How To Choose The Best Basketball Footwear

Fall is here! And you know what that means…It’s time for basketball! Hi, I’m Stacy and today i’m going to give you a few tips to help you
choose the best basketball footwear. So that nothing can get in the way of that winning
shot. Number 1: Comfort. Comfort is above all else when deciding what basketball shoes
to buy. No matter what position you or your child plays, there will be lots of running.
Choose a shoe that breathes, not too tight, but keeps the foot secure. Slipping and discomfort
are a surefire way to get blisters and injuries. Number 2: Support. Did you know that basketball
involves as much running as soccer? It also requires quick foot movements and changes
in direction. Depending on your play, different levels of support are optimal. Determining
player type will help you decide whether you need a shoe with more support or a shoe that’s
lighter in weight. Number 3:Type of Shoe. There are three main types of basketball shoes
available. High tops provide the most ankle support, but are the heaviest because of the
extra supportive material. These are great for players who do a lot of vertical jumping.
Mid-tops provide a good balance of support and weight and are a good decision for a beginner.
Finally, low-tops which provide the least support and are the lightest. Can improve
running speed and it might be ideal for someone who’s playing point. Use these tips to select
the best shoe for you and have a great season. Remember, treat your feet right and they’ll
treat you right. Thanks for watching. I’m Stacy and I’ll see you next time.

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