Waddup, humans? Kurumi here! And welcome to the Mobile Legends Boot Camp! In this video, we are going to talk about
the assassin hero, Helcurt. Helcurt has a good set of blink, burst, skills
that silences foes, and buff skills. Our Shadowbringer, Helcurt, is an assassin
hero. I consider Helcurt as a ganking hero,
since his skills are mostly for bursting squishy enemy heroes. Not only that, his passive and first skill
is really great to make the enemies shut up. Now, let me share some tips and tricks on
how to use Helcurt based on our experience. We will also teach you some combos and techniques
on the latter part of this boot camp. But before that, let me explain his skills
one by one for further understanding. Helcurt’s passive, Race Advantage, lets Helcurt silence the enemies that cast skills nearby Helcurt. Enemies casting skills close to Helcurt that
deals damage to him, will be silenced for a short period. This passive skill has a short cool down on
a target. Meaning, if an enemy is affected by the silence, that target won’t be silenced again within the cool down. Helcurt’s first skill, Shadow Transition,
lets Helcurt blinks to the target location nearby. Enemies in the location of impact will receive
certain amount of Physical Damage. Not only that, the enemies will be silenced
for a short period. When this skill is used while the darkness
from your ultimate skill is active, enemies hit by this skill will have their
movement speed decreased for a short period. Helcurt’s second skill, Deadly Stinger, lets Helcurt fire a burst damage using his Deadly Poison Stingers. This skill’s passive effect grants a charge
for his stingers on each basic attack he deals. The stingers can stack up to 5 times. A stack will last up to 8 seconds,
after which the stack decreases over time. This skill’s active effect lets Helcurt burst
his Deadly Poison Stingers forward. The more stack he has, the more Deadly Poison
Stingers will be fired. Enemies hit by this skill will receive a certain
amount of Physical Damage, which will depend on the number of Deadly
Poison Stingers stacked, and will have their movement speed reduced. The damage of this skill is less when used
against minions and creeps. Helcurt’s ultimate skill, Dark Night Falls,
lets Helcurt summon the nightfall so we can sleep well. This skill’s passive effect grants Helcurt
permanent increase on his attack speed. This skill’s active effect lets Helcurt summon
darkness. The darkness will reduce the vision range
of all enemy heroes, and depriving their sight of allies for 3.5
seconds. Also, Helcurt will have his attack and movement
speed increased for a few seconds, even beyond the Darkness’ duration. During the nightfall or darkness, the number
of Stingers stacked won’t be decreased. If the enemy team uses this skill against
you, it has no effect on Helcurt. There are so many items that you can buy for
Helcurt. You can focus on items that grants Physical
Damage, Physical Penetration, and items that deals extra True Damage. You can actually consider the “Bursty Thirsty”
build, if you want to focus on damage dealing with
critical damage. You can also consider the “Pusha Pusha” build if you chose to be an objective player by pushing turrets. But let’s talk about the Kurumi Way further. As for starting item, you can consider buying
Raptor Machete. When buying this jungling item, I recommend
that you have Retribution spell with you. This item grants Physical Attack and Physical
Penetration. Its unique attribute grants additional damage
to monsters. Another unique passive of this item is Breakout. Every once in a while, your next basic attack
will be buffed with additional true damage. The amount of true damage increases as your
level increases, and slows down the target. Dealing basic attacks will reduce this unique
passive’s cool down. Another unique passive of this item is Greed. This passive grants additional experience
when jungling. Also, you recover some health and mana everytime
you kill jungle monsters. Another unique passive of this skill is Gorge. This unique passive grants you Physical attack
everytime you kill a jungle monster. This stacks up to 15 times. Lastly, this item makes the Retribution spell
applicable to enemy heroes. Upon using retribution, the target will have
his movement speed reduced, and will deal a small amount of true damage. For his kicks, you can consider buying Swift
Boots. Swift Boots grants additional attack speed
and movement speed. Having additional attack speed will make your
attacks faster. This will let you deal lots of attacks, specially
during team fights. You might want to consider Blade of Despair. This item grants additional physical attack
and movement speed. Its unique passive will give you additional
physical attack, when the target’s health is below a certain
percentage. The movement speed bonus can also help you
