How Jacquemus Became One Of Fashion’s Most Loved Labels | i-D

Come girls, I want to talk to you come, come here. You are all working for me,
for my brand and today I’m here,
it’s another big step you know, I come from nowhere,
I am still here an independent designer in Paris and to be here, it’s so special
under my mother’s name, plus, like people… – I’m going to cry! The South of France has always served
as inspiration for Simon Porte Jacquemus and his brand’s designs. Simon and i-D travelled together to
Brame-Jean, the little town he grew up in to learn about his
idyllic upbringing. Welcome! When I was seven years old, I pulled a linen curtain,
I grabbed a Converse shoe lace, I took a big kitchen knife, I made 8 holes on each side and designed a skirt just like that,
with a Converse shoe lace. A really ugly skirt! My mother wore it,
and came to fetch me. Turns out it suited her.
My grandmother told me. And my mother turned to me and said:
“Well, you’re the best.” I think that’s what’s
been driving me. And since that day I think that’s
what’s helped me. And I think that made me who I am
not to doubt myself. In this industry,
doubting is the worst. – Go on, do it.
– I’ll do it quickly. My parents and all my family
were farmers. I grew up in the middle
of the fields, very simply. Without schedules, without rules. It was really a very free childhood, I could be what I wanted to be. We are at home in the South
[of France], in Brame-Jean, a hamlet in Provence in the 13th. This is the road I’ve done
a thousand times in my life. I ran, I walked, I cried, I danced. I rode, I kissed. I’ve done everything here. I always wanted to leave the South. I’ve always wanted to be a Parisian. I’ve always obsessed about
becoming a Parisian. I would tell myself ‘Wow, I know that if one day
you are known in Paris, you are known all over the world.’ I always had this idea in my head. Arriving like a star in the village. People will think I am
crazy, for sure. I spent my weekends
selling in the market in the South with my grandparents,
selling carrots. So, I always enjoyed selling. When I made my first collection
I thought: ‘If I don’t sell, how am I going
to pay for the second one?’ – He’s a fashion designer.
– Who comes from here. – You are from here?
– Yes, between Mallemort and Charleval. Wait, I’ll pass you on to
Monsieur Simon Porte Jacquemus. Just make sure to brief the girls,
I want them to look happy. I don’t want them to smile too hard,
but to smile at least a little. It’s important for the opening girl
to look happy, so we understand. The last time we said
they had to be happy and in front of the camera
they looked angry. We are at Jacquemus,
and they really have to smile. In the case of Paris,
Paris in general, People in Paris wouldn’t describe
themselves as anything other than a Parisian designer. And I always wanted to say:
French woman, French designer, from the South of France,
from Marseille.. I insist on that, really,
I keep repeating it. When I lost my mother, I understood who I was,
what I wanted to say what I wanted to tell; that my strength was
coming from the South. That hill is more like
a Marcel Pagnol one. My grandmother,
she’s a little towards there, Brame-Jean is next to it,
where I was born. There you have Charleval
and its castle. Behind are my grandparents
and my father. Yes, this is my home. I dont need to say
anything to my mother she is here, with me, otherwise
I would not have done all this. I have a strength in me which is already surreal because I never feel like
I need to talk to her, my mother is part of me. I know my life isn’t normal. Some say to me:
“Simon, you got lucky.” I don’t know. I think it’s just possible,
I’m proof of that. I arrived in Paris with nothing,
I started as a salesman in a shop, I listened to myself,
I worked a lot and, any way, I made it. I made my dream a reality.
I get to live my dream.


  • Love this guy

  • I'm glad he made it all the way to Paris fashion week. But what is really interesting about him? His designs are very minimalistic and generic and Zara has been doing that already. So what actually makes him a good designer.

  • Love Jacquemus 🌼💛

  • he's so easy to like! he just seems so genuine and driven

  • I’ve always wondered how he became such an stablished designer even though he’s been in the industry for less than 10 years, really good video !

  • Good one !

  • he seems like he has so pure and genuine intentions, a really sweet and nice guy who even though experienced success, still stay humble

  • He looks thinner than photos

  • Que 4:49


  • Because he is handsome.

  • Be good looking and you can easily fool anyone in the world and become successful quickly.

  • Subtitles 😭

  • I-D is like you better know fucking French we're not subtitling lol

  • Wooowww that girl who got wmotional at the beginning…pure beauty!

  • I absolutely love how much he is inspired by his past and south France. You can see it in the work he makes. I feel like a lot of designers fail because they can’t put themselves into what they make.

  • he's a hustler respect!

  • I love u Simon

  • I love Simon, glad he's doing so well.

  • Oh man……..he is one sexy man.

