How Attractive Am I? | Lineup | Cut

– Uh, just not my cup of tea. – Not even for one night? – I mean, how? That hair, we’d
have to put it back for sure. – Not unless you turn around. (suspenseful music) – Hi. – Physically okay, butts, smile. – Yeah. – Usually like really
rambunctious and whimsical women. – But to put it simply uh, white guys. (laughs) – Damn it. (laughing) Oh god. – Let’s rate some people. – Alright, cool. – Alright. – You’re really tall. – Yeah you’re really gorgeous.
– I like tall guys. – I feel really rude, just
like checking you out. Dude, how do you have
your waist that small? You have such a nice ass. Nice, can I? – Go for it. You can like, yeah. – Solid nine. – The contrast between the
waist and the upper body. The way the shape looks. (people laughing) – I don’t know if, like, you’re nervous or if you’re just not sure,
like, which one is it? – I’m just super nervous. – A number? I would say a ten, like, easy. – Yeah, I’m going ten right now. The hair, the ensemble
is all put together. She’s slim but she’s really voluptuous. (laughing) – What do we got now? – Next. – Oh that’s it, see you. – Hi. – Hello. – Let’s get to it. Mediocre butt. (people laughing) – I’m digging the earring. You got your hair cut before
the scene here, I see you. I’m gonna give an eight. – I would go with a man eight. – Could you explain what a man eight is? – On a lesbian scale, he wouldn’t turn me. (people laughing) Like we wouldn’t, I wouldn’t
be, like, let’s do this. You know what I mean? – Are you Korean? – I’m half. The other half is white. – There we go. – I bet you like white boys. – I would say like an eight. – Five. – What am I lacking? – Your face is a little weird. – Why is it so weird? – I don’t know it’s just long. This sucks. Oh whoa. (people laughing) – My dog real strong and
manly like, you feel me? It’s definitely not my type, man you getting like
a one from me big dog. – It’s all good. – Alright, solid, shit, my guy. – I do like the shirt and I
like the way everything matches. Seven. – Five. Just not my cup of tea. – Not even for one night? – I mean, how? That hair, we’d
have to put it back for sure. – Not unless you turned around. (people laughing) – Alright? – Hi. – You like me don’t you? – You cute. – I know, alright. – How tall exactly are you? – Six, three. Does that
help my score a little bit? – Yeah definitely. – I mean you’re tall but you’re bald. (people laughing) – There’s that. – You’re still a little
more manly than I like, but I mean, I’m telling you,
you’re well put together. I’m gonna give you an eight. – As far as a guy’s concerned a nine. – Six. – Just a six? Why a six? – Scratch the six, give you a seven ’cause of you’re attitude. – I’ll take it. – How you doing? Good.
You smiling big too. She got cute feet, for sure. – I like the shoes, they
look a little tight though. (laughs) Are they comfortable? My feet is pushing down. – Oh my god. Oh, I hate this. Seven. – A seven. – Why not eight? – Typically less attracted to Asian women. But if we were to sit down and I was really feeling
your vibe and shit, you might go to like an
eleven, through the roof. – But seven. (laughs) – Still seven. – Oh my god. Your eyes and your smile. – I was just making sure she saw my smile. (people laughing) – That is a good smile. – Yeah, I know you like this too. (people laughing) – Lesbian-wise, studs
usually aren’t my type. So I would say. – That’s fair. – Solid eight. – Like ten. – Oh, snap. – Like the symmetry is nuts. – Like one night stand material. – Oh, okay. – Five. – What? (people laughing) – Sorry, sorry. – A seven? How can I be a ten? – You can’t. (people laughing) – Preferences I guess. – Yes. – I’m Carter. – Carter, what’s happening?
– Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too. – Oh god, I don’t like myself today. Um, it’s so fucked up to say but like, I guess physically, like you’re not as fit as I would prefer personally. I would say like you
evened out at around a six. – Okay. – Five. – You get a nine from me for
sure, yeah you look good. (laughs) – I said, I like voluptuous women and uh that’s what you got going on. – I’ve been out here
getting low ass ratings. Where have you been? – Right here waiting on you. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. Bye, Carter. Yeah Carter, fine. – Now I feel, what the hell? (people laughing) It’s a ten. – Yeah I don’t want to. I’m sweating. – I mean he’s an attractive man. – Do you model? – I used to. – Yeah. – It’s like me in a man, I like it. So it’s like, you’re a ten sir. – Nice. – You are a ten. – Very instantly I can tell that your eyes are super piercing. So I really like them
a lot. Solid man nine. – I’m giving you a two.
You got the beard going on. The ‘stache. Just kind of like uh. – Sheesh, you have a nice bottom. – Thank you. – You’re welcome. – Ooh, nine. I mean you’re
style, your face, your gorgeous. – You don’t have a lot
of chest area going on. But that’s okay.
– I got the buns. – There still perky,
nice, you got the buns. – Thank you. – You get an eight from me. – Easy seven. – How can I improve my seven? – I don’t know, you can’t
really change your face unless you get, like plastic surgery. – I’m not saying – So you think I should
get a plastic surgeon. – No, no, no. Oh I don’t wanna do this anymore. – It was terrible. – Excruciating. – I just think that it’s
so hard like to go out and almost devalue people by being like, this is my standard and according to my
standard you’re a seven. – Alright. Bring your fine asses
out here, I see y’all. – What are we doing? What are we doing right now? – Mhmm. – Oh, I thought I was done. – You, over there. You, right there. – This is the weirdest experience ever. (groans) – Okay. – Yeah you come on over here. – Here. – Okay what’s going on. – Sorry. You, here. – In between these two. – We’re getting there. – You, right here. (laughs) – Yeah, that’s it right there. – [Instructor] Okay. – Okay. – Yes, yes. – I guess maybe part of me
like wishes I looked that way. Like that sounds sad
when I say it out loud ’cause it’s like I don’t, I don’t know. – Honestly it’s like a projection of like I guess my own insecurities. – I believe this goes
from masculinity for me. I feel like he’s like a, has a little more feminine energy to him. Carter, my dear Carter. (people laughing) Carter already know how I
feel about her, I told her. (groans) – I feel like this is a, is
a good representation, yeah. – Hell, yeah. I feel good about
myself everyday I wake up. (people laughing) – Yeah. – That’s it yeah. (applause) – I’m outta here. – That was fun, nice meeting all of y’all. Yeah that was great, great. My guy. – [Instructor] Alright, that’s a cut.


