How to Carefully Stretch in Pointe Shoes – Dancewear Solutions

Hi, I’m Berklea and today I’m going to show you some of the ways I’ve learned to break in pointe shoes, using toe support and how to stretch your feet. Every foot is different and so it needs to be broken in differently. Some dancers do not break in their shoes at all and live with discomfort as this lengthens the life of the shoe, but there are things you can do to fit your shoe easily without taking too much life away. The box of the shoe may never be very comfortable, but you can add cushioning for extra comfort. Toe pads are gel pads covered in fabric that diffuse much of the pain around the foot while en-pointe. You can also use lambs wool in painful areas to ease pressure. Other forms of toe support you can use are gel pads or ouch pouches. When beginning pointe, some of the exercises may do may be relieves or echappes on both feet at the barre. As you get stronger you may be able to do these exercises on one foot, or at faster tempos. Now I feel ready for a great performance. Be sure to get a teacher’s approval before attempting strenuous exercise. If done improperly, it could result in injury. Thank you so much for watching. You can view more videos on pointe shoes at

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