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Hi! I’m Veronica Taylor- style blogger, model, and fashion
enthusiasts. I’m here today to show you how to accessorize your little black
dress. We all have 1 or 2 or a few and it’s
easy to transform your LBD depending on your mood or occasion just by changing
your accessories. To create a cool look that’s layed back and relaxed, while also being of the moment think Kate Moss or Ashley Olsen. I transformed
the kennedy flat messenger into an oversized clutch which looks
good day or night I paired it with the coordinating
blockhouse jewelry for sleek and modern edge. The blockhouse long necklace is very
versatile as it could be one dressy or casual. Sometimes I’m going for more of a
sophisticated and chic look ala Gwyneth Paltrow or Victoria Beckham. Choosing polished and elegant accessories will
help you achieve the chic style. I’ve pair the Georgette petite bowler
with the coordinating Genoa collection jewelry. It has a beautiful
hammered finish perfectly complementing my chic look. Once in a while I’m feeling more girly girl and want to go with a more feminine look like Sarah Jessica
Parker. The Victoria collar necklace and hinged
bangle are perfect for a ladylike and romantic look. You can be pretty witty and wise in our
My Flat in London Debutante Tote. When I’m feeling a little more classic I
like to channel my inner Audrey Hepburn with pearls and a croco handbag for
timeless look. I chose the Sea Gem collar necklace with
coordinating bracelet and earrings paired with the Sam Crocker shoulder bag
to create a look that is for ever stylish. When I want to make more of style
statement, I had extra sparkle for a glam look. Some glam icons would be Beyonce or
Marilyn Monroe. I love this Mumtaz Heart Convertible Necklace for bold and
glamorous pop paired with the stacked Maharani bangles and the Maharani hoop earrings. To finish up my lux look, I chose the Anju mini bag worn as a clutch. I encourage you to play and explore.
Fashion should be fun. Brighton Accessories are the perfect
complement to your little black dress for every occasion and mood. For more help and ideas please visit us
anywhere the Brighton is sold.


  • Wow

  • great outfits ideas. You look splendorous!


  • could this be more flat and boring?

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