How to Change Operating System Name on Boot Menu | Microsoft Windows 10 Tutorial

Hello friends, and welcome again to our channel,
The Teacher. In this Windows 10 Tutorial Video, you will learn to change the operating system
name in the Windows Boot Manager. If you have more than one operating system installed on
your PC, then you will see a Boot Menu with the name of each operating system installed
on your PC. So in this video, you will learn that how you can change the operating system
name in the boot menu list. Open the Elevated Command Prompt by right-clicking
on the Start button and then click Command Prompt Admin. First, type BCDEDIT and hit
the enter key. You will see different Windows Boot Loader
entries for each operating system or any special boot configuration. Like, here we have one
identifier for the Windows 10 and the second identifier to load Windows 10 into Safe Mode.
So you must select the correct identifier that you want to modify in the next step.
Now, type the following command: BCDEDIT /set {identifier} that you want to
modify Description and then the new description within the Quotes that you want to apply.
Close the Command Prompt and the next time upon boot up, you will see the new name in
the list. I hope you will find this video informative.
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  • +AbhijeetSinha Thanks for commenting but it seems that your comment is missing somewhere.

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  • So i have a problem and was hoping you could help me. I accidentally downloaded win 10 pro instead of win 10 home and now i can't activate it and i was wondering if you know how to switch versions of win 10?

  • I have question, I'm using ubutu kali and windows, so when i type bcdedit on command win, it just has two temps, they are Win and Window boot manager, can you help me, select others OS ubuntu and kali, like that?, thank you so much!

  • I installed Fedora with Windows 10. But every time Windows 10 gets load. while is boot loading it never ask for option for Fedora or Windows 10, please help me.

  • Bakwas video

  • It says windows 10 and the other options are patchguard

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  • Hey, I am getting black colored windows boot menu, but I want blue boot menu like urs.

  • Thanks….

  • Hope you will find this video informative. Let me know by leaving a Liking, Sharing and Commenting ?

  • how to get that blue screen boot selection ?

  • Thank you, I couldn't figure out how to do this!!!!

  • Obrigado.

  • Really useful! Thanks

  • Very handy, thanks.

  • Access denied then what to do

  • will this also add the hdd that is missing from the boot menu?
    After i installed windows 10 pro on a second internal hdd (i have windows 7 ultimate on my first internal hdd) it does not show boot menu and it just boots straight to windows 10 pro can ya help or anyone?
    "I want to be able to do it without using a 3rd party software like EasyBCD."

  • Can i also change their icons?

  • When I type BCDEDIT the access is refused. Any idea how to change that? I am logged in as administrator.

  • Thx

  • This has changed it no longer works

  • bcdedit.exe /set {VERY_LONG_CODE} description "NEW_NAME"
    Didn't work for me tho… the name doesn't change.

  • Nice thanks

  • Do you right click on the start button?

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