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Welcome back to the gentleman’s Gazette! Today’s video is all about shoelaces and how
you can use them to change the look of your shoes, as well as your outfits. Sooner or later, we all feel like it’s time
to mix up our shoe game and usually, that means investing in a new pair of shoes. Unfortunately, quality shoes are quite expensive,
however, if you watch our $100 vs. $500 pair shoes, you notice that the cost per wear is
actually less expensive for a quality pair, which is why I always urge people to invest
in quality if they can. If they don’t have enough money to invest
in another pair of shoes, the easiest way to change the look and appearance of your
shoe and your entire outfit is by switching out the shoelaces. The advantages are, one it’s very inexpensive,
you can get round laces, or flat laces, boot laces, or colored laces, starting at $9.00
in my shop and they only get less expensive the more you buy. Two, shoelaces are reversible, meaning you
can put them in one pair of shoes and if you don’t like it anymore, you just put the old
ones back in, or you put them in a different pair of shoes. That way, if you get a set of 15 shoelaces
in all kinds of different colors, it gives you not just 50 new outfit ideas, but you
can multiply it with all the shoes you have in your wardrobe. The disadvantage is that it takes minutes
to exchange your shoelaces but once you get the hang of it, it’s quite easy and you can
do it in no time. So how come that a little item such as shoelaces
can really transform the look of your shoes? Basically, it boils down to contrast. Contrasting shoelaces highlight the lacing
systems and since they don’t match the leather, they really stand out and the look appears
to be entirely different. Now, if a pop of color is too much for you,
I suggest to change the shape. Let’s say you have a black pair of shoes with
black brown shoelaces, to change the look, simply add flat black shoe laces and you can
really see the difference. the same is of course true for brown shoes
or any other kind of shoe. Now, of course, if you just exchange a shape
that’s quite easy, if you go with a different color, it’s easy to go over the top. So how exactly should you do it? Ideally, you want to match the color of your
shoelaces to a different color in your outfit, that way, you pick up that color and the entire
look is more harmonious and it looks like it’s well put together. For example, you can match the shoelace color
to something in your socks, if you wear colored socks. You can also combine it with a color in your
pocket square, or your tie, and your bow tie, maybe your cufflinks. At the end of the day, just pick a color that
really works well with the shoelaces. It doesn’t have to be a hundred percent exact
match but it should be in the same realm. That can be easier said than done and not
all colors of shoelaces work with all colors of shoes, so let’s look at some basics here. Let’s say you have a black pair of shoes. I said before, if you have the black round
shoelaces, upgrade to black flat ones and it is still very office appropriate and very
formal. If you want to change it up a little bit and
let’s say your shirt has a blue stripe, you can add a blue pair of shoelaces which really
looks entirely different doesn’t it? A blue shoelace is very easy to combine because
blue is very dominant in men’s wear. Now, most people wear white shirts. so you could think about getting a white or
off-white pair of shoelaces on a black shoe. Now, that’s a very stark contrast and if you
go for a very black and white outfit that may work, otherwise, I think it’s a little
over the top. On the other hand, black with gray pair of
shoelaces looks very dapper because it’s just a slight contrast but it’s different enough
to notice the shoelace and your lacing system and to provide a different look without being
overly loud. If you like little louder, go with a red pair
of shoelaces because black and red have historically been a good combination, for that reason,
we have our wallet in black and red or a business card holder in red and black. When it comes to evening wear, black shoes
are a must-have, however, I suggest not to go with different colored shoelaces, go with
distinct evening shoe laces. Back in the day, men matched the shoelaces
they had to their bow ties and the materials and it’s actually quite dapper, and you can
even go with a wider band because the bow tie is wider and so if the bow on your shoe
is wider, it just is very harmonious and unique. Let’s say you have a black satin bow tie,
go with satin shoelaces. If you have a velvet bow tie, go with velvet
shoelaces, or grosgrain on grosgrain. You get
