How to Buy Children’s Shoes | Foot Care

Hi, my name’s Dr. John Fritz, and today we’re
going to talk about what to look for in children’s shoes. When your child first starts to walk
independently, it’s when he needs, or she needs, a first pair of shoes. It’s important
to take your child to a shoe store that deals with children. Have their feet measured. Proper
width and length is critical. Please avoid slip-on, plastic, or sandal shoes. They just
lead to problems in the future. Check the length of your child’s shoe. The
tip of your shoe should be 3/8″ to 1/2″ longer than their longest toe. Know which toe is
the longest on your child. It may be their second toe. Have your child’s shoe width checked and shoe
size checked approximately every three months. Under two years of age, a little bit more
frequent, over two years of age, maybe a little bit longer. Children’s shoe sizes change rapidly,
and you must be aware of this, otherwise it can lead to problems with their nails, skin,
blisters, and deformities of the toe. Children who are not yet walking independently
do not need supportive shoes. They need a shoe to provide warmth and to provide safety. Have your child’s shoes checked frequently.
It’s critical to prevent skin and bone deformities from forming due to improper shoes.


  • Random vids FTW.

  • Are u kidding me there's no way in hell I'm doing all of this

  • Compact & informative. Many children wear either too small or too tight shoes which can lead to various problems, not only for their feet but their entire physical development.

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