How To Choose & Wear a Leather Jacket – Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

– [Voiceover] Marlon Brando,
World War Two fighter pilots, The Ramones. All come to mind when I
think of leather jackets. A well made leather jacket
is an essential addition to any man’s wardrobe, because it’ll never go out of style, you can dress it up or down, and it’ll generally last your lifetime. There’s just something about
a man in his leather jacket that you just can’t help yourself with, and for that reason alone, a leather jacket is an essential. Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist, and today I’m going to talk
to you about leather jackets. What typically comes to mind when we think of leather jackets is the biker style, which was made popular by Marlon Brando. Now, as iconic as his jacket is, I don’t recommend it for most men. The buckle straps, the zippered cuffs, the button down the powser, all a bit much in my opinion. Unless you’re going for that fifties greaser rock star look, it often looks much better in print or in front of the camera than it does in person. If you like the classic
toughness of the biker jacket, but want a cleaner design, then I’d recommend the motocross jacket. It has a tabbed collar, and just less stuff all over it, making it much more versatile, and that clean design isn’t going to add any bulk to your frame,
which makes it the perfect twist for any body shape. But I have to say, my hands down favorite of all the leather jacket has to be the bomber style. It has a clean, timeless design, and the elastic cuffs,
waistband and collar adds to the comfortability of this jacket, and makes it the perfect everyday jacket. Now, let’s talk about the best ways to wear those leather jackets. If you decided to take
the biker jacket route, I highly recommend, the
AllSaints Griffin jacket, which we have here. It retails for $630. It has all the classic biker details, and a nice slim fit. Now, that price tag might
seem a little high to you, but I can personally say, like, all the AllSaints leather jackets, the attention to detail, and
the quality of the leather is exceptional. So, honestly, it’s actually
a steal at that price. If you’re going on a date, I’d pair this leather jacket
with a crisp white dress shirt, like this one, and a nice, slim, skinny black tie, and these great wool trousers, and lace-up black dress shoes. You’re gonna look incredible. If that’s a little too formal for you, I’d switch out the dress
shirt with a plain white tee, and some slim, dark-washed jeans. If you decide to go with
the motocross jacket, I’d recommend this one by Zara, which retails for $100. It has an awesome fit, super clean design, and a rich cognac color. Now, you may be wondering,
why is it so cheap? Well, that’s because it’s
actually synthetic leather. But, I promise you, you
won’t notice a difference. It’s just as soft as the real thing, and as an added bonus,
it’s easy on the wallet. Brown leather jackets pair
great with shades of blue. I’d wear this leather jacket
with a light blue dress shirt, navy wool tie, some slim dark jeans, and a brown belt, brown lace-up boots. You’ll look sharp, but not
like you’re trying too hard. If you want something that looks great, is super comfortable,
as well as versatile, then look no further
than the bomber jacket. Whether you’re running
errands during the day, or going out at night, this jacket looks great
with a white t-shirt, charcoal wool trousers, as well as black dress shoes. It’s a great everyday
outfit that’s clean, easy, and no-nonsense. In my opinion, leather jackets
are an essential edition to any man’s wardrobe, because it’s not going to go out of style, you can dress it up or down, and it’ll pretty much last you a lifetime. Like a well tailored suit, when you put one on,
it’s going to make you feel and look great. So, do yourself a favor. Figure out the right style
leather jacket for you, and invest in one. Click the link below for
more info and details. Thanks for watching.


  • Best leather jacket is a 1930s style halfbelt imo. I've got a custom made Lost Worlds horsehide halfbelt. Made in USA. The jacket can stand up by itself!

  • Ashley, Please help me find the Brown Leather Jacket on your Page Titled "The Leather Jacket. It's the Dark Brown Moto Jacket the guy is wearing while looking at his watch. THanks a ton!!

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  • what are you for real? there is a difference between a fake and a real, the fake one will loose the color and start getting ugly, while a high quality real leather jacket with the right treatment can last for many years,

  • Personaly, i find synthetic leather a lot harder to wear because it tends to get a lot hotter than real leather. (I own a synthetic leather jacket and a motorcycle leather jacket)

  • I like the motorcross jacket. But holy Crap that bomber jacket has always been my Fav. I just love it! To bad I cant find one like that where am at. Well I guess If I go to other towns I will eventually find it. But its almost mission impossible at this point. sigh

  • I am a very casual dresser, and I like to layer clothing. Do you think a leather jacket with a hoodie is a good look? They make those fake ones(where its not an actual hoodie, and is connected to the jacket), so obviously there's some popularity to it. Just curious what your opinion on it was, and maybe what type of leather jacket or other jackets you think go well on top of a hoodie. Thanks, and great job on the video =)

  • Anyone know what jacket is in the thumbnail?

