How To Buy The PERFECT Belt (Belt Size, Belt Type, Belt Matching)

How To Buy The PERFECT Belt (Belt Size, Belt
Type, Belt Matching) [0:00:00]
[Music] Wearing a belt, it seems pretty simple, right? However, what if I were to tell you that 90%
of men are wearing their belts incorrectly? Seriously. And, it may seem like a small deal, but wearing
the wrong belt size, belt color, belt buckle type can ruin your entire outfit. I’m going to make it easy for you, I’m
going to layout exactly what you need to know to buy the perfect belt. First up, let’s talk about how your belt
should be aligned with your clothing. To do that, I’m going to introduce you to
the gig line. So, the gig line is an imaginary line that
can be traced down your shirt placket, the edge of your belt buckle and down your trousers’
seam. Now, the vast majority of men do not know
about this rule. So, where does it come from? The idea of the gig line comes out of the
military. Basically, military uniforms are very regulated,
so if you went to a military college you served in the military, maybe you went to Texas A&M,
you know about the gig line because you have been inspected in your uniform. And, all of these make sense if you know your
history because the wearing of belts was made popular after World War I. Basically, the
doughboys coming back from World War I liked their belt, they stopped wearing the suspenders
and belts picked up in popularity in the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s. So, now, you’ve got a better idea of how
to wear a belt and how to correct that mistake, but what about belt size? What about the material used in the strap? What about the belt buckle types? What’s all these belt terminologies? So, let’s dive into the anatomy of a belt. First up, we’ve got the strap. The strap is the flexible non-metal part of
the belt that physically goes around the wearer’s waist. Next up, we’ve got the buckle. There’s a wide variety of buckles out there. Some of the most common, first up, the frame
buckle. This is actually going to use a bar to attach
it to the strap. This type of buckle has a prong that will
go through the hole on the other side of the strap. You’ll also see strap loops. These keep the end of the strap in place and
occasionally an end tip on a belt for decoration. You’ll also see buckles with a sliding latch. This is where the belt slides through a metal
latch and inside, a vertical peg presses the belt into place and keeps it there under pressure. You will also see buckles with a hook, very
common in Western wearer. You’ll see a flat metal plate is attached
by slipping a hook on the back of the buckle through the front of the belt. And, last, but certainly not least, my favorite
the microadjust style. So, belts like this, they have no holes on
the strap, instead, when you turn them over what you’re going to find is a system of
microadjustments. Now, what’s cool about the microadjust system
is that you can adjust the fit of the belt by a quarter of an inch, compared that to
traditional belts where you’ve got an inch between each of the hole adjustments. In addition, if you use the belt a lot which
I know a lot of you guys do, you get that unsightly bending stretch mark right on the
hole that you use most the time. So, how does the microadjust system work with
the buckle? Well, if you look at the buckle you’ll see
there’s a metal catch and so, when you stick the strap in, it’s going to catch and adjust
by a quarter of an inch. Now, gents, if you want to grab yourself one
of these microadjust belts, you need to make your way over to Anson Belt & Buckle, the
paid sponsor of today’s video. First up, let’s talk about quality. This belt right here I’ve owned for over
eight years and it’s still holding up, it functions, it works. I don’t have any fraying. I’ve got maybe a little bit of wear and
tear, but, guys, I’ve worn this belt all over the world and if you don’t believe
me, go check out their website. First up, they’ve got a lifetime guarantee. If the company puts a lifetime guarantee,
you know they believe in their product. Go read the reviews, guys. They’ve got almost 20,000 of them, the vast
majority five-star reviews. Now, let’s talk about customer service. One of the reasons I’ve worked with Anson
Belt & Buckle for almost a decade is that these guys take care of their customers like
their family. Seriously, guys, go out there and read the
stories. I cut that strap a little bit too short, it
was my fault, but guess what? They sent me a new strap. That’s why I love this company. They take care of their customers. And, let’s talk about their interchangeable
system. So, I’m all about owning less being able
to get more from it. What I love about this, you can come out with
nine combinations here with three buckles and with three straps. They work together. And, I need to point out, gents, they make
an amazing gift, not only is the packaging beautiful, but the belts can be adjusted to
fit a waist from 20 inches to up to 50 inches. And, by the way, the gift box is the best
deal on their website. You’re going to get the best price for two
straps and three buckles or two buckles and three straps. Gents, I’m linking to Anson Belt & Buckle
