How I Lost Faith In The Mega Church

– In order to belong in this
tribe, you have to conform, and if you have doubts,
you’re a dangerous person. How many leaders have been
built up in these mega churches that fall because the
pressure’s just too much. And as I look back, we were two kids trying so hard to get it right. My name is Lisa Gungor. I’m a recent author, I’m a
musician and a songwriter. My mom and I found this wild church. They called themselves the Holy Rollers, and from the moment you
walked in, it was loud and people were running around the church. I just think it’s awesome. So while a lot of people think it’s crazy, filled with crazy people,
I loved it and I was in. I ended up going to college
and I start dating this boy who’s super Christian. We get married really young. We’re too young to even rent
a car when we’re married. We didn’t drink or cuss. So we end up getting a
job at a really big church in Michigan. And this church was the
size of a mall, it’s huge, it was about 10,000 people. We built a house out in the country. They paid for our car, for our gas. They paid for Michael’s school. We were 20 years old, and
we had this dream job. We didn’t have sex with each
other before we were married. We waited to kiss, we did it all right, we had this transactional ideal of God and that’s why we landed this
really great, awesome job. We started trying to get pregnant
and couldn’t get pregnant and people would tell me,
well, just pray and believe. Like, just say it and it will happen. And I thought, I just don’t
know how that can be true. We were traveling the world,
we were going overseas and playing to sometimes
60,000 people in arenas. The more we ran into
other people’s stories, the more we started doubting
what we’d been given. Michael and I took this trip in Europe. From Rome, we took trains up to Krakow. We visited the concentration camps. We walked through the crematoriums. And it’s real hard to come back to America and pray for something
when you have these images of people’s hair in piles and
children’s shoes in piles. Your ideas on what a good God is can change pretty dramatically. So I came back and found
myself trying to pray for us to have a baby
or pray for our church or pray for these different things, and I just kept thinking
about the concentration camp and how my whole perspective on my faith has been a transaction. If I’m good enough or if I pray enough or if I believe enough,
then I get blessings and I get a baby or a good life. It’s not how life is. We all have this perspective
on who is in and who is out. For Michael and I, that
began to change slowly. You have to conform
and if you have doubts, you’re a dangerous person. I remember looking around
going, what am I doing here? What am I building with my life? We realized we’re no good
for this place that we’re at because our ideas had changed so much and that we needed to leave. I started weeping and
crying and freaking out, going, what are we doing, we
don’t know what we’re doing. Do you realize what we just left? We left all of our security. And we started becoming
heretics, you know. We go up to Denver, we end up starting a little house church in our apartment. Our whole goal for it
was that it was inclusive and that it was vulnerable
and that it was this place that we’d always dreamed of church being. More questions and more doubt were arising for Michael and I. Our heretic levels kept
shifting and changing and kind of one-upping each other. Eventually, Michael and I, we get pregnant and I was really glad for that
because it didn’t feel like our daughter was this answer. We really went through this
trial and this suffering and now we’re getting this baby girl. Our ideas of God are deconstructing. What is that we still believe? But Michael looks at me and just says, I don’t believe in God anymore, like I can’t believe any of it, and he just ends up talking more. And I remember just
freezing in my whole body ’cause there’s always been,
I was okay with the questions but I wasn’t okay with that. I end up getting pregnant
again and we go through a whole tour with me being pregnant and for Michael, he feels
all this freedom in atheism because he’s not struggling anymore. For me, I’m feeling all this anxiety because I want him to
believe a certain thing and I want myself to
believe a certain thing. And I’m still just struggling
hard to belong and to be okay. And I ended up having to quit a tour early because I’m having, our baby’s
having difficulty growing. She’s born a month and a half early. She is just beautiful and
like with our first daughter, we’re both crying and
it’s just this beautiful, beautiful moment, and then she turns blue. I remember this nurse
coming over and she’s shaking and looking really worried. And she tells us our
daughter has Down Syndrome. And so in the days that
follow, we find out that Lucy has two heart
issues and she has to have a heart surgery her second day of life and then she has to have
another heart surgery when she’s six months old. Everything really changed for me. So I feel like this story
that I’ve been living my whole life kind of came to this climax with Lucy’s birth. When Lucy was born, we had
this huge social media blowup. And there’s stories in magazines
and all over the Internet about our heresy, and we
were completely pushed out of the church world, of this
tribe that we really loved, and really painful and
devastating at so many of times. Looking back on all of
it, I’m deeply grateful for all of the things that happened and I don’t want what we used to have. We live in a different head space now, it’s a completely different perspective. And the connection I
feel with my daughters, there’s no us verus them,
there’s no you and I, there’s no winners and losers. Part of my dream is that
people wouldn’t be so afraid and so scared. I know a lot of people are
still in this very conservative, fundamental bubble and
they can be so afraid to break out of that for fear of what will happen to their lives. And this happens in any religion, so my dream is that we’re not so afraid. (contemplative music) – Hey guys, we’re Pero Like! – Do you know it’s
Hispanic Heritage Month? (speaking in foreign language) – For more Latino content– – Subscribe here.


