How to Build a Boot- Adding and Shaping the Heel

okay so we’re very the glue this block he’ll block onto our booth as you can see the the gentle roll our
shank spring or shank area it mates nicely with the shape of this heel block so the presents no problem when we set
this block so I’m gonna show you how to do that right now What I’ve done here is simply put a pilot hole for the nails that we’re gonna nail through from outside to the inside these nails are gonna be long enough to get plate course we use a blade on our last so will go all the way through the insole and clench over just barley and pilot hole makes it much
easier for that nail to find its way through four nails all you need that will hold it forever ok you see once this heel block is set I’ve got it nailed there is no space there is no gap no
need for skives or any of that business there’s no no gaps here we do Press that down and get that good and seated its uh its ready for finish trying to
really drive home the point that time is money and we have tried to for our own shop in our own efficiency developed ways to speed up the process it really helps your cash flow and again
that’s the biggest one the biggest problems if not the
biggest problem for small business and i do want to talk
more about that and as we go through every day every
week we feel the pain that all the time I
want to share those pains and share so the things that we tried to do to
alleviate those burdens and those problems so
again stick with us we’re just trying to put out there a way
that we do it and a way that is no simple for you to
understand as well as easily accessible so stick with us there’s more


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  • Thanks so much for you video series!!! Could you please share where I can buy the prestacked heel blocks from. Thanks

  • How do you remove the last from the shoe after your done, does it not get nailed to the leather as part of the construction process?

  • what kind of nails do you use to secure the heel base to the last?

  • Beginner here: I've built shoes but not boots. From what I can see it goes; shank cover, outsole, pins and heel.  There is no mid-sole?  And the pins show in the finished boot?BTW, you make good, no-nonsense, informative videos…watched them all at least once.

  • So now paying the people who work for your business are a burden?!
    Americans are doomed.

  • Hello, could you help me, teaching me how to draw on paper, the upper of a short boot with zip please ?. or a short time, and a lot of illusion. Many thanks.
    [email protected]

  • Is there The posibility that The leather lose its shape ? Thanks for sharing and scuse my english

  • Great video. I'd really like to know the song used if possible, thank you. 👌

  • Been trying to find info somewhere but havent had any luck and the cobbler I have around here in my opinon as far as work on boots hes done for me, isnt that good so Id like to fix the problem myself. I have a collection of fryes, mostly harness and calvary black labels and a couple of them have loose heel blocks. the pad is good and firm but the block of the heel is actually loose where it meets the sole and is making an extra clack when I walk. How do I go about fixing that? Should I put the boot over somthing down inside and hammer them back on from the bottom? Do you think I should pull it completely appart, re glue and nail? That part might be tricky for me because I'm not sure what to boot the boot over that will work well enough for that. I really appriciate any advice you can give me!

  • I've been having a hard time locating heel blocks that are pre made. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks!

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