  • How? easy. First step, being ridiculous😁

  • His laid back and personal approach to design. As I searched his past collection before what was seen here, they were rigid, conceptual and over thought and seem not akin to his personality almost ineffective, generic and unimpressive but that is only I can say because I've seen his recent collections that are inspired from his mother and his homeland which were also generic but effective and bold because for a new designer he should be trying to impress or show bravura but when he turned to a new approach, it clicked. All just connect – beauty, intention, experience, feeling, success, finance and a wave of followers.

  • Jacquemus is so pure and loveable. One of my fav fashion designer in this era💖

  • Ahhhhhh privilege, must be nice..

  • Love him! He seems like an absolute sweetheart!

  • Simple clean clothing. LOve.

  • He is famous because he is good looking. His designs are so ordinary. An oversized straw hat? Really?

  • Il se sent chez lui en Provence ou à Paris ? Je comprends rien

  • Show us some non-white non-male designers pls

  • careful, let’s not say you made it with only a decade in… youre stable and profitable for now, fashion is fast and theyll swallow you up, chew you up and spit you out.

  • Aww when he talked about his mom

  • yessss vive notre région

  • Il est mignon!

  • He’s white, he’s young French and handsome. Simple as that.

  • A lot of talk about passion, about designing for his mom, about wanting girls to look happy (but not too much, because, you know, it's not natural…)… but what's it reaaally all about? What is specific about his inspirations? There's hardly any ideas, any concepts, any philosophy, any refreshing ways of doing things in there… just a lot of cliché talking.

  • The question is "why" , ugh

  • I love his personality!

  • I love Simon!!!!

  • Because his clothes are wearable banalities for people who don’t actually like fashion?

  • People might knock his success, but I think he's carved a unique place in fashion due to his humble beginnings and the way his past shapes the stories in his clothing. His designs are wearable and for REAL people and that's why he's getting the traction he deserves. ALSO he's fucking gorgeous which doesn't hurt.

  • Having recently met Simon. I can honestly say he is one of the nicest, down to earth designers I have ever met!

  • So is he the king of fashion?

  • I’m not crying you’re crying! 😭

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  • He is really handsome and romantic and sexy

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  • Inspiring.
    One day….

  • "Je viens du Sud et partout Les chemins J'y reviens" BRAVO 🙌🙌 une belle histoire et une belle histoire de reusdite et de succès puisque comme toi, ma grand mère, ma mère n'ont appris la confidence, être brave mais surtout quand Les gens t'ont élevés et ils croient en toi plus que toi même. My grand mother taught me "you can learn and be anything you want , you can be a painter a singer a chef cooking but also a merchant trader" and my mother said: "Reality is wrong, look beyond and learn because Dreams are real, and I am a dreamer too" j'avais des larmes aux yeux en te regardant avec toute ses réussites et puis très facile de comprendre un français du Sud C'est un vrai italien du sang et tout s'explique hehe la passion de vivre, Les champs, le marché, Les cultivateurs, Les produits terroires, Les artisans qui fabrique de belle choses chaussures, vêtements, verreries, sacs, lumières et lampes et tout et tout… BRAVO vraiment, plus de succès!!! 😊

  • Who? This guys a loser and his clothing sucks

  • The ONLY thing working for this hack is that he’s French

  • Les gens qui lui reprochent d’être blanc dans les commentaires et donc, “c’est pour ça que c’est plus facile”. Hallucinant… bientôt, il faudra s’excuser d’exister.

  • A genuine designer who gives me chills whenever he speaks. His collections are always so refreshing and glamorous.

  • Ma sœur à eu la chance (vu qu'elle est mannequin)de essayer la robe en cristal swaroski

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  • Tellement inspirant. Je suis totalement conquise par Simon

  • and the answer is?

  • his work is refreshing, not dull and the same as anyone else’s

  • Ok you should look about the video of his runway in the south of france!! its: Konbini Jacquemus yall should look!!!!!!

  • A mystery!


  • song?

  • C'est une crème ce gars

  • Look at the diversity bruh

  • 😻😻😻

  • Reminds me so much of call me
    By your name for some reason ( even though it is Italy) beautiful just a breathe of fresh air

  • he speak that good French. I support this brand he’s so authentic ❤️

  • He’s beautiful both inside and out

  • Oh Goodness how I started loving Jacquemus! What a humble, gentle, and rooted man he is. You can really see how he hasn't lost his inner child. He's so kind that he interacts genuinely with his models wooow i can actually say so much more 😭❤

  • been eyeing on him since when he had only few followers and then here i am crying and inspired by him

  • such a great soul

  • such a great soul

  • [email protected] professional art director

  • Je je je je calme toi zinki

  • How? He's hot and talented

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