How I started an Online Cowboy Boot Store and My Next Steps


  • Hey yeehaw cowboy , I came across your channel a couple of months ago and like what you are doing …. I love western boots but the problem is I live in London and it is a nightmare trying to get what I want here and the price is through the roof after import duty , shipping etc etc …
    I like the way you are are trying to keep things simple and value for money , I believe there is a potentially big market here in the UK …
    I’m currently looking for a pair of black caiman full foot with any shade of red tops , Square toe with roper heal , I have been in touch with Tocova boots but they do not ship here …
    Any ideas or info getting these boots here would be great … I would definitely help promote and get the word around about your business if I can … I think you are onto a winner and wish you every success..
    Best wishes .. David ……

  • Nice Video Jose. Cant wait to see your boots. Hopefully you will sell your boots in Stores in Texas

  • Jose. Thanks for the video. Amazing. I know you only have great success in your future.

  • That's awesome Jose. Have you considered speaking with Sendra in Spain? I think there's like ONE FREAKING STORE US side that sells their boots. And it's all the way up north. I think you'd make a killing because of your large fanbase that exists already. They're beautiful boots like the old marlboro styles. Cuban heels, sharp points.

  • Love the channel. By the way, I'm a big fan of the wide square toe cowboy boots. I like the narrow square toe too but I really like the wide. I was just wondering how long the wide square toe style has been around?

  • Whew!!! Can’t wait, great vid, keep up the good work! Love your attitude.

  • Nice video Jose! Wish you much luck and success!

  • Love your product line , i have ordered before! only problem is i live in europe and customs fuck me up in taxes…. still keep it up

  • Have you contact botas el malcreado they’re also in Leon ,mx

  • I'm considering buying some but I'm not seeing any reviews on any boots so it kind of scares me this may be a scam..

  • Los Altos boots are super nice!

  • Yours will be my first exotic boot when you do ostrich wide toe.

  • Great entrepreneurs always find a way! I am opening a brick and mortar store up in Wisconsin and would love to pick you brain about some stuff when you have the time. Thanks Patrick

  • Is that a Cuadra bag on your bed?

  • José how you doing young Man! Tal vez pueda invitarme a una de sus fábricas…Me encantaría mirar..

  • Jose, nice boots, and good luck on your endeavor. If I can say one thing though, when I turn over a boot and notice nails, it makes me go the other way. Use lemon pegs. Everything else looks top notch.

  • great job

  • Thank you , you motivating me to start my own business im starting with a local wholesaler but can you put a video together of whole sellers Like ariat and some of this other brands i got potrillo and White diamond but would like some more contact information on brands thank you in Advance

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