  • Lol whats the point of this video? To roast someone with consent?

  • Everyone's talking about how racist the white woman in the blue blazer is but not the white-passing woman with the dark hair in the red lipstick is. She straight up said she has a preference for white men. :/ Someone being so brainwashed and unable to overcome social conditioning and beauty standards is amazing.

  • Blue blazer chick was awfully honest, yes, you were asked to rate these people, but at least try to be nice with your words, because if you're nice they wouldn't be offended. I bet she would've been very salty if someone rated her low and acted that way towards her. Consider other's feelings people.

  • what? the guy with the hair was so frikkin sexy!!!

  • I don’t like this game

    Everyone is beautiful in their own way. I like to think that everyone is a flower. You may not look like a rose (someone could have the beauty of a rose), but you have the beauty of a sunflower. I don’t like roses, but I like sunflowers more. That’s just my preference. Never doubt your beauty because we are all beautiful in our own way and beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  • Ok ya'll talking about that girl in blue ,but the girl in the dress ,honey, am i the only one seeing her mask? Like 6:31 that girl stunning

    Maybe is just my trust issues idk, you tell me

  • why don’t they put these peoples @ in the description?

  • I could not be that blunt

  • Bunch of sensitive people in the comments lol, you guys would lie to yourself about liking someone rather date a person you like.

