How to Care for Leather Boots

Hi, I’m Sam with the Homestead Box , and today
we’re going to talk about leather care. To get started with today’s project, you’re
going to need a soft bristled brush, a small stiff brush, an old sock or an old handkerchief,
whatever you have laying around, and some leather care products. And then I like to have a small kit to keep
it all in and you’re going to need some water on hand. So the first thing your going to want to do
is take out your boot laces. This is one of the most important steps because
to really access where all most of the dirt and grime hangs up you’re going to want to
take your boot laces out. Then grab your soft bristled brush and just
brush off any excess dirt you know anything visible that ‘ll just come off easily. Make sure to get in these area here. The next thing, is really important, grab
your stiff bristle brush, and catch all along the laces here. The stitching, not the laces– the stitching. OK. Now we are going to move on to using some
leather care products. There’s a lot of different leather care products
out there. I chose this brand specifically because they
do not use petroleum based products. They treat leather care like skin care, and
that is important to me. So we’re going to start with our saddle soap. I use an old sock where the elastic has gone
bad. I just put it over my hand like a mitt. Dip it in your water. Load it with some soap. And apply it so that your building up a foam,
to get all that dirt out of there. this basically just washes the leather and
provides a little bit of conditioning. Make sure you get all down in the cracks. I really like to focus on the toe areas and
inside the tongue here because they take a lot of wear and catch a lot of grime. After this stage, I like to take a little
excess water, and just wipe it all down, to take out any excess soap. Now take the dry part of your sock or rag,
and just take off all of that excess water. Our boot is already looking better. Now you’re going to want to set this in a
place where it can dry. Now that our boot is dry, we’re going to apply
some kind of leather salve or oil to treat the leather, re-moisten it and help protect
it from water. We just want to load enough salve or oil to
really coat the boot well. Really focus on any area that have stitching. These need a little extra protection. Don’t forget about the inside of the tongue. Depending on how dry your boot is, will determine
how much leather salve or oil you will need on your boots. You will notice it starts to take up the salve
or oil, and it will start to get a cloudy sheen. That a good thing. Once it’s done soaking up the oil, we’re going
to buff that extra oil away with our soft bristled brush. That’s hard to say. So you are going to want to take your brush
(I like to hold my boots like this, brush in this hand) and move really quickly. Now if you want to polish your boots, maybe
that is another video, but we just want to knock off that cloudy coat. Now that we’ve been over boot care, no matter
what products You choose to use follow the manufacture’s instructions, but there’s two
basic guidelines I can give you today. You always want to clean, and then treat your boots. Cleaning is good. Treating is good, but you really need to clean
before you treat for the best, to get the best performance out of your boots. Now that we’ve done boots, don’t forget about
your belts, sheaths, watch straps, hats, and just any other leather goods you have lying


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