  • Lord Jesus Christ son of God have mercy on me and on the whole world AMen

  • Even in troubles.and testing…there is a hidden blessings and opportunities behind it…

  • You should not put your faith and trust in a church..but you must put your your faith in Jesus alone..mega church or small church..all same thing as long as you have Jesus Christ..

  • Three months before in my vision i saw : Church Rapture and LORD JESUS face to face on white horse ❤️ JESUS IS GOD ❤️ ADONAI❤️ JESUS IS MY WITNESS ❤️ in my vision : Tall almost two metres,black hair to his shoulder,black beard and eyes,white dress,light in his outfit and sandals ❤️ (JESUS was here on Earth ? in my vision) ? FATHER ADONAI ❤️ Speak with us !!! Wake up Church !!! JESUS IS COMING ? ❤️ Church Rapture any day now !!! Please Repent IN JESUS NAME ❤️ ADONAI❤️ No more time !!! See you in Heaven ? ….(religion+vatican+alah=hell) ? JESUS is not religion, LORD JESUS IS GOD ❤️ ADONAI JAHVE ❤️ ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN ❤️

  • Islam

  • That's what happens when we dream in Churches.
    Faith comes from hearing … Hearing the word of God..

  • I love megachurches.
    I can blend in and never be noticed.

  • Get ready mockers
    Yeshua is coming you will gulp
    You will be afraid
    You will want to repent

    But it will be to late

  • Lol ull soon have to confront antinatalism

  • Only megalomaniacs think they are so fantastic that they breed more cruelty into a sick world . Your poor daughters are here suffering because of ur selfishness

  • Stop commenting you are judgig

  • You have you chiled yeat ASK and he GIVE you all you NEAD to you like Rachael and jackeup a small trible an I not married and no wife or have kides yeat i did LOVE but she hurt me and PUT me on a I gave her a Safire out fiet and tourps gourin in the 1980 in moursory and she lifet me for SOME one the he changed me for i love her faith is so I did not and got this POWER of the Lord of lords and the kings knights of the timpel off sent Michael timpeal and you GOT be on you gaurds for the CIVILIANS mealeds and you all did not blive this is no wth is globe warning of the amagion is goin g to be HEAR be for you know that he's HEAR

  • Wealth health prosperity and WOF is a dangerous doctrine.

  • You first error is to put faith in Church. You Should put your faith on God.

  • She looks like Natalie Portman

  • Does it make any sense at all to blame God for the actions of those NOT following what God says to do? … No? Then why would would anybody do so?

  • It is because people are sinners that each one needs a community/chrurch. Before the scriptures even existed in writen text, Apostole Paul writes letters to specific churches, never to individuals:
    2 Thessalonians 2:15
    15 So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.

    1 Timothy 3:15
    15 if I am delayed, you will know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and foundation of the truth.

  • In this world you will have trouble, but TAKE HEART, I have overcome the world. The church might just have twisted ideas but God is good. He has always been good and will always be good.

  • STAGED propaganda

  • Truth can withstand scrutiny. Most religions are toxic.

