How Should Shoes Fit – Men’s Clothing Fit Guide

(light soft music) – Hi, I’m Ashley Weston I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. This video is part of my
men’s clothing fit guide. So, let’s talk about how your sneakers should fit. When I’m working with my clients and having them try on
shoes for the first time, I always ask them, “how do they feel?” And they’re always able to tell me if they’re too tight or too loose. Only the extremes, nothing really in between other than, “they feel okay”. So I came up with 2 ways to insure that their shoes fit properly. First, with your shoes
on and with the socks that you normally wear, which, hopefully they’re not white socks, I’ll get into that in another video. You should be able to fit an index finger comfortably between your
heel and the shoes heel. Now if it’s a little tight, that’s okay. That means it fits. But it shouldn’t be so
loose that you can literally wiggle your index finger around in them. That means it’s too big. But if you can’t even fit a finger in between your heel and the shoes heel, then it’s too tight. Number 2, If you feel any squeezing or pressure on the sides of your feet,
which you don’t ever want, then try the next size up. But if that doesn’t fix the problem then you wanna try another brand. There’s a ton of brands out there. Each brand fits differently.
Some are more wider, narrower, and an 11 in
Converse isn’t gonna fit like an 11 in Nike. I’m confident you’re gonna find one that fits you perfectly. This video is part of my
men’s clothing fit guide. Thanks so much for watching, and check out my website
for for an in-depth article on how these bad boys should fit. Also, subscribe to my You YouTube channel for more videos like this. I’ll see you in the next one! Woo, this is not new I guess. It’s stinky. (light soft music)


  • is this for sneakers only or for all shoes. I read somewhere that shoes fit perfectly if you are able to graze the front of the shoe with your toe and not be able to fit a finger in.

  • your the best ashley

  • when you put your finger in to check, do you make sure your foot is all the way in the front of the shoe? or just how they are naturally?

  • Hi Ashley… great video! I just want to ask, do you also do the "thumb width from the longest toe to the tip of the shoe" test on top of this? I feel like I have enough room from my longest toe to the tip of the shoe, but when I do the test you mention in your video, there's not much room if at all. But if I slide my foot a little bit forward, then I can actually comfortable fit my index finger between my heel and the shoe heel. Also should you do this test sitting down or standing up which makes a difference? Let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

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  • this girl is kinda cute!

  • great video! thank you!

  • So it's fine that there's a bit of room in the length of the shoe? Because I always feel like I have to go a size up for extra width, and I never dare to buy any shoe online, and I think I'm missing out on a lot of great models, due to them simply not being wide enough :/

  • My actual shoes size is 44.5 but I recently bought size 45 and there is little finger sized room in front and the heel side is perfectly ok..Is it ok or should I change the size???

  • Again, thank you. Spent a good 3 months in my first year of uni (college) breaking in a pair of Vans that I received as a present (I hate receiving clothing especially shoes as they rarely fit me). So. Much. Pain. and they Never. Stretched.

    Now I know better…

  • here for vans slip on

  • Where do you talk about socks?

  • Not taking advice form a girl sorry

  • why would i take advice from a girl for mens clothing? doesn't make sense

  • first 10 secs of video
    "Hi! im Ashley…"
    me: "marry me please"

  • which video talks about the white socks


  • More wider ?

  • My feet are way to broad to get a good fit. Once I reach a size that fits in the width it's way too long.

  • Fit doesn't depend on the brand… All shoe styles have different lasts, meaning that all shoes have a different fit based on the dimensions of that particular style. For example a Nike Air Foam Posit is going to have entirely different fit and feel than a Nike Air Zoom. Another prime example would be a Red Wing Heritage Weekender vs a Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger or Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc. While these examples are of the same brands the differences in the shoe styles can greatly affect the outcome of the overall fit. For each style is built and constructed in a completely different fashion.

  • This helps me since I’m trying to decide which size of an expensive sneaker to buy! Do you have any advice for the toebox? should it be loose or tight? how much space between the toes and the tip of the shoe?

  • Thank you for your tips.

  • thank you, Barbie, i always struggle to get the right size for my shoes, i hope this will help

  • I feel I should speak up for white socks: they rule!

  • Oh my God those eyes are you mixed with Native American?

  • Great tips on checking proper shoe size, but dont agree with you at 0:42 though.

    Nothing wrong with white socks. For some reason asian cultures think white socks are only for children and adults should always wear black socks. My Fiancée is a Filipino english teacher and she thought I shouldnt wear white socks. I'm wearing white socks while writing this ?. Wear what you want and dont mind what others think. Black socks look stupid with half of my shoe/outfit combos while white socks can almost never go wrong. Stay white my friends ?

  • Freddie Mercury sang pressure not David Bowie. Js

  • If you want to be taken seriously, have an editor check your script before you role camera. “..more wider” is improper english. Wide, wider, widest. Just trying to help.

  • Bruh where the mans at. Not sexist just saying this meant to be a men's guide .

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