How to Buy Men’s Dress Shoes

How to Buy Men’s Dress Shoes. Put your best foot forward with these fashion
savvy shopping tips. You will need Eye for quality and personal
style. Step 1. Fit the type of shoes to the occasion. If you need dress shoes for work, you need
a different shoe than for a wedding. Step 2. Buy quality shoes that will last. Look for thick soles, durable stitching, and
quality leather. Step 3. Choose black or brown to get the most use
out of your dress shoes. Pair brown with khaki, blue and green, or
brown-toned pants. Black shoes can be worn with black and grey
suits, as well as with white and cream in warmer months. If you’re very fashion forward, consider white
shoes. Step 4. Find shoes that suit your style. A loafer is an easy to wear slip-on that is
versatile and comes in many styles. Oxfords are formal shoes that lace up and
are fairly conservative. Derbies lace-up, but are more casual. Monks feature a buckle and are more cutting-edge. Moccasins are often high-end looking, but
light and casual. Step 5. Try them on while shopping, but when it comes
to purchasing, there can be great deals online from shoe retailers that often offer free
shipping and returns. Did you know According to one poll, men own
an average of 12 pairs of shoes, while women average 27 pairs.


  • Omg howcast you suck so bad that i just wanna get a sledge hammer and smash you

  • @ShockWaveDS13
    how can i quit a subscription,i accidentally subscribed howcast


  • 27 pairs jessus, 12 for men?

    I am a man and I own a total of a whopping 3 pair of shoes, 1 for everyday use, 1 dress shoes, and 1 shoe that I use just for riding my bike and it has a hole in it!! Thats called being conservative.

  • @ShockWaveDS13 that's my boy! lol 😀 Agreed!!

  • An average man has 3 shoes.

    Sports. Dress. Casual.

  • @ChadAgWing howcast says you're wrong.

  • i have 8 pairs of shoes. 4 casuals (need to throw one out), 3 dress, and 1 runner

  • lol my bf has 4 pairs of shoes including slippers and I have over 80

  • who need's shoes? sneakers are the best!

  • @ChadAgWing true I dont think I know anybody with that many shoes the most I have is 5 or 6 and I thinks that to many.

  • You will need: Converse Chuck Taylor All star

    Optional: to be a fan of Doctor Who

  • i just two new shoes today
    i have 10 pairs

  • I know a woman who has 90 pairs, and another who has 200 pairs. I myself, as a man, have 6 pairs.

  • eh i'm below average 😀
    i own 4 usable shoes as of the moment 😀
    but i only wear 2pairs
    do flip flops count???

  • I'm a girl and have 5 pair of shoes. And I actually only wear 2 pairs of those. Wow.

  • only two pairs here: for walking and for jogging !

  • Win @1:15

  • lol i'm a guy and i own 22 pairs 🙂 most r for sports though

  • only got 2 pair one for fall and winter, one for spring and summer

  • I own only 3 pairs of shoes :

  • Ewwww thick soles. What kind of advice is this. Thick shoe soles make you look uncoordinated, clompy, retarded even.

  • Dude, I have like 4 pairs of shoes: Work/ hiking boots, running shoes, brown dress sketchers, and black dress sketchers. What man has 10 pairs of shoes? I'm not even going to comment on the women's average # of shoes.

  • I have about 50 pairs of shoes. Not that many for a woman

  • @Playboysmurf1 no kidding!

  • thats cause your poor

  • me tho @ 1:15

  • hahahah clompy

  • Those aren't oxfords.Those shoes have open lacing so they are Derbys.

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