  • This is why i will NOT go to church

  • for a former Christian…i didnt loose my faith….i woked

  • hold up is she a [former pastor's] wife or is she a former [pastor's wife]?????????

  • Slowly losing my faith

  • Lisa Gungor wouldn't know God if God punched her in the face. She needs to get punched in the face by God.

  • Most Christians (whether of the “right” denomination or the wrong ones) do not understand who Jesus Christ is. Most pastors repeat, “Not by works but by faith alone in Christ” and most people say amen to that without even understanding what that means. What does it mean to have faith in Christ? Read the Bible folks. Jesus Christ said that the Queen of Sheba will be a judge in the end. She wasn’t even Jewish (I don’t think). She wasn’t Presbyterian. Wasn’t Mormon. She heard of the Wisdom of Solomon. She sought after that Wisdom. The Way of God. Logos. This Wisdom of God BECAME Christ at a point in history. Solomon asked for and embraced God’s Way. So did this lady. There’s a BIG difference between “Good Works” and “Religious Works”. Sure, salvation comes from what Christ did. But our Good Works is the Way of Christ. This is what James is talking about. And I believe this is what Mr. Gungor is trying to express. And this is what Christ talked about. When we seek the Way, Truth, Light of God (and not denomination, doctrine, religion), our foundation gets to be on the Rock. What the good Samaritan did is the Way of God.

  • If God is love and a good God, why the evil in the world? Why didn’t God stop Herod’s massacre of innocent children? Why didn’t God stop Hitler from what he did to the Jews? Why didn’t/doesn’t God keep people from dying from heart attacks and cancer? Why doesn’t God keep 60 millions people from dying every year? I’m not trying to answer for God. But I want to say that it’s because we all are here for a very brief time. We are ALL on this Titanic and destined to perish soon or later either from this or from that and from anything and everything. To put too much sorrow on death is like being sad that those people are no longer on the Titanic. In reality, all of us should be in an extreme hurry to find a life boat and get off the ship as soon as possible. And knowing for fact that God has a personality and knowing that God instituted the laws in the spiritual and the physical world, I can’t help but be hopeful. Why do the spiritual have rules and laws that govern them? Why can’t they do anything they want? Why only when we open the doors…? Because of Authority.

  • Find it funny how buzzfeed will cover stories of how/why people turned away from God, but fails to show testimonies of those in the church and what all God has done in their lives.

    Some churches are corrupt, but not a large majority. Buzzfeed makes it seem like all are bad and it’s just not true.

  • I hear you, and it would have been scary to finally step away from what for so long was ‘your tribe’.
    Most people become fearful when they hear someone like you talk so freely about your doubts. Others get angry, perhaps too close for comfort.

    For me, I could have gone that way, because I grew up in church, a place where I experienced little of God. He seemed to be the God of my parents.
    I lost my way in high school. Well, high school in Amsterdam, that is.
    My dad used to say Amsterdam was like the old Sodom and Gomorrah.

    So, in my late teens, there were a number of things I felt Jesus initiated, uncalled for.
    I feel decades later, that’s when we met. I ended up walking out of a very good job with the Federal Reserve Bank in A’dam. Into a very unsure, but exciting adventure at 21.

    I continued on a journey with Jesus, into countries, continents, sharing my faith, living with locals. Often by myself with little or no money. It always worked out. I felt cared for, even when lonely. Awesome memories.

    I can’t say my faith is based on a single event, but a series of events, including how I met my wife in Australia.
    My faith is the result of what I read in his book, but then how he shows up in my life, my family, my church.

    Maybe, there is still something that you have missed. He is not so hard to find, but you have to look.. ?

  • Glorified Shopping Malls

  • I'm slightly confused but alright ??? it is One thing to lose Faith in the Mega Church but another thing to lose your Faith in GOD! It must have been serious if he just totally stop believing in GOD and became an Atheist. From a Comment, he gave his life back to GOD. I pray that is true. Be blessed

  • At least you have some belief and you’re grateful for your kids … faith is complicated!

  • "They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would have continued with us; but they went out that they might be made manifest, that none of them were of us".

