High Heels Workout | Leg Circles For Slim Legs And Toned Butt | Fast Results

Hello everyone! In this less than 5 min workout
I’m showing you 3 easy leg circles you can do for a toned butt and lean legs. They are
a lot of fun, enjoy!**CLICK SEE MORE** Did you like the video? What other videos
would you like to see on this channel? Comment below, message me on social media or email
me at: [email protected] This GlamWorkout features:
20 Front circles (10 in each direction) 20 Back circles (10 in each direction)
20 Half Circles Other videos you may like:Victoria’s Secret
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https://youtu.be/7Y7ODXv4V2Y How To Choose Comfortable High Heels (Remember
This Before Buying Your Next Pair Of Stilettos!)https://youtu.be/EYyRrTgMdB4 High Heels Workout In The Park: Leg Toning
& Cellulite Burning Exercises https://youtu.be/tsLkSncl1qU Supermodel Ballet Workout At Ballet Beautiful
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In Stilettos! https://youtu.be/dWW4J8b8w2M 3 Easy Before Sleep Leg Slimming Exercises
https://youtu.be/t_-toNgFek8 WHAT I’M WEARING:
Top: GlamWorkout https://glamworkout.com/shop/ Leggings: Victoria’s Secret/Victoria Sport
http://shopstyle.it/l/N1Wh Stilettos: https://shopstyle.it/l/WN4s FOLLOW me on social media!
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Lara from GlamWorkout XOXOX High heels workout, stilettos workout, office
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leg slimming workout, cellulite burning exercises , toning exercises


  • Hello everyone! Did you try the three leg circles? Did you find them easy or difficult? I think they are a lot of fun to do plus the results are great but let me know what you thought. xoxox Lara from GlamWorkout

  • Great video! You make working out look easy!! 🙌🏻 can’t wait for tmrw to follow this routine

  • Great video, these are harder than I thought they would be!

  • Lara would love to see you lose the bra in your videos,😍

  • This is such a great workout video!

  • this workout IS indeed a glamourous one! thnk u for sharing

  • I love your heel workout videos. They are always fun and inspiring. Thanks.

  • I love this workout trying it barefoot

  • Love how you integrate exercise into life.

  • Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing how to make us look fab in our heels.

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