how i take instagram pics by myself 📸


  • Hope you'll give away camera 💓

  • Finally, something l can use. l always doing things by myself

  • You look like a Lorde

  • God, the very first line: I don't have a bf who'd follow me around taking my pics is so relatable!!!

    Have been binge watching uou lately!!!

    Would be great if we could work together some day 😁

  • My problem is i like taking pic but when my friends asked for help i feel annoyed and cringe at the same time. Idk why hurmmm😴

  • In my country they would def rob my phone lol

  • Honestly saying
    Yur making me do this like ugh I’m not so confidence on this without sc filter but now I’m thinking to do it but sadly I don’t have tht camera yu use 🙁

  • You look like Mamamoo Sunmi sometimes or just my eyes is blind.

  • I'm using my phone but this literally helped me hopefully my content is good

  • Great advice

  • 5:54 what about the corners of your mouth naturally point up? Do you just not make a face lol? Just stareeeeeee….😐

  • what song is it at 3:20 ??? anyone pls

  • i know this life too well.

  • so, this is how a professional selfies doing the job ? trying tounge to tounge pose.

  • peak narcissism

  • BRO. Literally she said “as you can see by my face” for the insta model. BROSKI, SHE FRICKEN LOOKS SO PRETY

  • I feel youuuuuu I was doing it for 4 years alone… so weird to pose alone and run into the frame😁

  • After the vid.

    Me: Being awkward on the street.
    My phone* exist
    My IG* post da freaking picture on it

  • girl you so pretty, love all the photos

  • 🖒🖒👏👏

  • omg tik tok vsco girls who?!?!?! #enteredgiveaway


  • And now you have a boyfriend who likes to follow u around and take videos of u😍😍😘😘

  • I fucking love you Ashley. You have sucha positive personality. I wish you were my friend irl😭

  • Ashely- "My tongue is not long eough"
    But u tend to forget it's so efffin broad

  • Well we all do know that with proffesiinal photocamera pic looks great I have only phone


  • What about when you’re casually out and just have your phone?

  • the video and then screenshotting after is amazing why haven't I ever thought of doing that omg thank you!!!!

  • Honestly, this was such an amazing video. So many great ideas😂😂🤣🤣

  • I saw your updated "how i edit my insta pics" video and you said you used your iPhone now. do you still just take a video instead of using self timer? do you find that makes a diff in the quality of the pic?

  • That was adorable when you put your hands on your hips

  • Why did the video start mid-sentence?

  • What song in this video??

  • Going on holiday in 1 week and now I‘m taking my camera with me hahah yolo isn’t it

  • Hope you can make a vid as well on how you take the screenshots from your videoshoot.. what app/editor do you use?

  • I wish I had enough confidence to do this lmao

  • Does Tripod work for Iphone only? How about Samsung, do you have some app needed?


  • How do you capture a still from the videos? everytime i do that its always either blurry or low quality!

  • How do you capture a still from the videos? everytime i do that its always either blurry or low quality!

  • How do you capture a still from the videos? everytime i do that its always either blurry or low quality!

  • eventhough you said you aint no professional model based on your face idk i say you look way better than all models i ever seen

  • And that’s how she found David my friends

  • Lmaooo I love you you're literally me


  • 1st: your background songs sounds good
    2nd: I love how you're not afraid to not obey the small rules

  • Ashley, have you ever tried selling clothes online? (get rid of the excess) or anything of that sort? Are there any particular websites you would recommend for this?

  • so helpful!!!!!!!!!!

  • GREAT video!, awesome tips, great editing…and VERY entertaining !!!…Thanks for sharing!! subscribing 4 sure!!

  • Were you taking photos in front of people's houses? The entire video?

    They allowed that?

    America is so free, that anybody could take a photo in front of random people's house!


  • Beverly hills are haunted girllllll

  • Thank you so much I know exactly how I'm going to take pics of myself for my Paris vlog alone. So nervous doing it in public though I guess ive got to find a nice discreet street to do it 😄

  • yesterday i literally took 40 mins trying to take a selfie for insta. i used a filter and even after all that time i decided i was too ugly and gave up….

  • I love how honest, spontaneous, beautiful, adorable, smart and funny you are

  • You should watch Natalia Taylor’s video on this subject she has a clicker that takes her photos and everything. I found it helpful it might make your photo taking process easier.

  • This is so my life haha. Especially when I saw all the spots you were putting your tripod. I was cracking up. Getting the right lighting is vital and it’s basically bad everywhere when I shoot lol.

  • thanks now i can take the pics easily

  • Are you astrid from "how to train your dragon" ?

  • U talk so fasttt…I LOVVEEEE ITTTT

  • Ok that helped so much!!

  • So you make a video and than screenshot the picture in your computer? Yelp me please, small YouTuber here😭

  • 3:49 what is the title of the song ?

  • Honestly you’re amazing! Like your pictures look like they were taken by someone, claps to you!

  • For all dem single ladies 😂

  • lol i do this shits 😂

  • I never say this, you are super entertaining, real and to the point!

  • have you ever dropped your camera doing this?

  • so pretty

  • them legggss

  • Your tounge is so weird and wide🤢

  • Can you please do in phone? About if people don't have camera

  • Somehow I don't ever get any ads on this channel.. which is good for me but how does Ashley make money!

  • Put playback speed on 0.75 thank me later…

  • What is the name of song 3:00 ?

  • You know. Actually, I can understand you perfectly when you talk 'cause where I'm from, we talk at the same speed, if not faster

  • my problem is that i can’t take good pics by myself but i’m too self-conscious to ask my family for help soooo

  • Maybe a dum question but once you have the film, how do you get individual pictures out of it? Where can you see every single frame?

  • Loved your video!
    Do u use an app to take pictures from videos?

  • Do some poses slowly

  • Check out your speed girl 😃

  • I will try this but if someone sees me I will low-key have a mental breakdown and abandon society and go live into the woods or something

  • what the frick you mean "you're not a model", gurl? you're a beautiful as one

  • when I take pics and there’s people near me they stop to watch me. 💀

  • Pero like, how do you make sure you’re in focus?

  • She's so pretty but why does she do that puckered and pouty lip with the gap? She looks not like Ashley.

  • If you take a frame from your video then how to you avoid motion blur?

  • I've seen a lot of "take photos by yourself" videos but this is the most useful so far OMG ty for the tips!

  • You are so cute! I love your confidence and your honesty.. you're beautiful!

  • She's beautiful and she knows how to use it to make money.

  • Awesome tips. I love it! Can you please show us how you edit your videos as well?

  • I make my little brother take pictures of me. He's actually really good XD

  • So like this would work if I wasn’t scared of my camera being snatched away

  • I do not have the social confidence to talk pictures by myself in public, in front of people's houses so I admire you

  • Did anyone notice how Emma Chamberlain did the same vid a year later lol

  • But What if I got the least photogenic face that only looks fine when I look in the mirror but bad on camera?

  • How do you edit your photos??

  • Does anyone know where to find the song at like 5:20ish? I know it's some sort of remix of "I like it" by debarge but I can't find the actual one she uses here and i love it so much !! plz help lol


  • Love your personality ❤️

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