    I John 2:19

  • You haven't understood the gospel…u weren't a Christian….u just looked for momentary satisfaction….

  • Yes, religion could be very dangerous… The only thing we need is the Lord Jesus Christ alone!!

  • Religion is a business, religion must be eradicated

  • Hell yea welcome to the good side Lisa

  • so ! this is basically a video how she lost her faith and became secular. If someones struggling with their faith ,this is for you.
    "EITHER YOU BELIEVE IN GOD OR NOT, HE EXIST" !! Even i'm struggling (not spiritually) at present. So, remember to count your blessings, not what you don't have. GOD BLESS YOU !!

  • ?

  • You see what's wrong here, her faith was on 'the mega church' and not simply on Jesus and the Word of God. So sad.

  • The title of this video is a bit problematic to begin with. You don't put your faith in a church or the members of any church, because every church is full of people who are not yet perfect, and in many instances full of serious deficiency. Whether it be a mega church or a small church, if that church is truly governed by the principles of Scripture, then it is indeed a good and wholesome church.

  • The only difference here is.. Believing a God and believing a Church!
    A temple and a God has a huge difference!!

  • I Have No Faith So I Just Have To Enjoy Hell

  • Personally I don’t think god wants us to split up into religions he wants us to come together and praise god I’m a Baptist but I don’t go to church I think church is great but I can’t find one that I think I would be well in I think I’m just going to study the bible let me know of you do that and if you like it

  • Religion is created by men who want to control the mass/people, believe in God, not the religion, religion kills, religion divides us, have a direct relationship with God thru meditation and prayers and be sincere, Practice Jesus teaching, love, understanding and have compassion.

  • Build your faith with Emmanuel tv!

  • If you don't your Faith is gone, you must learn about orthodox faith because orthodox it's a truth Christian and you never lost your Faith again

  • Roman's 10:2

  • Mega church is mega fraud center where poor son of Mary Jesus are being sold for money by ever greedy pastors and gullible just keep giving money to crooks

  • You don't have a friend in jesus. I've been raped robbed lied to persecuted for 60 years.!!!! Jesus not a friend.

  • Wagkang manghina sister

  • I like to jerk off to Jesus Christ on his cross.

  • Try pray to GOD alone….without partners….give it a try…nothing to lose….

  • This is a very dangerous and sad video.

  • Lots of I and I and there is no sense of Jesus. Attending mega church does not mean you are christian. All you have is programs and more programs.

  • It's the message that matter.
    The message of Christ.
    The finished work of Christ, the grace, the hope, the cross, the love of God, our need for repentance and ask for forgiveness, living a Christian life, the great commission, faith and patience in times of suffering, the personal relationship with Jesus.
    These things is very much needed to preach in Church.

  • As I've heard your testimony and come to a conclusion that, this is not your fault how you felt uncertain and not trust in God because, the truth is God is spirit and the Messiah through whom we pray is the Head of the Church (Assemnly) as we are taugh we are the Instrument of His Body and Holy Spirit, never by an institution of any so-called churches. Perhaps what you lack understanding is that you and your husband's experience was used as an instrument for Messiah to testifying against what the Holy Spirit was tryna teach you out of them, by which testing every spirits, divides and search out the Words of truth for your clarity approves by the Spirit. As always to have faith with patients and the work of your hand diligently guided towards the Father's will. Jesus taught His disciples to be wise as serpent and harmless as dove, by which it is definite to take heed how you hear His saying. Jesus Himself thoughrouly instructed His followers how to Walk is His footstep and says whoever enter not by Me, the same is a rubber and thief, they only there to steal, kill and destroys,(false ministries, teachers and prophets) yet however Jesus also says whoever enter through Me, the same shall go in and out find pasture. I am the Way, The Truth and the Life. Jesus also taugh examples of the parable of the kingdom of heaven, "A man went into his field to plant good seed but an enemy has come put poison in them too, therefore my dear beloved if indeed you were made new in Him, no chance you'd look back. "For No one having put his hand of the plow, and looking back in fit for the kingdom of God." As humble and advising as I can be, do not let what the Father has promised through Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the kingdom of which Jesus also bestow into His disciples easily slipped away from your hearts. Clings your ears to His living words, let the Psalm of hymns be a comfort of revelation to you and your husband and forsake not His ever mindful covenant which He made with His servant Israel which Jesus Messiah fulfilled by shedding His previous blood for all the people who chose to believe , and indeed a Light has been provided for the nations as well. As each of us as followers the work is to believe in Him, clings to Him, seek His Face and His kingdom first. I intend not to contrary you nor your decision but as Jesus says, take heed what you speak (say) for by them you will be judged and by them you'll be condemned. Also whoever deny Him before men, the Son of God will also deny him before the Father. Beloved ones, be of Good Courage, He has over come the world made a triumph on the cross when he died paid the death penalty, by His Grace we were made saved, therefore grace for grace. REMEMBER, WE WALK ONLY BY FAITH AND ONLY GOD APPOITED TIMING WILL HEAL AND DELIVERED US ALL, in the name of Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ). Amen!


