How to Break in New Running Shoes | Running

So you’ve got a new pair of running shoes
and you want to break them in a little bit. Well there’s two sides to this. First, when you leave the store with your
new pair of running shoes, they really should fit. You shouldn’t really have to break them in. But at the same time if you have a long run
or a long race coming up maybe you buy your shoes on Tuesday or Wednesday but you have
a long run of six, seven, maybe even ten miles over the weekend you don’t want to wear that
brand new pair of shoes for that long run. Try to wear the shoes walking around maybe
walking around the house, walk around your neighborhood a little bit, maybe go for a
short run, two to three miles. Try to see if something is rubbing causing
blisters or causing chaffing somewhere in your feet. you can prevent that by wearing dry fit socks. Try to avoid wearing cotton socks which can
cause blisters and chaffing by holding in that moisture and that sweat. So again, walk around a little bit, try to
do a short run before you do that long run, before you do that long race so that you’re
not in the middle of your race with some brand new chaffing that you weren’t really sure
was going to be there.


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  • For shoes, this advice is true for hiking shoes, walking shoes not just running shoes. Going on vacation and doing a lot of walking in Europe or elsewhere, you want to be sure you have worn new shoes for at least a week since they may feel comfortable from the start and then after a while, rub, cause feet to ache, or feel too tight (swelling). Had to learn this the hard way 🙁

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