How to Buy Shoes Online : Popular Websites for Buying Shoes Online

Hi my name is Douglas Willott on behalf of
expert village and today were gonna be talking about shopping for shoes online. so you’ve
done your research and your ready to go online and buy your shoes. Now if you type in shoes
on google and hit enter your going to come up wih a lot of different sites that are gonna
want to sell you shoes how do you know which ones you can trust well you can do quite a
bit of research, but i bet you there are a lot of you out there that just want to know
the names of a few good sites that have already been researched and have been tested and trusted
through out time. A very popular site online for shoes is they’re
great because you can go in and you can search by style, size, you can search by, even your
shoe width. you can choose and it will show you what shoes will be within your width.
another famous site is famous footwear they’re another good site for going online and finding
whatever shoes you need and they’re very good about bargains and having clearances well
marked. zappos often focuses on designer brands and a bit higher end, because of course they
wanna sell the higher profit products as much as they can. here at famous footwear, they
just wanna sell you some shoes. of course, they also have retail sites that you can go
to just like many of your favorite retailers will have websites that you can go to to purchase
shoes such as payless, and nordstrom on the other end of the spectrum. lets say you want
something a bit more open to various brands the most appley named site for buying
shoes on the internet has nearly anything you could want. then you have something like
gotham city online that focuses on much more designer shoes and boots for men and women
they’re a great place to go if you want something hip and trendy.

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