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hey everybody my name is Katie and today we’re gonna talk about how to fit your running shoes proper fit is the most important determinant of what shoes you should be wearing on your feet and there’s a couple ways we can think about that up here by your toes you want to make sure you’ve got about a thumbs worth of space between the end of your toes and the end of the shoe so you can scoot your heel back in the shoe and then just press your thumb down right at the top to make sure you have that space or what I like to do is to scoop my foot forward until your toes just touch the end of the shoe and then you can just slide your thumb right into the back of the shoe again to make sure you have that amount of space the other thing to think about is mid foot and heel fit and so you want to make sure here and here in the shoe it’s nice and snug but not so tight that you’re gonna have hot spots on the shoe if you’re getting any tingling or numbness in your toes sometimes that means you’ve tied the shoes a little tight so you can loosen them up it could also mean that maybe you don’t have enough volume in your shoe the shoes too narrower sometimes if the shoes too short can cause the same thing if you’re getting bruising on your toes that usually means that you don’t have that thumbs worth of space between your toes and the end of the shoe or if you’re getting blisters anywhere there on your toes usually that just means you know have plenty enough room in the toe box here they’re on the ball of your foot it’s because it’s a little wide in the shoe or if you’re getting blisters on your heel sometimes that can mean your heel is actually just sliding around a little bit in the back of the shoe and the rubbing is causing you some problems we do want to make sure and resize every time you get a new pair of shoes feet change size over time so you just want to start with an accurate measurement from the get-go and then for a lot of people one foot is a little bit bigger a little bit smaller than the other one so always size both shoes to the size of the larger foot other than that you just want to make sure when you’re trying on your shoes it’s the most realistic it’s going to be to when you’re actually running around so try them on at the end of the day when your feet are the largest they’re gonna be bringing the socks that you actually are gonna wear for your activity so whether they’re a little bit thicker or whether they’re the little thinner low-profile ones bring them in and try them on with their shoes and then lastly if you use orthotics or custom foot beds bring those in as well you can just toss them right in your shoes when you’re around in the store other than that if you want to learn a little bit more about lacing check out the links and until next time thanks for watching


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  • I have to ask: Are these videos shot in an REI store? Because that is one crazy empty store.

  • wow, that's a great video!

  • Do you need that space in a running shoe?

  • Most people wear shoes too small.

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