History of the Ian Knot – Professor Shoelace

G’day everyone, Ian Fieggen here, also known as “Professor Shoelace” – – and inventor of the “Ian Knot”, the world’s fastest shoelace knot. Now this is how the Ian Knot looks on my current website, but if we track back 35 years to 1982, that’s the very first sketches of the Ian Knot. In fact, this is the originals that I drew up straight after inventing it. Now I didn’t do much with those until 1992 – – some ten years later – – when I desktop-published these instructions. Which I handed out to family and friends and shoe shop assistants and such. 1993 – I captured some video, created a simple animation program that let people watch the Ian Knot or step through it bit by bit. And – – it was actually small enough to fit onto a floppy disk, which I handed out to people, or I uploaded to bulletin boards, in the days before – – the Internet made things easier. This is 2000 and the very first incarnation of the Ian Knot web page, which had half a dozen diagrams and a simple video. Which – although it was small – physically – – I’ll just zoom in a bit there – – it actually showed the Ian Knot compared to two other shoelace knots. And that made it a bit long to download over the modems of the day – – it could take half an hour or more. So I created this smaller version, which just showed the Ian Knot and had much nicer captions at the top. And that, again, was small enough to fit onto a floppy disk so I could hand out to people, or people downloaded it over the Internet, of course. Now in 2003, I split off the Ian Knot into a separate “Ian’s Shoelace Site”. This is the first incarnation of Ian’s Shoelace Site, with the Ian Knot and the two other shoelace knots. Quite a simple web page – but again we’re talking before YouTube even existed. And in fact when YouTube DID come out in 2005, it was about year before we started seeing Ian Knot videos – they’re my originals that someone else has uploaded, and other people have uploaded these in 2006 onwards. It wasn’t until 2011 that I actually put my own Ian Knot video on YouTube. And since then I’ve added all sorts of other videos to YouTube – – you can see there’s the – my original one. There’s me doing it one handed and me doing it on twenty shoes. All very interesting but – – today, if people go into YouTube and they search for how to “tie shoes fast”, they’ll be lucky to find my one in amongst all these other people’s videos. In fact, earlier this year, I went into YouTube and compiled a list of over 400 videos, all of which … show how to tie shoes fast, most of which are using my Ian Knot but very few of which are actually giving credit. You can see all those yellow ones are the ones where they’re not giving credit. But worse – all these red ones are where they’re teaching it incorrectly as a “Granny Knot” – which will come undone! So – let’s face it, guys – if you’re going to do a video about the Ian Knot, give it credit and hopefully teach it correctly. And of course if you do want to learn the correct way to tie the Ian Knot, go to Ian’s Shoelace Site, which has all the information you need: www.fieggen.com/shoelace

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