chase enemies or escape death. Buying attack items such as Endless Battle,
can boost your damage effectively. This item gives you additional physical attack,
health, mana regen, lifesteal, movement speed, and
cooldown reduction. Its unique passive grants you additional true
damage on your next basic attack, after using a skill. Triggering the passive of this skill also
grants you additional movement speed. With the cool down reduction and its unique
passive, Helcurt will be more explosive with this. You might also want to consider Hunter Strike. This item grants Physical Attack, and Cool
Down Reduction. Its unique attribute grants Physical Penetration. Its unique passive improves your movement
speed, when you have attacked an enemy 5 times in a row. This buff lasts for 3 seconds. This effect has a cool down of 15 seconds. Lastly, you might want to consider Berserker’s
Fury. This item gives you additional physical attack
and critical chance. Its unique passive grants you additional critical
damage on your critical hits. Also, dealing critical hits will increase
your physical attack by a certain amount, for a short period of time. When it reaches late game, you can sell Raptor
Machete and change it with Scarlet Phantom. This item grants physical attack, attack speed,
and critical chance. Its unique passive grants you additional attack
speed and critical chance, after dealing a critical hit to an enemy. This buff lasts for a few seconds. The item build for Helcurt really depends
on the enemy’s line up. So make sure to read each item’s description
so you can adapt in-game. One of the best spells to be used on Helcurt
is Retribution. This will deal True Damage to the target minion
or jungle monster. When you have a jungling item, having this spell will decrease the damage taken from jungle monsters, permanently. This spell will help you farm more gold faster. Building items quickly in the early game will
give you advantage against enemies, making it for you to prey easier on squishy
targets like marksman and mage. You can also consider Petrify. You can use petrify to deal magic damage to
enemies around you, and petrifies them for a few moments. This can really help you attack enemies peacefully
when they are petrified. You can also consider Arrival. This lets you Teleport to an allied turret,
or minion after casting it for a few seconds. Your movement speed will be increased after
teleporting. Also, the next basic attack will be enhanced
which will deal additional True Damage, and also reducing the target’s movement speed. In my opinion, the best emblem set to be used
is the Custom Assassin Emblem set. Custom Assassin Emblem could provide extra
stats according to your needs as an assassin. Set Agility to its Max level because it can
give you additional Movement Speed. Higher Movement Speed means higher chance
to chase enemies or escape death. Setting Invasion to max level will provide
you Physical Penetration. Higher Physical Penetration means higher damage
on your basic attacks and skills. Get High and Dry to increase your damage to
the target when he is the only nearby hero. This is advisable when you try ganking a single
hero. But in case you are not that type, just consider
Bounty Hunter or Killing Spree instead. Set Second skill to max level first. Prioritizing this makes the damage dealt by
the Stingers higher. That means, you can easily burst squishy enemies
down with this. Prioritize First skill less since your Second
skill is what you need to easily burst down enemies. Always upgrade his ultimate skill when available
for upgrading. Helcurt is somehow considered as the hero
with the most silencing ability. Being Silenced doesn’t mean you can’t send chat messages and send wonderful messages to your team. But being Silenced basically means that you
can’t use skills while under Silenced status. We did some experiments with his passive skill,
but let’s tackle on that later on. Helcurt’s passive skill is what you need to
defend yourself from some of the enemy skills. With the ability to silence enemies nearby
when they deal damage to you with a skill, this is definitely one of the best defensive
mechanisms you can have. Just imagine when enemy tries to gank or chase
you. They will be silenced right after they cast
their initial skill. This will be in your favor since the enemies
won’t be able to use some follow up skills to kill you. Take a look on this Hayabusa. Hayabusa is known for his cheap shots to the
enemy using shurikens with his shadows. He will charge towards me to do some cheap
shots. But surprise, mother-father, you got silenced. Hayabusa just chose to faint and kiss the
ground. Some channeling skills can be cancelled by
this skill. We will tackle on that in our experiments
section later. Helcurt’s first skill is what you need for
mobility and additional silencing effects. With the ability to blink towards a specified
