How to Buy Shoes Online : Saving & Printing Receipts for Online Shoe Purchases

Hi, my name is Douglas Willott on behalf of
Expert Village and today we are going to be talking about buying shoes online. So, I placed
my order. And now the receipt comes. Now there are some different ways you can deal with
his receipt. In a lot of cases, they are going to go ahead and email you a receipt as well
as give you the option of having one immediately after you place your order. The email should
come very shortly after you place your order. If you want to save your receipt but not necessarily
in your email or online. There is a trick you can do. You can actually just go ahead
and copy and paste your receipt by highlighting all of the items and then the total and then
pressing, on a PC, it would be ‘control-c’ or on a Mac, it’s ‘command-c’ and then going
into a word processor such as Microsoft Word, and pressing ‘control-v’ or ‘command-v’ depending
on what sort of computer you are using. The information is all going to pop right back
up and then you are going to have a receipt saved on your hard drive that you can print.
This is one method of doing it.

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  • hey when you buy stuff online do you have to pay with your credit card or they put the money you need to pay on your phone bill???

    PLS!! REPLY!!!!!

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