how it works. We have the largest selection of evening shoelaces
in our shop so if you are into black tie and white tie events please check it out. Now let’s look at brown shoes. The advantage of Brown is that it comes in
thousands of different shades, so no Brown is exactly alike another. For shoelaces, that means it’s even easier
to combine and even gives you a greater option to create different outfits. For example, I like the combination of dark
brown suede with a dark green shoelace, again it’s not a stark contrast, it’s a light contrast
but it’s very sophisticated and it works really well for for fall/winter outfits, If you combine
any form of green into your outfit. Brown shoes also work well with red shoelaces
simply because brown has elements of red in it and so it’s already harmonious and everything
looks tied together even though there’s a contrast. If you want to go bolder, you can look into
maybe an orange pair of shoelaces or a yellow pair of shoelaces; brown with off-white can
look quite nice and I like it a lot more than with black shoes; you can also try to have
dark brown shoes with light brown shoelaces or the other way around. Again very subtle contrast but different enough
to make it unique. The same is true for cordovan or burgundy
colors, I like to combine an off-white pair of shoelaces with a cordovan pair of Burgundy
boots because it’s just different and it’s not something you usually see on the street. I could go on for hours discussing all the
different shoe laces with all the different shoe colors, but I think you get the gist. Make sure there’s some form of contrast and
tied into a color that already exists in the rest of your outfit. Because of that, you should always choose
the shoelaces last and not first. What kind of shoe is should you get? If you were any kinds of leather shoes or
dress shoes, don’t go with a thick nylon shoelaces you can find on Amazon and all over the place. Instead, invest in waxed cotton laces that
are either round, which is classic or flat. In our shop, we offer round and flat shoe
laces in a length of 80 centimetres or 31 and a half inches and it should work for all
four eyelets or five eyelets shoe. If you have boots, anything other than a chukka
boot with more eyelets, I suggest you go with our boot shoelaces, not only are they thicker,
but they’re also longer, about forty seven and a quarter inches and 120 centimetres to
be exact. We also offer all shoe laces in 15 different
colors, the more shoelaces to buy, the more attractive the price will get, and make sure
to also check out our evening shoelace. Now that you know how to combine shoe laces
with shoes, happy shopping and please send some pictures of your combinations to contact
a gentleman’s Gazette com. thank you. In today’s video, I’m wearing a brown jacket
with no vents and a wide peak lapel. it’s actually part of a three-piece suit,
however, here I’m wearing it with a sand colored pair of chinos and you will learn more about
chinos please check out our in depth guide here. my shoes are dark brown from Allen Edmonds
there are a long wing tip which means the side goes all the way back and I chose to
go with shoe laces that are in a cognac caramel brown which is quite contrasting but it goes
well with my sand khakis as well as my socks. I also try to pick up the color in my dark
red burgundy pocket square which is made out of wool challis from Fort Belvedere. the red at the same time is also in my socks
as well as my knit tie from Fort Belvedere, and so it all works well together my shirt
on the other hand, is light blue with dark blue stripes and it creates a contrast to
my khaki pants they’ve gone was something in off-white or white there would have been
just a light contrast and it wouldn’t have been strong enough. at the same time there’s enough contrast between
all my elements my outfit to create a harmonious look. alternatively I could have gone with burgundy
red shoe laces or maybe something in a sand off-white color because I have those colors
in my outfit. of course I could have also worn a dark brown pair of shoelaces I probably
have gone with something flat you can see even though my shoes are Derby shoes I decided
to go with a straight bar lacing which is typical for oxford shoes to learn how to lace
your shoes properly please check out our in-depth video about that here. The boutonniere you can see right now is light
blue and so it works well with my shirt and the tee number day everything is very harmonious
all the accessories I talked about in this video can be found in our shop. if you enjoyed this video please subscribe,
give us a thumbs up, and sign up to our newsletter. Thank you


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