H&M Sweater & Seersucker Shorts, Next Oxford Shirt, Sperry Boat Shoes – Men’s Outfit Feedback

– Hi, I’m Ashley Weston. I’m a celebrity menswear stylist. So, Marcus Cicero, I saw your photo, and I have to say, I’m a little perplexed. I don’t understand why you’re
wearing a sweater with shorts. I would never put my clients in this because if it’s that chilly outside, that it warrants a sweater, then you shouldn’t be wearing shorts, you should be wearing chinos. But on the flipside, if it’s that warm outside
where you’re wearing shorts, you shouldn’t be wearing a sweater. Let’s just concentrate on that Oxford, white, button-down shirt. The fit looks great in terms
of the collar and the cuff. So what my suggestion would be
is if it’s that warm outside, get rid of the sweater. No sweater at all. Instead, just keep the shirt on, roll up the sleeves, it will look great. I love that you paired it
with those seersucker shorts. The fit and the length
of the shorts is great. It’s perfect, you can’t
get any better than that. I love the DW watch, and you said that you were pairing it with some Sperry top-siders, which I hope are navy or a
shade of brown, like tan. That will look perfect with this outfit. But overall, this is a really great, keep it simple outfit that I love. Just remember, get rid of the sweater. No sweater needed at all. Thanks for watching this video, and please subscribe
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  • Winter on top, summer on the bottom. The laws of gravity and physics would make it impossible to be both winter and summer at the same time in the same hemisphere of the world.

  • I love your channel I’ve learned a lot from you

  • This strikes me as a super preppy spring outfit that says "I was out sailing but it got chilly before I could get back to the dock.

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