  • thats why being catholic is the way to go

  • Religion started off with pure intentions, but these greedy "prophets" have soiled the entire system. It's a business now, to steal wealth from the gullible.

  • God’s inconvenient Truth: God told us specifically of this time. Be not surprised. Go see it for yourself.

    2 Timothy 3 King James Version (KJV)

    3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    6 For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts,

    7 Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

  • Ultimate power in the hands of one ☝️ is always corrupt, always! Man kind ? is weak in the flesh and when he has ultimate power he will miss lead a multitude of people.

  • Its awakening for Spirit of Truth and Set Apart Spirit to worship our True Father in heaven His Original and Powerful Name in Hebrew languages its all our faith began.Restore His Holy Name our Father Ab Yahawah tru Rawach HaQadash power and wisdom bahasham Yahawashi pronounce as Yahawashai.Shalawam!Peace to evryone.???❤
    2Chronicles 7:14
    14 if my people, who are called by my name,will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

  • You left the Church you was Supposed to and y'all left with No good Reason.

  • Well you know what's Next !

  • I don't like mega churches …

  • Look to Jesus not in man

  • She lost faith in a mega-church…Evidently, she didn't have faith in Christ because she never spoke of Him. I am not surprised.

  • Deconversion. Believers get upset in losing faith. I never converted to begin with. I never found the bible convincing. Talking snakes and donkeys. Not believable. A God commanding horrible genocides. Men living a thousand years ascending to heaven on a fiery chariot propelled by a whirlwind! No matter how crazy these stories are people continue to believe them without much question. Oh they are symbolic! God regrets creating mankind. Wouldnt he know in advance? Yet knowing in advance on his regret in order to still regret and still create mankind. Sorry that is not omniscience. Cant find Adam and Eve until they come out of the bushes admitting they picked the fruit. Where art thou Adam? That is not omniscience! This continues throughout the bible! A God who needs a blood atonement because 2 curious people sinned from a tree. Nonsense! We evolved. Also people back then believed Jesus would return in their generation just not the exact day hour. It's been 2000 years and this bull and fear continues for no good reason. The ones in power invented this crap. Life can have so much to offer when you get rid of this God. I'm not dismissive! There could still be God but certainly not the God of the bible or anyones God. No book could contain it not even the bible of this 2 faced God. For those certain ones dont bother bombarding me with scripture. It wont work. Love you anyways. Hello to atheists and agnostics too. All love and take care from Buddhist/agnostic Lee.

  • God never asked us to do all of those things that we do and get bogged down with. Jesus only told us to "make disciples before He ascended back to heaven. He never told us to get religious, as a matter of fact He got on the cases of the religious rulers of His day for their hypocrisy. Many are bogged down with church work and soon get burned out. BTW the way there is no such thing as an atheist. God has put eternity into the hearts of man.

  • I pray and believe in Jesus in my own way. I hate modern church

  • God isn't in control of sin. He created the world, and it turned it's back on him. He can change it, but if he doesn't there is always a reason.

  • Just because you went to church does not mean you experienced a relationship with God. You never knew God, you knew about Him.

