How to Buy Shoes for Kids – Video

DADDY BRAD: Where are your shoes? DADDY CLAY: Welcome back to the DadLabs. This
week’s subject… DADDY BRAD: Honey, where are your shoes? DADDY CLAY: I’m sorry, but like many parents,
Brad has spent so much time searching for that second Croc in a vain effort to get out
the door that he has PTSD. DADDY BRAD: Where did you take them off? DADDY CLAY: Post Traumatic Shoe Disorder. DADDY BRAD: Wrong feet. Wrong feet! DADDY CLAY: Although all dads might wish that
the kids could go all Barney Rubble, shoes aren’t going away. So sit back, relax and
enjoy the deluxe piece of expertainment we call “Crocs of Shit.” DADDY CLAY: You better? DADDY BRAD: Yeah. Okay, baby shoes or booties. DADDY CLAY: Okay. Total scam. In case nobody
filled you in, babies can’t walk. DADDY BRAD: So shoes are basically expensive
decorations that you really don’t need. Socks, right? Something to keep the baby’s
feet warm in cold weather. Everything else is a sucker move. DADDY CLAY: When they are learning to walk
– bare feet are good. Robeez, the little thin mocs are also good, but barefoot may
be best. DADDY BRAD: Once they get pretty good at the
walking thing, then, finally, baby needs a new pair of shoes. DADDY CLAY: For the kid’s first pair of
shoes, it’s worth seeking out a good specialty shoe store that will give your kid a careful
fitting. Brands like Stride Rite and Elefanten are worth keeping an eye out for. DADDY BRAD: From that first pair on, shoe
stores are an open invite for Chernobyl level child events. They’re are full of strange
people, and they’re no fun. There’s waiting. It’s best if you don’t tack on shoe shopping
to the end of a long day of errands. I know time is tight, but if you can, preserve a
time when the kids are rested and fed. And bring bribes. DADDY CLAY: The specialty shoe stores with
their experienced sales people are always the best bet for quality shoes and a good
fit. Also expensive as crap. DADDY BRAD: So what to do when you’re in
Costco and you come across those great looking two dollar sneakers? DADDY CLAY: The keys are… watching carefully
when a professional measures and remembering, or measuring carefully yourself. Start with
a pair that are a size bigger than the measurement. Go for the classic toe squish move. Leave
at least a half inch of growing room. DADDY BRAD: Watch the child walk and make
sure the heel doesn’t slip. DADDY BRAD: Now of course you going to ask
the kid, “How those feel?” Do not listen to what they say. Kids are really bad at this.
They want to get the hell out, they love everything they see. Do not listen to them. DADDY CLAY: I’ve made this mistake. Kid
loves the shoes. Four hours later, shoes covered in mud, feet covered in blisters. Total loss. DADDY BRAD: Thank god for velcro and zippers
and slip-ons. The variety of ways that you can attach shoes to a kids feet with a minimum
of hassle is amazing. DADDY CLAY: But sooner or later, usually around
kindergarten age, the kid has to learn to tie shoes. We suggest the you start teaching
with a jump rope or a thick piece of rope, around the leg like this. DADDY BRAD: Then there are the crocs. DADDY CLAY: I think parents have a real love/hate
relationship with these puppies. Slip free, water proof, well vetilated, they may be the
perfect summer shoe. DADDY BRAD: If they weren’t as ugly as a
(insert Bradism). And be careful on escalators with these things. They can get caught and
cause injury. DADDY CLAY: That’s all for us this week,
here from the DadLab.


  • im not a dad, and im not stoned. but i still watched this – and i didnt hate it!

  • A true YouTube compliment. Made our day. Thx.

  • Fantastic store. Congrats on the gig.

  • Don't buy crocs shoes for your children !!
    My granddaughter was wearing crocs shoes last Saturday, and her foot got caught by the escalator. The crocs shoe was caught at the edge, and twisted around become perpendicular toward the side of the escalator, and shredded in her little toe. It took the paramedic solid 20 minutes to get her foot out of the escalator and the crocs shoe. Now, we are praying that her little toe will be saved.

  • _________(Cont'd)______________

    This is a painful and bloody experience about letting our young generation wear this product, and put them in danger.
    The garvernment should recall and ban "CROCS" !! They are not doing anything about it at all, even though there are already many of this same tragic accidents have repeatedly happened to young children.

    No more CROCS for children !!

  • Thank you!

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