How to Buy Trail Running Shoes

How to Buy Trail Running Shoes. Leaving the roads and hitting some trails
opens up a whole new world for avid runners, but it also demands different equipment, too. You will need A place to buy trail running
shoes and a thick pair of trail running socks. Step 1. Figure out what type of terrain you want to
cover most often. You will be picking a shoe based on this,
so don’t rush your decision. Step 2. For groomed trails in a park or a packed fire
road, select a shoe with good grip, plush cushioning, and a wide, stable tread. These types of shoes will resemble standard
running shoes. Step 3. Pick a shoe with solid toe and heel protection
if rocky trails and boulders are more your style. This type of shoe should have a hard plastic
shank underfoot and a tread that looks like it was taken from a hiking boot. For running up and down mountains, consider
a trail runner with a high ankle – almost like a basketball shoe – for added support. Step 4. For galloping through mud, rain, snow, and
muck, pick a shoe with a waterproof/breathable liner, a stiff sole, and a tread with widely
spaced lugs. Step 5. If you’l be running in hot desert areas,
slip on a shoe with plenty of ventilation to help keep your feet cool. Step 6. Whichever shoe you pick, make sure it fits
snugly in the heel and around the toes. Try on several sizes while wearing your trail
running socks. Something too small will be uncomfortable
and something too large will lead to awful blisters. Did you know Every year there is a mountain
marathon run along the Inca Trail in Peru, which winds its way to Machu Picchu.

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