  • I wanna chill with that black dude in the white. I'm into his vibe

  • Can I get that black girls number thoo?? She was fine as hell. And the lesbian woman doing the rating and the black guy rating w the hat🤧🥰

  • Blue Blazer girl is cruella deville

  • The black dress girl. The tall black guy and lesbian chick are the best in my opinion. The ugliest Is the blue Blazer that's such an ugly outfit too a blazer like damn grandma cruella DeVille. Everyone's far better looking than blue blazer

  • The girl in the blue is definitely insecure.

  • blue blazer girl is a bitch omg

  • Blue girl sucks

  • Does anyone know who the black guy wearing white is? 😂😂

  • the girl in the red shirt blushing from the dude in all white made my heart so happy

  • I want Blue blazer to point out all my flaws over a glass of wine, and then bang.

  • The blue blazer lady 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • "Not unless you turn around" That's my boi right there!

  • How rude was that !!

  • Butt and smiles same gurl 😭🤟

  • That white dude @ 5:50 ain’t even all that 🥴😂 He’s like a solid 5

  • Blue blazer has chicken legs, pigeon feet, a horse's face and Satan's heart

  • What the fuck blue blazer girl

  • 5:48 he is so fine

  • I literally had to start skipping the bits with blue blazer girl just being straight up nasty to people

  • My god, the girl with blue blazer and the big nose was so rude. Her comments from 2:11 to 2:24 made me wanna off myself

  • I wanna give Brit 10! I am not gay but I jus found her super attractive. I jus dunno why!

  • Omg the red shirt girl's laugh is everything

  • The girl in grey is so stupid for rating that gorgeous asian girl a 7 saying plastic surgery wtf she's perfect. The asian girl is a 10 she has a perfect body and face and hair and everything perfect posture. The girl in grey is a 6 her hair is ugly and slouches over. Her face is kind of weird to me also.😑 Smh

  • Blue jacket jeans lady literally commented on cute lady with glass slippers…wearing HUuuuuuuuuge size 10.5 (12?) shoes. This asshole lady on wierd faces, Deeeammmmn hers is wierd too! Blue jacket lady has a Crooked mouth strange expressions and beady eyes, no personality, hunched shoulders and huge feet. She ranks herself way too high. Don’t bring her back please. She’s borderline like literally

  • damn everyone be hating on the girl with the blue blazer

  • This was funny as hell! Loved the black guy!

  • Everyone in the comments saying that they hate blue blazer because of what she said you are wrong. You just hate her because she is a shitty person. you're welcome!

  • 2:10 "what am I lacking" well basically you are just ugly it's hard to explain now gtfo

  • Man we live in such a lack of consciousness world

  • Does the lesbian have Instagram 👀

  • Why this stupid clip is published?

  • the voluptuous pale women could easily play a sexy vampire

  • Why does everyone hate the girl with the blue blazer?
    She was told to rate people by their looks. Of course she's going to be rude and demeaning. Everyone there was.

    At least she was honest. The rest of them felt guilty and sugarcoated their words, but she told it straight.

  • 5:45 was a cute clip lol

  • The First woman is just WOW wow

  • And also, who the girl I'm the Blazer thinks she is to tell someone that they're weird?

  • this is rank, just damn rank.

  • Unpopular opinion but I thought Carter was kinda cute. She seems nice and easy going and friendly. Giggles and confidence are pretty!

  • At first I thought Sigourney Weaver was in this xD

  • The bald guys just out there killing it 😂

  • blue blazer was cute till she started talking. skirt girl was rude w the red shirt and camo prolly lowered her esteem till the black guy started talking, so sweet

  • this is so cute

  • the black guy made everyone feel good about themselves and even hyped himself up and i love that energy:) but the girl in the blue blazer is a no, she’s just straight up rude.

  • y’all are shitting on the girl in the blue blazer. ITS HER OPINION. it doesn’t define them. it’s 1 persons opinion and clearly they don’t care if they decided to on the show. get tf over it. and move on. there are more important things going on in the world for y’all for focus on that

  • Im in love with the guy ngl 😍 hes so charming

  • 04:10 definitely a 10, such beautiful facial features and that smile, wow!

