How to Buy Shoes Online : Getting a Refund for Online Shoes Purchases

Hi, my name is Douglas Willott on behalf of
Expert Village and today we are going to be talking about shopping for shoes online. So
you’ve purchased your shoes and they’ve arrived but for some reason, they’re not exactly what
you were hoping for. Maybe the color arrives and it’s a wrong color. Maybe the wrong size.
Maybe you put them on and they’re just not comfortable. What do you do in this case?
Well, most online retailers want your business and want you to like their site and recommend
it to others. So most of them would be more than happy to either give you a refund or
credit you so you can go back online so you can go back online and purchase a different
shoe using the amount you’ve been credited towards that new shoe. In most cases, all
you have to do is reseal the box and send it back to the retailer. They are going to
go ahead and eat the charges for shipping, again out of customer service. It’s also a
good idea to send an email to let them know what happened and what the exact problem is,
rather than just sending the box with a note in it, or even worse sending the box with
nothing other than “Return to Sender” on it, which tells them absolutely nothing. Go ahead
send an email to customer service. Ask proper procedure or look up proper procedure for
a return on the site. They should all have that information. If you open up the dialog
and customer service responds to you apologizing, they’ll go ahead and give you further instruction
if there is anything more than just sending the shoes back and being refunded or credited.

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