How to Choose a Running Shoe

How to Choose a Running Shoe. The right running shoe can improve your performance
and reduce the chances of injury. You will need An athletic-shoe store Running
socks Injection-molded soles and a good fit. Step 1. Go to a store that specializes in athletic
shoes. Shop for shoes at the end of the day, when
your feet are swollen to their largest size. Step 2. Bring old running shoes or sneakers. The wear and tear will help the salesperson
determine your gait and what kind of shoe you need. Bring along a pair of the socks you wear when
you run. Step 3. Make sure the insoles provide proper support. Favor injection-molded soles over compression-molded;
they provide more shock absorption. You may have to buy separate insoles for extra
support. Step 4. Test the flexibility of the front of the shoe
by pushing off with the ball of your foot. Step 5. Make sure there’s a thumb’s width between
your longest toe and the tip of the shoe, and that the widest part of your foot sits
snugly alongside the widest part of your shoe. If the store has a treadmill, try out running
in different shoes. Due to the swelling that occurs during running,
running shoes are often a half-size larger than your regular size. If you’re deciding between two sizes, err
on the side of caution and go with the larger one. Step 6. Replace your running shoes as soon as they
wear out, which is usually within 300 to 500 miles. Did you know Runners’ feet hit the pavement
more than 1,700 times per mile.


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  • Always take into account the swelling, you don't want to buy a perfect fit and end up having your feet bust through the fabric, it doesn't happen often, but when it does happen, it's a mess.

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    Choose shoes with less padding to prevent injuries by actually building up muscles in your feet. Runners injuries increased tenfold with the invention of modern day Nike!! (and all the other super padded running shoes that have been invented since)

    Also- you're supposed to run on the ball of youre foot not heal-toe 😐


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  • I was taught it's supposed to be heel to toe to reduce the shock that is otherwise transmitted up to the knee. Perhaps it differs slightly from person to person, but if I ran on the balls of my feet, my knees would be killing me by the end.

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  • Im a heavyset guy that has been going to the gym for awhile now and im looking for some good shoes, as for my feet and ankles are usually what tire out the fastest cause of my weight? Any recomendations on shoes?

  • I got those same shoes today but in blue! they are really good :)))

  • also in about 10 steps while running you have put a force of about 1 kiloton of force on your legs

  • @Sleepy731 you need a stability shoe, try new balance 1226, asics kayano

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  • How to choose a running shoe, because you know, you only need one.

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  • I have Nike Dual Fusion ST 2 shoes and it works pretty good for me and they don't look THAT bad lol

  • This is helpful. There's a pair of running shoes which are like an inch larger. I'm gonna buy them. With socks on, they will just fit perfectly well.

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