How to change UEFI boot order from inside Windows 10/8/7?

This VM has two operating systems installed: Windows 10 and Debian, and the VM automatically boots Windows by default. Run EasyUEFI as administrator Select the ‘Debian’ boot entry in the boot order list Click the ‘Set/Unset one-time boot’ button to set the ‘Debian’ boot entry as One-time boot entry Reboot the VM, you will see the VM will boot ‘Debian’ directly instead of starting Windows Reboot the VM again, the VM will restore the default boot sequence, Windows becomes the default operating system again.


  • How to install multi boot with easyUEFI?

  • I want to change my boot order to CD first with my easyuefi free…. how do I

  • This video is useless…

  • UEFI not open setup on Windows 7 help plz

  • I have one question, now I using HP notebook model Pavilion DM4…
    I got one problem if you agree to made video for tutorial…
    some windows10 have problem not present UEFI Mode on advance option..
    That why i cant access into BIOS mode

  • People need to learn to talk in these kinds of videos.. I have absolutely no idea what's going on here. This was very unhelpful.

  • I deleted the Ubuntu entry from EFi But When I restarted the system Ubuntu again listing in the boot order. What to do?

  • Talk, add text, or at least add youtube comments. How the hell are we supposed to know what you are doing?

  • help me please! I tried many times want to dual boot kali linux on my windows 10 pc but when I restart it never go into boot order to select the usb flash drive. I tried go in BIOS settings but nothing happens

  • Why not some text or voice-support? I really do not understand what you're trying to tell the audience….

  • Ok, despite negative comments, thanks! Got my linux back after Windows 10 decided I would much rather use it instead. For those uncertain, the video uses an additional piece of (free) software called easyuefi, which pretty much does what it says on the tin and provides a simple interface to change the boot order instead of hunting through hidden settings and f2 screens. Note that you do appear to have to restart from the software for it to work. Still, seemed to work great for me 🙂

  • i did whatever you said, but after again second steps "make to up" it shows me failed to load api 00xx

  • I know that on different roles, it's time to learn better than: thanks for the information

  • why do this in VM…?

  • Oh crap i set by mistake a uefi stuff where you have to type commands and couldn’t get back to my dual booted windows 10 and android but i had to spam ESC while booting to change boot order back to what it was. I was like OH CRAP I FUCKED UP MY PC AND CANT BOOT INTO WINDOWS OR ANDROID.

  • This software is good but after a lot of use if corrupts my UEFI on the Asus ranger vii adding cd drives and things like that before locking and needing a reset
    also its way-way to expensive

  • What an fking idiot!

  • Does this come with a command line tool that I can boot into? I need to add a RAID array to my boot entries.

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