location near you, this can help you chase enemies, or escape
death. Not only that, this skill can also pass through
walls. The silencing effect of this skill is outstanding. Just imagine that when you blink in, the enemies
are silenced for a few moments. Then afterwards, if they use a skill towards
you, they will also be silenced again by your passive skill. Delaying the enemies’ skill combo will help
you sustain further when diving in team fights. Also, when darkness from your ultimate skill
kicks in, this skill is buffed with movement speed reduction
to targets hit. So this should be used well during the darkness
period. Helcurt’s second skill is what you need to
burst down enemies. With the ability to fire a burst damage depending
on the number of stacks, this will surely erase the enemy from existence
as soon as possible. Take a look on how much damage we dealt to
enemy Franco. Franco is even a tank to begin with. So basically, this skill can hurt anyone,
even your ex. Before going in team fights and releasing
this skill, make sure that you have full or almost full
stacks. The more stacks it has, the more damage it
can fire. This is one of the skill that you can utilize
in the early game specially while jungling. The jungle monster is just wishing for his
pain to end sooner, just like your ex. The stack number is determined by the indicator
above his head, and also by the icon of this skill. The stacks will be consumed after the skill
is fired. The stacks drop one by one when you don’t
deal basic attacks, or haven’t used the active skill. Helcurt’s ultimate skill is what you need
to support yourself and your allies during team fights. With the ability to reduce the vision range
of the enemies, this will surely help your team kill the enemies
with ease. So it’s also useful to support your allies
when they are having a clash with the enemy. This is also pretty useful to escape death
since this increases your movement speed. You can use this when enemies try ganking
you while you are focusing on rat-pushing. And lastly, you can use this while in combat
with enemy heroes. Take a look on what happened to Fanny. She accidentally used her ultimate skill to
my ally instead because she has limited vision. Also, it is mentioned on the description that
if the enemy uses this skill, it won’t affect Helcurt. That scenario means it’s either the enemy
has Helcurt as well, or a hero in the future that has a skill that
can steal enemy skills. But the point is, the Darkness doesn’t bother
Helcurt anyway. We did some experiments with his silencing
abilities. His passive and first skill could Silence
enemy heroes. But let’s try different heroes and skills
against Helcurt. Again, we have our one and only lab rat, Rackatan, to demonstrate with us some experiments regarding Helcurt’s silencing abilities. But since Rackatan is busy with his personal
life at the moment, I chose to settle with the Computer A.I. Let’s call the Computer Ai-chan. So today, Ai-chan will be using Helcurt for
us. On the other hand, I’ll be using Belerick. As we all know, Belerick’s passive attacks
an enemy hero when triggered by chance. But will Helcurt’s passive skill Silence me
when my passive skill attack him? As you can see, I was silenced when my passive
skill was triggered and because I’m near him. Therefore, we can somehow conclude that even
passive skills that deals damage to Helcurt can silence the target when they are close
to him. Next, we have Karrie. We all know that Karrie’s second skill has
mobility and damage. We tried to dash towards Ai-chan to see if
the Silence will be triggered. As you can see, I was silenced as soon as
the shuriken-like-thingy hit him. But what if we try to dash near Ai-chan but
not that close? As you can see, we are not getting silenced. This is because we need to be near Helcurt
in order to be silenced by his Passive skill. Now, let’s try Karrie’s first skill beside
Ai-chan. As you can see, we intentionally casted our
first skill away from Ai-chan. We were not Silenced even if we casted a skill
beside Ai-chan. This is because you need to be near Helcurt and deal damage to him with a skill to be Silenced. Next, we have Odette. And yes, we now have our one and only lab
rat, Rackatan, this time. We tried multiple scenarios against Odette’s
Ultimate skill. First, let’s try casting it beside Helcurt. As you can see, we weren’t even given a chance
to hurt him, just like your EX. Helcurt’s passive cancelled our ultimate right
away. How about using it away from Helcurt. As you can see, we weren’t silenced because
we are kinda far from him. How about if we use our ultimate and Helcurt
will approach us. As you can see, the Swan Song still continues,
but we got silenced at the end of the song. I’m pretty sure Helcurt wants Odette to stop
singing, but she continued instead. How about Helcurt’s first skill? Will its silence stop Odette’s Swan Song? As you can see, the Swan Song was cancelled
