How to Buy Shoes Online : Pros & Cons of Buying Shoes Online

Hi,my name is Douglas Willot on behalf of
Expert Village. And today we are going to be talking about shopping for shoes online.
There is a shopping technique you can do when you do online shopping, where you look something
up on a store site, if you find a product that you like you, then you go to the manufacturer’s
site and you see if the manufacturer will sell it to you directly from their warehouse
for less. With shoes this is hit and miss .There’s a lot of times that you are actually
going to find a better price on a shoe on a store site than you would on a manufacturer’s,
sending it to you directly. There will be other times though where the manufacturer’s
going to have a significant discount as opposed to what you would pay from a trusted online
retailer. For instance, I looked up a shoe I am interested in purchasing, here on a very
popular online retail site it is $170 almost, but direct from the manufacturer’s is at $120.
I bet you I can find it even cheaper than that if I look hard enough depending on how
new the shoe is. A newer shoe often, is only available on the manufacturer’s site and maybe
one or two of their prefered retailers, but the older the shoe gets the more likely your
going to find it on a retailer’s site for cheaper than you would on a manufacturer’s.
And in some case the manufacturer’s stop selling that shoe all together, for instance this
pair I can still get on a popular retail site but, when I went straight to the manufacturer’s
site to see if I can get it cheaper they weren’t selling it anymore.

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