How Do Hover Shoes Work? | Design Squad

Whoa! I’m Luka, this is Paul,
and this is Nate Ball. We’re going to watch
some videos. (kids screaming
and giggling on video) I wanted to show this one to you
and see what you guys thought. LUKA: In this video, a guy was
trying to make hover shoes. NATE:
So what he’s showing is that by adding a 9-volt battery
to some magnets, they begin repelling metal. But I don’t think it’s real. I don’t think it’s real. I don’t think
it’s real. I don’t think it’s real. So do you guys want
to try this out? (saw whirring) Today we’re working
at Artisan’s Asylum. It’s a place where people share
to make stuff. NATE: So I’m going to have you
help me wire these batteries directly to the magnets. PAUL:
We’ve attached the magnets, then we’ve attached wires
to the magnets. LUKA:
And the wires and the magnets are connected to the batteries. I think this is how
the video showed it. You’re supposed to be able
to hover. Who’s ready to try it? Let’s just grab a big piece
of metal and stick it down on the floor. But it’s not going to work. NATE: Are you sure?
LUKA: Yes. Let’s set it up and try it out. We’ve gone this far;
we can’t not try it just because we don’t think
it’s going to work. It’s not going to work. NATE: Oh, man, okay, well, maybe
that’s not actually how that… I don’t think it’s real. NATE: In the video we watched,
the guy must have been hanging to make it look
like the shoes were hovering. All right, so we just made
a set of hover shoes, based on what that video
told us to do. And obviously,
that’s not how it all works. Magnets grab pieces of metal. They don’t just repel things
that are metal. So now we’re going to make
a real set of hover shoes still using permanent magnets, but in a way that they’ll
actually repel each other. Magnets always have
two what are called poles. There’s a north pole
and a south pole. If we stuck
two magnets together, the way they’re lined up
is like this, where the south pole is grabbing
on to the north pole. Now, to make them push
each other apart, we would flip
that other magnet over so that this was the north
and then south was on top. Now, that force is going
to push them apart. So what are we going to do? We’re going to use really strong
permanent magnets and set them into blocks
of wood. We’re going to have them all
aligned in the same direction and then we’re going to make
a base that has magnets that are opposing that direction
so that force that you can feel is going to hopefully be enough
to hold us off the ground. You feel it opposing there? PAUL:
I feel it. It feels like there’s a lot,
a lot, a lot of force. Why don’t I just try
to hold it in place. Does that feel a little more
hoverish? Yeah. There’s definitely enough
opposing force on those magnets to hold up at least half of
Luka’s body weight, if not more. I think what I learned is
that making hover shoes is a little more complicated
than it might seem. What do you think? Yeah, I think it’s
pretty complicated. We got to try making one
of those barfing cup videos. (man groaning on computer)

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