  • Ask Florence Welsh, maybe she could write any actual Christian songs rather than other Religious bands.

  • Religion is fake

  • FOLLOW JESUS!!!!!!!?⚘?

  • Faith should be in the father. Not church?

  • Her thoughts on the Holocaust hit home. When you're Jewish, you grow up with stories of a "chosen people", but my experience is that Jews haven't been spared great suffering. We are all of us chosen people, if we decide to be. I'm not going to receive good things in life for being Jewish, I'm going to have to choose good things for myself and for my family. Life's problems will not disappear through prayers and words in ancient books. We must face them with dignity and humanity.

  • She resurrected

  • Welcome to TRUE enlightenment. There is no god. The christian god, like so many others is so small and petty compared to the limitless reality before us. Religion is a crutch and a yoke for the weak minded, like an addictive drug that parents spoon feed their children. Have a wonderful day 🙂

    Edit: didn't see that this was a buzzfeed video, I regret nothing, but wouldn't have commented it I'd known… Buzzfeed are the trash of youtube, one fake story after another… almost as bad as some right wing gibberish spewing rant-aholic channel… (THINK FOR YOURSELVES)

  • I'm genuinely very happy that so many fellow believers are speaking out their faith in the comment section and letting us know buzzfeed is misinforming us. I'd ask them to not use false news to promote themselves but I think so many news networks and channels do that to such a crazy degree that i trust very few news sources.

    Again props to those who speak out the Gospel in truth. Yall make me proud

  • There is no such thing as a perfect church, no church will admit its mistakes. Yes, you either conform or leave. Jesus is REAL, the Word of God is truly the word of GOD. When you go to any church, ask yourself, how you can benefit others and yourself. Don't get caught-up in the workings of the church, rather spend time meeting the congregation, ordinary people like yourself with real life problems and i'm sure you will meet people who are worse of than you.

  • Mega churches are money making business. Who is Christian? Those who believe in Trinity, other churches are not serving Jesus Christ. I request you to join Catholic Church because it is a original Church. If you have any doubt you can ask priest.

  • Wow so sad she never actually understood the word of God. Faith is not about what God can give you. Your whole purpose is to love and serve God not what God can do for you.

  • Judas….

  • moneylneder in the temple

  • Jesus christ was riding on a boroowed young donkey..pastors have planes limos etc,,,dont you see it tht the Jesus they èreach isnt the jesus os the bible…remember by the fruits they bear you will recognoze who they are

  • The best decision I ever made was leaving a large Pentecostal style church.

  • I’m so glad I’m not Christian. Walked away at 12 and never went back. ?

  • BTW IAM Catholic and God allows evil is because if he got rid of evil he has to get rid of us

  • The comments on this video are insane. ???

  • Church is not God!
    Religion is Not Relationship!
    Faith in Church is faith in people!
    People fail, no perfection ever!
    God will never fail, and faith should not be set upon a person but upon God!

  • I have no doubt that most Whites are blind, probably why they take to blind faith so easily. These pair in this video are of Jewish DNA, and it's obvious to me that you people really can't see what's right under your nose. Those pair are either plants in the Christian movement or part of the Hagee moron followers. I think it's both, I suspect these )ews are plants and are there to split the Christians.

  • Believing in Jesus is free but going deep is very costly. How deep you go will depend on how much you can let go.

  • Doubts never makes you a dangerous person in Christ, because most of us have been there even the apostles.Find your faith back because you still have a role to play.

  • Church dissapoint you and even religion, but Jesus not

  • She is really beautiful ….. Anyone?

    I am a sinnner i know.

  • This is not about the church. Christianity is singular, then it becomes plural. Each believer then comes together and worship together. That becomes the church. I pray that God will help all people struggling with faith in Him. You must build your faith on a firm foundation. Believing Christ and studying His word. At the end of the day, it's me and God! I am happy about that. I love the Lord!

  • Christianity made me love satan rather than god coz Satan is more moral than Christian god

  • I was a member of the Assemblies of God Pentecostal church for nine years. It IS a cult. It's by faith alone we are saved. Not performance.

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