  • Love allsaints, I have 2 leather jackets from them!

  • Thank you Ashley . You are beautiful and smart

  • Hey Ashely, All saints has recently discontinued their griffin jacket. Now, I've contacted them and told them it's popular and should bring it back. And they told me they give fan feed back to their production company. So I was wondering if you could contact all saints and let them know. Maybe someone with as much pull as you can help bring that awesome style of jacket back so me and many others can buy one! 🙂

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  • I picked up a brown leather jacket from a vintage clothing store a few years back. It's one of my favourite pieces of clothing that I own. I actually like it when winter comes around so that I can wear it.

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  • super helpful. I actually thought black leather was out of style. It's been heartening to hear from a couple of sources that it assuredly is not. I found a second hand designer black motocross very reasonably, just needed the sleeves shortened which my tailor did. I do ride motorcycles, so it seemed an honest choice. I did not realize how 'formal' these could be rocked. Very helpful vid Ashley thank you.

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    Can I wear my black cap-toe oxfords and black belt, with my brown leather jacket?

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  • I bought a frock coat made from pleather and wool recently and I love it. It's got a biker like feel to it and probably one of the most "tough guy" looking coat I've ever got.

  • Ya broke my heart with the biker jacket hate! Get yourself a schott perfecto and wear it with everything. Impossible to look bad in, and there's a reason its what comes to mind when you hear "leather jacket"! forever timeless and sexy. Since I got mine last year, I haven't taken it off!

    Make Marlon Brando happy and give it a chance! :,,,,)

    still love your videos. :*

  • Just got an Allsaints jacket this Christmas, love it.

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  • them leather jackets came from dx which turned out to be a charade at wrestlemania 15 originally i like sting wearing them trench coats when he was part of the wolfpack on nitro in the summer of 1998 cause of global wrestling federation on espn classic that's still on just cable

  • All Saints has a blazer style one called the "survey" that I'm considering. Since you mentioned biker, bomber and racer style I'm curious if you have thoughts on that one?

  • Great content!

  • Biker jackets are hard to carry off unless the motorbike is nearby. Bombers jacket however does not required to be by the airfield to pass it off, or you could be a retired airmen. USAF.

  • She should stop advicing men to dress like dorks.
    Leather with white dress shirt, tie and dress shoes ….. IS SHE DRUNK?

  • Can you tell us more about synthetic leather stuff, like jackets, boots, watch straps etc. I am a vegan and I love it whenever I find an opportunity to buy good stuff not sourced from animals.

  • What kinda d*****bag wears a tie with a jacket…..

  • A person who is modelling for a jacket shouldn't push his shoulders back stick out his chest. This puts the focus on tie and the shirt. Hence the bad comments below about the tie being awkward. When he is showcasing a jacket, especially a leather jacket, he should push his shoulders in front, close the gap between two sides of the jacket and stress shoulders/arms.

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  • I prefer the punk/metalhead jacket

  • Recently I found a great, nicely fitting jacket but I couldn't quite decide whether to go for grayish brown or black version. Then came the lady's quote: "You'll look sharp but not like you're trying too hard". This! That's all I needed to hear.

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    You're welcome.

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  • A leather bomber is like jean shorts: each thing on their own are fine, combined no no no. You look like a guy with too much money trying hard to look casual but not knowing how to leave your money out of a purchase. Ps: bonus negative points – ties with leather jackets….

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  • in Pakistan you can buy a hand made leather jacket easily around 65 to 75$…and for ready made they are even more cheaper…And if you are going to argue with the quality then man you should know that Pakistan is one of the biggest suppliers of leathers to your American brands. And we are the one of manufacture of leather jackets in Pakistan if you want high quality luxurious leather jacket so we can do production for your brand

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  • Biker jact cool tshirt Levi's nice pair boots .real guy wear .

  • Thanks for the video.

    I've seen many men to wear something in between a racer / bomber (without elastic bands) / fatigue jacket – minimalist, no flashy zippers, shirt-like collar, sometimes buttons instead of/above the front zipper – as a formal style, e.g. over a suit jacket. Of course, only outdoors and especially at some serious events, such as weddings, funerals etc. when a solid, minimalist leather jacket can look very formal and much more serious than any other kind of overcoat. Of course, a trench coat can also look serious but it's kinda out of fashion for younger folks and also might look weird on shorter guys.

    I'm 40 now and because of my genetic health issues I'm somewhat short (174cm) and thin at my shoulders, so I thought that maybe a somewhat more formal leather jacket might make me look more serious, but at the same time I'm afraid to get the looks totally wrong and look like a tomboy or a boy in his father's jacket.

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