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Now I see everybody
has tearful eyes. -Yes.
-This next round is designed to challenge our contestants
with visual questions, and the money values
are doubled. [ Cheering ] Let’s play our second game
called “Spin Cycle.” [ Cheers and applause ] In this round, names of people,
places, or things will be spinning in a dryer. I’ll ask a question about them. The first team to buzz in
gets five seconds to answer. [ Coughs ] [ Laughter ] Jarrett, you okay? Yeah, I’m straight.
Let’s keep it going. All right.
If they get it right… -Weak!
-…the money is theirs. -Weak!
-But if you get it wrong, the money goes to the other
side of the stage. For $200, here’s
the first question. [ Belches ] [ Laughter ] Take a look at these
spinning celebrities. All three of these actresses
appear in what film franchise? Lane: Oh, I got it.
Go. Boogie Brothers.
It’s “Wonder Woman.” “Wonder Woman.”
Is it “Wonder Woman”? [ Buzzer ] It is not. [ Crowd “Aww”s ]
It is not. The money goes to
the other side of the table. [ Cheers and applause ] Shane and Jarrett,
$500 in the bank. It looks like you
already know the answer. I think it’s
“Fast and the Furious.” You think it’s
“Fast and the Furious.” Just for giggles,
is it “Fast and Furious”? [ Ding! ]
It is. Whoo! “The Fast and the Furious.” This next question
is worth $400. Show me the money.
Take a look at this spin cycle. They’re all NCAA
college sports teams for schools
in which US state? Jarrett? I mean,
I saw the Nittany Lions, so I’m going to go ahead
and say Pennsylvania. For $400… [ Ding! ]
…it is! Let’s go! It is
Penn State Nittany Lions. Widening the lead
are Shane and Jarrett. $900 in the bank. [ Coughs ] [ Laughter ] But at what cost? All right.
This next one is for $600. Take a look at these
famous names. All three of these people
were born in which decade? Oh, [bleep] Boogie Brothers.
’60s. Is it 1960s for $600
and another tie? [ Ding! ]
It is! Yes! -[Bleep]
-The Boogie Brothers with $900 in the bank. No high fives. Rollin’ With a Dab,
$900, as well.


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  • This is weird compared to what I’m used to seeing from him lol

  • Garyvee gave him the idea!

  • 4th

  • Finally, Sean realised that people under 40 don’t have cable.

  • Hot ones interviews were interesting since you get to know and see a different side of celebs you already know. I don't know about this game show tho.

  • It's about hot sauce but we didn't see anybody eat it.

  • Hello?? Why do you feel the need to promote trans and drag queens?? It's gross and most people don't wanna see that crap!!!

  • big up! more content Please. Let's Be youtube partners :O

  • He has evolved to no longer need to eat spicy wings.

  • Major problem only US networks carry it.

  • Jadi stone with the burps !!!! Bahahahha

  • Fast & furious .. go suck it fast & furious! I hate you 😡😠😡

  • Wish I had Tru tv

  • Chick in pink got world class boobs.

  • Ah…. This kind of sucks….

  • Put it on Youtube and I'll watch it, Cable and idk

  • PLEASE GIVE THEM NAPKINS FFS…..the food on their face is not necessary. And tell them to bring the Prompter closer to you so you don’t have to squint so hard to read it hahaha. Love the show!!!!

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