down in the description of today’s video. Use that link. Go check them out, a great company. I’m proud to support them. Now, let’s talk about belt buckle style
and formality. A lot of guys make a mistake here, they wear
too casual a belt buckle style when they should be wearing something a bit dressier. The classic metal rectangle or square-shaped
buckle in silver or gold is going to be the most formal. This classic belt buckle style has been worn
by well-dressed men for over seventy years. It’s appropriate to wear in a suit or even
jeans and a button-down shirt. Now, the flat plate style especially with
the color bronze here with the strap, this is going to be more casual. I can wear this with shorts, maybe a polo,
I can wear this with jeans and button-down. Would I wear this with a suit? Probably not. But, you could dress it up a bit. So, notice I went with a solid silver with
a dark strap. You could actually pull this off with a suit. It would be pushing it, but most likely no
one’s going to say anything. [0:05:01]
And that leads us to talking about the straps. So, if you’ve got a dressy buckle, does
that mean you’ve got a dressy belt? The answer is not necessarily because we need
to look at the strap. So, this strap right here, very casual. This entire belt now is going to be casual. Understand the casualness or the dressiness
of your belt is a combination of both the buckle and the strap. So, the dressiest belt straps are going to
be made from leather and will come in either black, dark brown, or oxblood. So, these straps right here are going to be
a bit more casual. Notice I’ve got leather colors, but I’ve
also got patterns, a little bit of pebble stone right there. I’ve also got suede. Patterns bring in texture, all of a sudden
makes the belt a bit more casual. This will go great with a casual suit, maybe
a sports jacket, odd trousers, maybe even a blazer and jeans. Now, the more casual strap styles, we’re
going to see out there are going to be made oftentimes from a canvas material, are going
to use brighter colors, are going to use a combination of brighter colors, or are going
to have maybe novelty features on them. When in doubt, gentlemen, remember, your belt
is formal as its most casual piece. Next up, let’s talk about belt size. First up, we’ve got diameter. If it’s 1.25 inches wide, it is a dress
belt. If it’s 1.5 inches wide, it is a casual
belt. And, in case you’re wondering belts that
are really wide, we’re talking more than 1.75 inches, those are oftentimes work belts. Belts that are less than 1.25, those are often
women’s belts. Now, let’s talk about belt length. The rule of thumb here your belt length should
match your jeans size. So, if you have a 32 waist in jeans like I
do, you go for a 32 size belt. So, here’s where the problem comes in. That 32 has nothing to do with inches, so
don’t measure yourself with a tape measure. In fact, if you do measure your waist, you
wear a 32, guess what? Your waist is more like 35 inches and that’s
when I get when I measure from the end of the buckle down to that center hole. So, if you have a 36 waist in jeans, you want
to go for a size 36 on your belt. And, if you’re not sure you’re between
sizes, always go with a slightly larger belt because you can downsize the belt. Now, this next measurement only the pros know
about and that is how much of the strap should extend past the buckle. Too much it’s just going to look sloppy. Not enough, well, if you gained a little bit
of weight, that belt you’re going to have to throw it out. So, in general, I like to see between 4 and
7 inches. If you’re a smaller guy, you’re 5’3”,
guess what? You would go more towards the 4 inches. If you are a bigger guy, you’re 6’8”,
then go out for that full 7 inches. But, if you gain and lose weight, of course,
give yourself room to basically adjust the belt. The point here is you got to know yourself,
go for the length that works for you. And, what about matching? So, the general rule is metals should match
metals, leathers should match leathers. So, with your belt, the buckle right here
matches the silver on this watch. The leather right here, matches the leather
on this belt combination. I could pull that off. But, what if I’m going to wear, you know,
a different watch and it’s not even going to get close to matching my belt or I’ve
got a bag and it’s of a different color than the strap here or it’s – what about
with my shoes, that’s what most people are thinking? Guys, I think you should complement. You don’t have to match exactly, but they
really, you know, try to avoid a black belt with brown shoes. You can do it, but understand that these rules
are there just to kind of bring a uniform look to everything that you’re wearing. Again, you can break these rules, you can
have fun, you can do what you want. So, what to watch next? 21 Genius Style Hacks. I know this because I’m a genius, I came
up with them. Just kidding. But, they’re all really good and I had a
lot of fun and I went through and I tested all these hacks to make sure that they actually
work. So, I bet you will learn something new in
this video, guys, right here. I will link to it down in the description. [0:08:33] End of audio


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