How to be stylish for men in between seasons/Spring and Summer Outfit

Hello Everyone. First off, I wanna thank you so much for your support. I am just so HAPPY right now! Well, that might be too much, but yeah, thanks guys for liking my video, subscribing to my channel and giving me so many positive comments I’m just so humble and grateful right now. Thank you again. And for those of you guys who haven’t watched my previous video yet, it’s about an ugly nerd transforming himself into a more fashionable and confident version of him. It’s very embarrassing to say this, but that nerd was exactly me 3 years ago. My skin was so dark. I had a lot of breakouts, acnes on my face. My body was so skinny that I didn’t even dare to look at myself in the mirror, shirtless. I was alright at that moment, but I didn’t really feel confident and sometimes felt very unsecured about myself. Then I decided to change. I went online doing researches about fashion, skincare and finally hitting the gym to work on my body. It took me 3 years of hardworks to get to the point where I am right now. I don’t say that I am perfect, but I am a better version of me. so I am pretty HAPPY. A lot of you guys asking why I started a Youtube channel. Well I decided to make videos about fashion, skincare, fitness and lifestyle for those of people who are not confident about themselves, their appearance or even their lives But they’re willing to learn and willing to improve themselves more. I want you guys to know that you can go from here to here or even up here and can be so much better as long as you have the determination to change. I’ve been there before so I know what it takes to be really confident and how to transform yourself, your mind, your body or even your whole lifestyle. I found a lot of Youtubers doing the same things like me. There videos are really good, but to be honest I don’t feel connected to most of them. The reason is because they are just so pretty! Pretty boys and pretty girls. They just sit in front of the camera, talking, being beautiful and everyone loves them. I mean it’s very normal that people to be attracted to the beauty. Unfortunately, most of us including me are not lucky enough to be born beautiful. Right guys? We’re just very normal people with normal boring lives. We don’t have the perfect life that they portrait in their videos. That’s why I don’t think if I do the exact same thing as they do, I will get the same result. And I know many people out there are just like me, ordinary people with ordinary lives. Therefore I wanna make a channel that you guys can feel related and connected to. I will be showing my bad habits, my bad sides even though I don’t want to but I have to In order to show you guys that I am real. I am not the perfect public figure on the internet. I also show my mistakes my failures and what I have learnt from them. That’s enough talk guys. I know you’re getting so bored now. So let’s jump into the fun part: Fashion!!! We’re in the mid season, which is the transition between spring and summer. It is a trick time of the year since it’s getting hot during the day but towards the night it’s getting colder and colder. So it’s pretty hard to find a verstile outfit that can keep you cool and fresh during the day but keep you warm at nights. But don’t worry! I got your back. I have a perfect outfit for this time of the year. Are you guys ready? Drum rolls!!!!! Or clap your hands! So it’s a white on white outfit for gentlemen out there. I pair a white short sleeve shirt with a white H&M pants. White is a very versatile color so it just goes with about anything. If you want to achieve a formal look, you can go with a darker shirt on top. But if you want to go for a more casual, dress down Friday look Then you can add a lighter color shirt or polo just like I do here. By the way, white on white is on trend this year so just let you guys know. Because summer is around the corner so one of the trick is to look for thinner breathable materials such as cotton and polyester. And then you can layer it up with thin jacket or nice cardigan. Layering is the key here! You don’t want to sweat yourself in wool or thick material sweater. Trust me! I’ve been making mistakes wearing a thick jacket during a hot summer day. And I was just like a fool! So terrible! This white Zara shirt i am wearing is made up of 98% polyester so is pretty thin but it still holds the form and being wrinkle free throughout the day. It also doesn’t have the collar which I really like about. it adds a nice modern touch into the whole outfit. Not a typical boring shirt at all! To spice up the look I wear a neon snicker from Puma because I want to goes for the casual sporty route. But you can always be formal if you wear a loafer or a nice brown dress shoes instead. This is a easy well put together look for running errands or hanging out with your friends on casual Friday very stylish yet very simple. At night when you wanna go to a club or a party, put on a red motorbike jacket to upgrade the look. Red is also a trend this summer so be bold and be red. This Zara red motorbike jacket is such a fashion statement whenever I wear it I always get the compliments from people. It fit me so well. Even though I bought a bigger size than I normally do, but it just works. You can put it on when it’s getting cold. Take it off when you feel hot. It’s just right there whenever you need it. Alright that’s it guys. i hope you enjoy the video and the outfit. If you do, please give me a thums up because I love thumbs!!! also subscribe to my channel. give me a comment bellow let me know what you think about the outfit. I’ll see you guys next week. Remember!!! Be Kind and Have Style!!

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