Hot To Clean And Protect Leather Shoes – Chemical Guys

Hey! Matt here in the Detail Garage. We’re kind of in the middle of filming this Winter Prep video for your car. And I figured I’d take a second to tell you our products work on things other than your
car. I’ll show you how to prep your boots for winter. I just bought these leather boots, they’re nice and new, and I want to keep them
looking good. I’ll use some Leather Cleaner. This is our Leather Cleaner in a Professional
Bottle. Spray it on a towel to wipe off all the gunk
and grime. I have been wearing these out the last couple
days. It’s starting to rain here in SoCal, so I want to make sure I have my boots prepped so they’ll stay looking good for a long time. They weren’t super cheap! Clean off all the leather. You can see all this dirt starting to come
off with just a couple passes. It’s not exactly rocket science… I use this on all leather. You can use this on leather seats in your
car, you can use it on leather bags, fine suitcases, purses, stick bags, wallets, you can use this on anything that’s leather. We like to use yellow towels because the dye
doesn’t bleed. You can use these on your nice leather and there won’t be any problem. This boot is looking nice and clean. To clean the rubber sole, I’m going to use Lightning Fast Stain Extractor. This is mainly designed for upholstery and
fabric, but it works great on things like rubber. It’s great for whitewalls on your tires, so if you have an old car, and white rubber soles! Look at all that! Now the boot is nice and clean! Even the sole is nice and clean. Now we’re gonna protect the leather. To do that, I’m going to use our Leather Serum. Leather Conditioner is like lotion for leather. Serum is like heavier duty sunscreen and a
sealant. It actually seals and protects your leather
from UV sun, dirt, oil, moisture, it’s great to seal your leather before wintertime. I’ll take a blue applicator and just use two
dots, that’s all I need to do the whole boot. That’s enough for the entire boot! I’ll just dab it out over the whole surface… …make sure you get it on the tongue… …and then work it in. That’s it! Let it sit for a minute, then buff off any
excess with a towel, put the laces back on, and you’re good to go for the winter! Now all I need is a witty tagline… …and I’ll be a YouTube Superstar! ;O)

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