  • I identify as straight but there''s something about the lesbian woman that I'm finding sexy.

  • I really want to fight the girl in the blue blazer such a bitch

  • what was the name of the lesbian bc she fine

  • Woman:Snarky comment
    Man:Uno reverse

  • blue blazer girl is way to mean

  • The girl in blue is so fucking rude dude
    So uncool

  • that one white bitch is racist af

  • girl in the blue blazer reminded me of blair waldorf

  • The first girl in the black dress pretty sure shes been in some onision videos

  • I know the blue blazer girl was telling the truth and stuff but she could've been at least a little nicer

  • 5:26 OMG I LOVE THIS PART 😁💖

  • 9:15 lol you wish

  • That intro fucking killed me 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I fucking hate that shit

  • I feel like they should have all the line up give each judge a number, seems fair

  • Can we talk about the second guesser? Damn they cute

  • This gives me anxiety about myself and the judgements people make about me

  • blue blazer is easily passable and looks like someone who contacts the manager bc her water is too watery. her outfit is a mess, she’s flooding and those shoes are too big. she’s wearing her grandads blazer I’m sure of it and a $2.80 cami Forever 21 & looks hella thrifted in general. she wouldn’t have wanted me to rate her bc she would’ve got a 0 from me easily. & that’s even before she opened her mouth. She’s in the negatives now. that one girl who was obsessed with white guys telling that Asian girl she needed surgery tho < girl you have NO ass and your outfit is tragic. you need a stylist.

  • they all were like "oh this is gonna be awful I don't like this" but they still said really bad things to the people, I mean you can rate someone without saying hurtful things especially when you supposedly don't like to do that

  • The blue blazer girl is disgusting

  • Why, this just fucking weird

  • this is stupid

  • Madison acknowledged how rude she was being when she posted about this video on her Instagram. Some of y'all are quick to come for her but you don't even realize you're acting worse than she did in the video. I'm not condoning how she acted, but at least she apologized for the way she acted and was even upset with herself. Can't say the same for some of you in the comments though. : 🤷

  • I wish I was participating because that girl at like 4:15 though…yum

  • Okay, I'm two minutes in and I already don't like the girl in the blue blazer AT ALL.


  • lmao low ass ratings

  • The way the girl said “sorry” at 4:42 sounded very heartless and snobby. I really want to punch her right in the nose right now, that man is attractive.

  • But can someone give me the name of the very very tall man who got all 10s????

  • Please he’s just really handsome…

  • Anastasia can get some anytime

  • Me if I was a judge:
    Heavy bisexual breathing

  • Carters so cute!!!!

  • FWI the opinions arnt facts (and never will be) so even if they where "rude" it was ther honest opinion.

  • wow that grl with the violet-ish, blue-ish blazer is kinda rude

  • I wanna punch Miss blue blazer in her face until she gets dig in the floor.

  • I would have given every single person a ten because I believe we all are created in the most beautiful way possible

    Never forget: If someone doesn't like you and calls you ugly there is for sure someone else who finds you attractive
    Love Yourself

  • Yay I’m also half korean :/

  • At 5:58 her dress changed colors

  • Blue blazer girl is ruuuuuuddeeeeeee

  • I think the guy with the big hair was super attractive though

  • My top four would’ve been the really hot dude (and y’all know who I’m walking about), carter, the really hot lady (once again, y’all know who) and the butch woman, not in that specific order though.

  • 6:38 seniors taking to freshman.

  • the lesbian is my cup of tea~~~

  • Again, this is highly circumstantial because of the clothing and the kind of makeup each of them receives. The girl(Anastasia) with the designer dress was No.1 because of her f**ing dress. The asian chick was wearing a simple black T-shirt otherwise she would have beaten Anastasia with a sexy dress and fuzzy hairstyle.

    P.S – I would like to kick the lady with the Suit and Jeans underneath because of her rude attitude

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