview video on our YouTube
channel. As always let us know what you think with comments below, I always get back to those myself
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channel. I’m Kirby Allison founder of The
Hanger project. Thanks for joining us.


  • Hey! You made a video answer to my question!!

  • Hello there! thanks for your video, I was wondering if you clean your dirty chamois and, if you do so, how do you do it. Thanks in advance!

  • Hi Kirby. Can you make a video talking about how to clean the chamois?

  • My gratitude Mr. Allison, your channel is the single most thorough shoe care+ menswear accessories channel on youtube. I've been recommending your channel to every menswear enthusiast that I know, Please keep up with the good work 🙂

  • Great video as usual well done like all the others videos you make!

  • Very helpful advice. Thank you for providing this service.

  • I'd love if you did video on what to do when you get your dress shoes wet

  • I've seen this question asked many times in various forums. Thanks for the video addressing it!

  • Hello! quick question: how do you polish shoes that have a gradient in color?
    Maybe the answer isn't so quick 😛

  • Hi, great video/s, thanks.
    Just wondering… what about brushes that have been neglected and have years of thickly accumulated shoe polish/wax conglomerated amongst the bristles…?
    I was thinking that maybe the use of white spirits, paraffin (kerosine, in the USA) or perhaps turpentine would be effective (although I haven't yet tried any of these).
    What do you think?

  • Dont wash, wipe with a cloth, have different brushes for different colors

  • Hi Kirby, any idea on how we should clean/wash the polishing Saphir cloth once it gets filled with all the Saphir cream/polish cream? Should we just dispose it after the cloth is covered and no free space is left to apply the fresh cream, or we should wash it somehow? Thanks!

  • Good video.?Please how do I clean my clothes brush?

  • Why is it ok to wash dauber but not brush?

  • @Kirby Allison what does happen to the bristles if you shampoo them or wash them with detergent?

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