How to Buy Shoes Online : Buying Shoes at Stores before Shopping Online

Hi my name is Douglas Willat. On behalf of
Expert Village. And today we are going to be talking about shopping for shoes online.
One of the reasons like we said earlier, you might be shopping online is to save time.
Especially if it’s a gift! But if you do get a chance, it is a good idea to go into the
store first to try a shoe on if you are buying it for yourself. Different shoe brands have
different ideas of what a size is. These in front of me are all three shoes that I wear
in my life. And all three are shoes that fit me great. However right here I have a pair
of 11’s, right here 11.5’s and right here these are a pair of 10’s. A whole size and
a half down from the 11.5’s that I normally shop for. Also having size 11.5 feet, a lot
of shoes out there just go single number sizes. So it’ll go from 11 to 12. It’s usually a
good idea to find out if the 12 is going to be a better fit for you or the 11 in these
scenarios. Check inside the shoe tongue and you will find out what the actual size is
that is going to fit you. For instance the 10’s here, when I tried them on I did not
know, but afterwards I realized this is exactly the size of shoe I wanted to wear for this


  • hahaha im the first

  • So you go into some store only to buy online from another store?

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