upon Helcurt’s blink. Next up, we have Gord with his mysterious
ultimate skill. Let’s see if we cast his ultimate beside Helcurt. As you can see, we are silenced. But we still continue on using our ultimate
skill. How about Helcurt’s first skill? As you can see, our ultimate was not cancelled
still. Gord’s ultimate skill is pretty mysterious
indeed. Next, we have Diggie. We all know that his ultimate skill can remove
crowd-control effects. The question is, is Silence considered as
crowd-control? Let’s check it out. As you can see, Diggie was able to cast his
ultimate instantly even when silenced. So basically, you can support your Silenced
allies instantly. How about Purify? Purify also removes and protects the user
from crowd-control skills. As you can see, the Silenced was also removed. That’s quite interesting. Next, we have Fanny. As we all know, Fanny can use her cables to
wall spam enemies. When we try zooming in through Helcurt,
we got silenced. This Silence hinders us on zooming in instantly. Now, on this scenario, I tried harassing Helcurt
inside their turret. As you can see, I got silenced as soon as
I hit him. This instantly made us a walking Fanny because
we can’t use our cables. Therefore, Helcurt is one of the best counters
against Fanny. Next, we have Kaja. Now, let’s try it on Kaja’s ultimate skill. As you can see, right after using our ultimate
skill, we were silenced. But the good thing is, we still have Helcurt
within our grasps. So always be cautious when the enemy team
has Kaja. Next, we have Franco. As we all know, Rackatan is a pro-hooker. So let’s try if his combo will trigger our
passive skill. Wow Rackatan, pro hooker indeed! At last, it connected. As you can see, Franco wasn’t Silenced by
our passive skill even if he used skills beside us. That’s quite intriguing. How about if he used his ultimate skill right
away. As you can see, his ultimate skill was cancelled. I’m not pretty sure why he wasn’t silenced
when he did his combo, but that’s definitely intriguing. So, if you are using Franco against Helcurt, make sure to hook first before using ultimate skill, because this overrides Helcurt’s passive. Never use the Flicker-ultimate combo,
because this will cancel your ultimate skill just like this. Next up, let’s try if using Spells near Helcurt
will Silence us. As you can see, using Execute beside Helcurt
Silenced us. So definitely, using Spells can trigger Helcurt’s
passive, as long as it deals damage to him and we are
close to him. Last but not the least, we have the weirdest
of all scenarios, Irithel. We accidentally noticed this, but Irithel’s
passive triggers Helcurt’s Silence. Take a look when we hit him with our multiple
basic attacks. As you can see, we got silenced. Let’s try it again. Same happened. This is the weirdest thing we saw on our experiment,
so I hope you take note of this as well. In terms of his combo, we follow a really
simple combo on Helcurt. In certain situations, it is best to have
full stacks on your second skill before going in. It really depends on the situation. So first, we use our ultimate skill before
going in team fights. This will boost our first skill with the extra
movement speed reduction, and will grant us additional movement speed. Then, we use our first skill to jump towards
the enemies. This will silence and slow them for a while. Then, if ever you have decent stacks with
your second skill, use it to burst the enemies. If you have no stacks, deal basic attacks
first then use it after having lots of stacks. Then, you can use Petrify or Retribution when
the Silence and slowing effect is gone. Then, just continue using basic attacks and
skills whenever available. Here is another scenario where we used the
combo. Additional Tip: I know that Helcurt is a burst assassin to kill squishy heroes, but also think of the objectives of the game. You can consider destroying enemy turrets. If ever the enemies try ganking you, fret
not. You have your ultimate skill to help you escape. Just repeat those steps for a greater chance
of gaining a star. The tips I mentioned are just some of the
ways you can use Helcurt. This video just guides you on how to use Helcurt,
the Kurumi way. We would like to thank our Wakandian brother,
Rackatan, for being our lab rat again for this boot camp. You can search for him in-game and tell him
how much you appreciate him, willing to sacrifice his pride and honor to
be a pro hooker. Watch his in-game streams and send some flowers
and hearts. So, once again. This is Kurumi and that’s how you use Helcurt. Thanks for watching! Do not forget to like and share this video. Also subscribe to our channel for more contents
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official accounts. See you on the next Mobile Legends Boot Camp! Cheers!


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