How to Buy Shoes Online : Buying Shoes Online

Hi, my name is Douglas Willott on behalf of
Expert Village and today we are going to be talking about shopping for shoes online. On
a previous video, I was looking at a shoe that cost $55 that I was hoping to get for
under $50 because that’s the budget I’m looking for right now. I’ve done my various researches
and I found it on a site for a little less than $30. I’m going to go ahead and buy it
now. When you purchase your shoe, the first thing you want to do is make sure you get
it in a size you can wear. I’m going to go ahead and order these in a 12. Being an 11
1/2, I can usually stretch out that far if I need to. Then, the next thing is color options.
Various sites and various shoes will have various styles of color options you can choose.
Right now, there is only one color option but that’s ok because it’s a color I want.
If it wasn’t the color I want, I’d be more than happy to move on and keep looking at
my sites. I’m going to go ahead now and add this to my shopping cart. A lot of sites will
automatically offer up more ideas for something you can get based on what you like. We’re
going to skip this for now and we’re going to go straight into my shopping cart to purchase
this. On this site, you can go to ‘proceed to checkout’. This is not uncommon. At this
point, I have to enter my password and it takes me to a secure checkout. Most sites
need an account for you to set up…most sites need you to set up an account with a valid
email address and then a password of your choosing in order to move on. This part, you
don’t get to see. On the order screen, they have an order summary up in the corner. Most
sites will have some sort of order summary for you to take a look at as you are purchasing.
Additionally, they are going to offer you shipping options. How soon do you need it?
The sooner you need it, the more expensive it’s going to be. A lot of sites, the cheapest
option they are going to offer is free shipping nowadays. That’s the just the competitive
marketplace trying to lure you in to their site over their competitors. We go ahead and
select the shipping we want, make sure our order is correct and then we move on to the
next screen.


  • Ummm.. Idk if anyone else noticed, but that was a track shoe

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  • can u pls tell me how to choose shoes size

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