How Marine Recruits Battle Their Fear Of Heights At Boot Camp

Recruit: I’m slipping. Please! Please help! I don’t want to do this. Instructor: You’re fine.
Recruit: No, I’m not. Please! Instructor: We’re trying to help you, son. Recruit: I don’t want to go down! Narrator: These Marine
recruits are training on the rappel tower at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island, South Carolina. According to the depot,
the rappel tower is a training event designed
to instill confidence and introduce recruits to environments they may encounter while
serving in the Corps. Rappel tower happens
on day 25 of boot camp, a particularly busy day where recruits also train in the dreaded gas chamber. Instructor: Run! Narrator: Hundreds of
recruits wait their turn to scale the stairs of Holberton Tower, which stands around 47 feet tall. Instructor: You’re gonna go from the front to the back. Narrator: First, instructors
brief the recruits on their safety equipment, which consists of a helmet, gloves, and a safety harness. Recruits learn two different types of rappelling techniques, the first of which is
known as fast-roping, where the recruit quickly
descends using a thick rope. John Ovalle: As Marines, we
use fast-roping techniques to get as many troops into the fight off of a helicopter as fast as possible. Narrator: The second technique
is known as static rappel, where recruits utilize
the tower’s wooden face to perform a controlled descent. Ovalle: For static rappel, you’ll utilize the rappelling on cliffsides to get into a building in the most expeditious manner. Instructor: Grab ahold of my right hand with your right hand.
That is your brake hand. Put it on the lower center of your back. Narrator: Recruits learn
how to use their hands to perform different
functions while rappelling. The left hand holds the rope in front and is known as the guide hand. The right hand is known as the brake hand. Instructor: Shoot your arm
out and go down the tower! Recruit: Aye, aye, sir! Narrator: When the recruit is told to shoot out their brake hand, gravity quickly takes effect. Recruit: For me, the rappel tower was hard ’cause I sorta had a fear of heights. You have to trust the rope, and, I mean, all the gear here on the island is 100% safe, so there’s nothing to be worried about. You’ll be safe all the time. Narrator: Since safety is so important, the line can move slowly… Instructor: Series!
Recruits: Aye, aye, sir! Narrator: Resulting in a long wait for recruits on the ground level. Instructor: Golf Company!
Recruits: Aye, aye, sir! Instructor: Golf Company!
Recruits: Aye, aye, sir! Narrator: But the drill
instructors find ways to keep them occupied. Instructor: E-5! Recruits: Sir! E-5 in the
Marine Corps is sergeant! Narrator: Including testing them on basic recruit knowledge. Instructor: Series! Recruit: This recruit, please help! Narrator: But for some recruits, the long wait creates anxiety. Recruit: I’m slipping! Please! Please help! I don’t want to do this. Instructor: You’re fine.
Recruit: No, I’m not. Please! I don’t want to go down! Narrator: At Parris Island,
fear is not an option. And those with a fear of heights have no choice but to conquer it.


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  • This is cool.

  • I have a terrible fear of heights. It's good to see that these fine men and women can be scared just like me but, are brave enough to try their best with the help of thier follow marines. It makes me want to be braver in my life too. God bless all of our soldiers.

  • Fear of heights?

    "Fake it till you make it"

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  • Wondering what would happen if the first guy still refuses to rope down that tower.

  • So the cliche of the army paying college or half of it is true?

  • freaking METRIC please!!

  • my twin brother is at parris island right now!

  • When did Tyler the creator go to Marines? 0:00

  • I have to laugh at this and other videos that I have seen when it comes to heights for the marines. When I done my basic training in the UK, we never had the luxury of safety nets. We done the indoor rope climb no mats on the floor so if you slipped bang you are messed up. We then done out door obstacle course, and we had to climb up a ladder, walk across a plank of wood, jump across the gap and down the other rope. We had no safety netting, so once more you could have seriously injured yourself on that. However, after joining the forces proper, we was expected to work at heights with no safety equipment at all, anything above a certain height and you are supposed to have health and safety and we had none. One slip off the aircraft and we would fall onto concrete floors, if you was lucky you might break a leg or an arm, worse case scenario, you would be dead if you landed on your head. A trained and controlled experience such as this tower is nothing.

  • Lol how else did you think those marines felt when they had to scale those huge cliffs in Okinawa, toughen up butter cup

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  • I'm going to boot camp soon and I'm not afraid of heights so I think I'll be good at this part

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  • I love the narrator's voice!

  • Training for future rapists, murderers, wife beaters, and crimes against humanity. Not to mention PTSD, suicide, child abuse…

  • We didn't use helmets. MCRD San Diego July 1980.

  • That's amateur. My marines jump out of planes with no parachutes

  • The narrator sounds almost like the one from Ted

  • one way to over come it, is to slap them on a plane go in the air at 3000 feet and push them out the back, and they'll have 30 seconds to over come their fear or die

  • Damn.. This looks fun. I wanna do this.

  • I wanted to join the marines but was disqualified because I had brain surgery. I was disappointed but it makes sense.

  • 2:05 "I" I guess we just forget we're recruits dont we?

  • God bless our military!


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  • Me: has a fear of heights
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    Me: jumps off a building
    Also me: hey I guess it not so ba….

  • One of my drills crushed his pack of smokes trying to help a terrified private and smoked the shit out of him later for it. It was hilarious

  • Oh this brings back memories.
    I too was born in Paris Island.

  • the sound of falling off a cliff in a video game 3:04

  • Ayyyeeee Golf Company 2019 June-September. I was there, never saw anyone filming though must've been sneaky.

  • The video shows everything except what the title suggests.

  • 0:02 Thats a Thicc Seargeant.

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    "they battle their fear of heights by joining the army or marines instead"

  • At mcrd we had to wait till we were already marines

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